Sunday, July 10, 2011


Kirix is a level 85 rare spawn (added in patch 4.2) with a whopping 999k hp. He can be found in the Molten Front south of Fireplume Peak running back and forth at an incredibly fast speed in the patrol area which I have indicated in blue on the map below. This is strictly a TAMABLE HUNTER PET. While waiting for a hunter to come by and tame him after he spawned I probably watched north of 10 people get 2 shotted by him who either thought they were incredibly uber or just didn't know what they were up against.

Kirix is incredibly dangerous. He has several abilities which can and will kill anything in melee range. He has an aura around him called Suffocating Prey which not only silences, but it reduces healing by 99%. He also has an ability called Magmatoxin which deals approximately 25k damage every second and stuns. There are a couple of different ways that he can be tamed. 

I have seen him tamed twice now with the rock method. There are several rocks floating in space just north of where Kirix patrols. The solitary rock furthest to the left (if you are looking at it from where Kirix pats) is the one that you need to be on. You will need to jump down onto it from Fireplume Peak with the extra jump buff. Once on the rock, when Kirix runs by pop any haste pots that you have, hit deterrence and immediately begin to tame. It may take a couple of attempts, but I've seen this method work successfully several times so it is quite possible and probably the least painful. 

The next method I've seen people attempt, but not yet successfully. (Although I've read it does work and is actually the intended method.) This method is to tame him on the ground where he is patrolling. For this method you need to pull Kirix and when he does his knock-back disengage while in the air. When you land hit deterrence to block Magmatoxin and then immediately hit tame beast. The more haste you can stack up for this the better, food, pots, heroism/time-warp from a buddy, etc... 

The main goal when taming him is to NEVER get close.

Kirix's NPCScan id is 54323.

He doesn't share a spawn timer with any of the other spiders in the Molten Front and his timer is approximately 6-17hours.

The video I have below shows someone using the rock method to tame him. It took him about 3 tries before he finally got him, the first 2 were very very close.

New 4.2 Hunter Taming Challenge Rares:


  1. I tamed him tonight with the 2nd method you describe of pull-disengage-deterrence-tame. I died 10 or so times before succeeding, but it does work. The only buff I had was a potion that gave me 450 stamina.

  2. I tamed him (EU-Terokkar first ^^) by jumping to the tall rock in the middle of the area where he patters around, when he did his poison hit deterrance and then tame from up high. Some horde were trying to kill him to prevent me getting the tame but it was pretty funny to watch him one shot them! I didn't use any haste buffs for this at all, just my normal base haste. It took several attempts but I got him in the end.

  3. I tamed him (stormrage-Evanol) on the ground with the disengage took a few trys but I got it to work well. timing is everything with that method. I did try the rocks but the poison kept killing me fast! great lookin spider to have!

  4. I tamed him earlier today (Llane) on the ground in Beast Master spec without any buffs or help from anyone. Here's what I did: Aspect of the Wild on (to help with that green goo he spits) -> popped Ancient Hysteria -> dismissed core hound pet -> tame beast -> disengage -> deterrence -> tame beast.... then he was all mine :D

  5. I used the floating rock method (died soooo many times trying to jump over to it)

    by fluke i had some druid guildies questing through there so added the druid buff dropped potions and tamed it no sweat.

  6. the way u spoke of is correct but i recommend u bring another hunter with u that has a core hound have him use anchent hysteria right as u begin taming the real trick is to be faster then kirix and that will do it

  7. I dont find this guy in ur unique hunter pet page, is there any other green spiders sharing his model? If yes, where are they? Thank u very much.

    1. There are other green spiders that look exactly like him that spawn in the Molten Front called Cinderweb Broodlings. They are very small and skitter around very quickly in The Widow's Clutch. They are not always up.

      Another that looks the same has been added in MoP. That npc is Echoweb Toxiclaw in the Cavern of Endless Echoes. You need to be on the quest called "Old Man Thistle's Treasure" to enter the cave.

  8. I just tamed him using disengage and deterrence. It worked like magic. Thank you!

  9. I can also confirm that the disengage method works....even with rez sickness, (almost died though haha)