Sunday, July 3, 2011


Vyragosa is a level 80 rare dragon found in the Storm Peaks in Northrend. Vyragosa has four separate flight paths which are shared with the Time-Lost Proto Drake. The flight paths Vyragosa can take are shown in four separate colors on the map below along with her spawn locations. Vyragosa has 18,900 hp. This npc is part of the Northern Exposure and Frostbitten achievements. Vyragosa drops Azure Dragonleather Helm which is a level 78 bind on equip helm with a random enchantment. Like other Northrend rares, Vyragosa also drops Abandoned Adventurer's Satchel, which generally contains about 20 gold, a full stack of frostweave cloth, and often times a few crystallized elements. 

Most people usually find Vyragosa while looking for the Time-Lost Proto Drake because they share a spawn timer and flight paths meaning that the two can never be up at the same time. Vyragosa is also much more likely spawn than the Time-Lost Proto Drake. 

The spawn timer on Vyragosa and the Time-Lost Proto-Drake is 6-22 hours. Once either of them are killed it resets that timer and you will not see either one of them for at least 6 hours. Also, once spawned the direction that Vyragosa and TLPD will fly in is clockwise or counter-clockwise on all four flight paths.

Vyragosa only has one special ability when engaged, which is Frost Breath. It inflicts frost damage and slows movement speed for 8 seconds. Vyragosa really is quite trivial, anyone leveling up in the area shouldn't have any trouble downing her. (Unless you melee, be careful where you pull her because hitting her may be an issue.) Below is a video of my hubby and I running across her on our priests leveling through Storm Peaks.


  1. I was checking out the spawn point by the frozen lake for TLPD, and Vyragosa spawned right on top of me in the first minute of camping. Felt pretty lucky as its the first time I actually attempted to camp for these rares. On a side note, I flew north and found/tamed Skoll a few minutes after that. Great site, and thanks for the info!

  2. I saw and killed Time lost a little after midnight of 11th, and I friend told me that a respawn happened at 11h30 am, right after this one. I guess this is an extremely rare chance of he came right after his spawn.
    I´m waiting for a gm ticket answer, ´cause my TLPD fell at a place impossible to stand on an get the loot. I really hope that blizzard can refund me for this.

  3. Fantastic guide! Video and pictures were great!

    Thank you!

    1. Thanks for the kind words. ^-^

    2. Is Vyragosa a mount. im wondering if it is.

    3. There is a drake mount the same color as Vyragosa. That's the Blue Drake from The Occulus/Malygos(10).

  4. five minutes into camping, first atempt and there it is! thanks!!!!