Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Deth'tilac is a level 85 rare spawn (added in patch 4.2) with a whopping 77,490,000 hp. He can be found in the Molten Front behind the Forlorn Spire. I have indicated where he is located in green on the map below. This is strictly a TAMABLE HUNTER PET. If Deth'tilac is killed all he drops is a Crystalline Tear of Loyalty. If your not planning on taming him, don't be a douche. Leave him alone. More importantly, if you play a hunter and you find another hunter kiting Deth'tilac and doing all the work to tame him please don't try and steal the tame. If anything, help out by throwing a couple of extra traps in front of Deth'tilac to help out. I know the saying is trite, but what goes around comes around.  


Deth'tilac has a couple of buffs that you should know about. They are:

  • Molten Will: Deth'tilac's willpower is strong enough to overcome any attempt to tame the beast. Removed when Deth'tilac is low on health.
  • Deth Metal: Deth'tilac's molten shell heats up quickly, increasing movement speed. This effect is reset when Deth'tilac suffers damage.
  • Deth Strike: Deth'tilac strikes an enemy, instantly killing them. This attack cannot be blocked, dodged or parried. Costs Deth'tilac 10% of maxiumum health.
  • Aura of Deth'spair: An aura of deathly despair engulfs nearby enemies, reducing healing taken by 99%.
The name of the game for this tame is to get Deth'tilac's health down to 20% so that he drops his Molten Will buff so that you can tame him. All the while, you need to never be within range of him because his Deth Strike WILL kill you. 

This tame is all about kiting. Ice Trap, Snake Trap, Concussive Shot, Serpent Sting, and Revive Pet are your bread and butter for this tame. I also recommend using a throw-away spider pet for this tame (for the extra web ability and for a quick abandon pet instead of revive right before the tame.) I used one of the yellow spiders patrolling in front of the spire. 

The idea is to lay an ice trap and a snake trap, send your pet in as a sacrifice and while Deth'tilac is being slowed and smacking your snakes around revive your pet. Each time you send in your pet as a sacrifice Deth'tilac uses his Deth Strike ability on it and this reduces Deth's health by 10% each time. Make sure to continue laying ice traps and snake traps while using Concussive shot to slow and always make sure that there is as much distance as possible between you and Deth'tilac before you begin reviving your pet. I also recommend keeping serpent sting up on him to help you hold threat if there are a lot of other people around. I find that one of the hardest aspects of this tame is other people interfering and pulling Deth off of you and either stealing the tame or ultimately killing him by getting hit by his deth strike when he's near low health. 

After a whole lot of kiting and reviving your pet Deth'tilac will loose his Molten Will buff around 20% health. Be ready for the tame here. Make sure that you do not have an active pet out when you start taming. When I successfully tamed him I didn't even bother dismissing my active pet. I revived him and the moment Deth's Molten Will dropped I abandoned him and instantly started the tame. If I had dismissed my pet, I would not have had enough time to tame him before he got close enough to deth strike. 

If you have friends with slowing abilities I recommend bringing them along. The first time I attempted a Deth'tilac tame I had a druid with me who was continuously rooting him. Unfortunately I ultimately failed that tame because right toward the end before I could tame a bunch of geniuses ran in and started meleeing him and were killed by his deth strike. It was funny that they died because they certainly deserved it, but unfortunately with loosing 10% health per strike he was killed. =(     

Deth'tilac's NPCScan id is 54322.

He doesn't share a spawn timer with any of the other spiders in the Molten Front (more than one spider can be up at a time) and his timer seems to range anywhere from 6-17 hours.

I have a video below of my successful Deth'tilac tame. It did not go nearly as smoothly as my first attempt, but this one had a better ending. A few moments after pulling a warlock from the opposing faction started dpsing him like he was going to get phat lootz off of him or something... The warlock went all out on him during the whole process, but in the end I got threat back. When his molten will buff dropped I abandoned my pet and instantly started the tame. I finished the tame just as he was about to finish getting his deth strike off on me. I almost peed my pants. o.O This was definitely an incredibly heart-pounding and ultimately very satisfying tame.

New 4.2 Hunter Taming Challenge Rares:


  1. Does Wyvern Sting work on this spider?

  2. That was an amazing video!

  3. I totally agree with your last statement, heart-pounding and very satisfying tame.

    Earlier in the day I managed to get Kirix and went back just to see if anyone else was up. Deth appeared on my scanner and I decided to give it a go. I had such issues with him and died many times. It seems I tried every trick mentioned here and on wowhead.

    So, after many failed attempts I had to run an errand and just logged out, defeated. When I came back almost an hour later, he was still there! So I gave a couple more tries and finally nabbed this beauty. Nothing special, just used ice traps and CS every chance I had, and rezzed my temp spider when I could. I ended up kiting him all the way out of his area, around a rock pillar near the druids and all the way back to where he spawns and finally tamed him in front of the little statue area where that warlock appeared in your video. I cannot believe I did not aggro any other mobs during this kiting, as I had before.

    I mentioned in my comment about Karkin that I was not really interested in these spiders. But when I saw Kirix I knew I had to have them. Deth is really cool. Love the purple color. I did attempt Skitter last night and failed with him too and eventually he died....ugh. I am formulating my plan for him in my head for next time we meet. :-)

    Vorondil of Rexxar

    1. Congrats! This was a tough tame for sure, and my absolute favorite of all the taming challenges. I'm not usually a huge fan of spider pets, but I just had such fun with this tame that I find myself using Deth more and more often.

      It sounds like you've been adding quite a few lovely new pets to your collection recently. Grats again, and Good luck getting Skitter! =D

    2. Well, the next morning I went in to do my Molten Front dailies and ALL the spiders were up, as well as Skarr! I tamed the yellow spider before I knew Skitter was up and had to abandon him due to space.

      Skitter, he is finally mine! I will post what I did on your writeup for him.

      Vorondil of Rexxar

    3. Awww, it stinks you had to abandon Anthriss like that, but at least you had the fun of taming him! Grats on all your finds, what a lucky morning. =)

  4. Which addon are you using for the buffs/debuffs? I like the way they scroll up the screen, but can't find it anywhere. And congrats on your spiders, the only one I have so far is Anthriss.

    1. Believe it or not, that's not an addon. =)

      It's under: Interface -> Scrolling Combat Text. From there you can decide what you want to see scrolling.

  5. I actually found a kite path the you can use, its just around the wall that separates deth'tilac from the other mobs. and also thanks for the kirix guide :) now i have my 5 all time favorites so far in game ( Deth'tilac, Kirix, Hutia, Bombyx, Pattrannache)

  6. Almost had this pet until some jerk came along and stole it. Forgot to set the last trap and dismisses my pet, died. Some twit came in and tamed. Makes me really hate people. After that happening I've done with camping for it and trying to tame it.

  7. i scored him on my first try thanks to your tips (: was very heart-pounding and exciting when getting ready to tame and getting him <33 now im gonna try get the rest (: thank you again and keep making these!!! its a great help to noob pet tamers like me haha (: