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Voidtalon of the Dark Star & Edge of Reality Spawn Locations

Who doesn't love having the rarest of rare mounts, and on top of that, a good challenge getting one? I knew as soon as I heard about the elusive Voidtalon of the Dark Star and how it would be obtained, I just had to have it.

There are several mounts you can get from rares throughout Draenor, but the Voidtalon of the Dark Star is by far the rarest, hands down. This mount is also totally unique in that it is found unlike any we've come across in the past. Forget everything you know about the Time-Lost Proto Drake, Aeonaxx, or even that Mysterious Camel Figurine - that won't help you here.

How to find the Voidtalon of the Dark Star:

In order to obtain this beautiful mount you'll need to find and enter an Edge of Reality portal. These portals can be found in various places throughout Dreanor, typically near level 100 areas where apexis crystals drop off of mops. Only one portal will ever spawn in on a particular server at a time, and the spawn time between them can be lengthy. On top of that people are still finding new spawn locations periodically, so there could still be unknown spawn points out there.

The map below will give you a rough idea of where the current confirmed spawns are located. (Scroll further down this post for much more detailed maps and screenshots of each portal location.)

General Map of confirmed Edge of Reality Spawn Points Throughout Draenor
When an Edge of Reality portal spawns in one of these locations, it will remain open for approximately 5 minutes.  If nobody clicks on the portal it will despawn, and then reappear in another location, usually about an hour later. If someone does in fact enter the portal though, it can take anywhere from about 13 hours to 48 hours to respawn again. What makes finding a portal really tough is not knowing if/when someone on your server entered one, making it difficult to predict when another will be spawning in again.

**The good news is that Edge of Reality portals do seem to be affected by realm resets. Many players have reported seeing portals up shortly after resets (within minutes, or if missed usually in about an hour), making Tuesdays a great day for portal hunting when servers come back online.**

What the portals look like:

The portals have a faint, purpleish color and sort of a smoky mist-looking animation (see screenshot below). They cannot be targeted, will not be picked up by any addons such as NPCScan, they make no sound, and they do not show up on the mini-map. If you hover your mouse over one though, you will see "Edge of Reality" in your tooltip. They usually aren't incredibly obvious, and sometimes blend in pretty well to their surroundings - especially depending on which zone you are in.

**Having your graphics settings turned up high will help to make them more visible.**

What happens when you click on an Edge of Reality portal:
When you click on a portal you will enter a queue for a scenario called Edge of Reality. After accepting you will be teleported to a very small personal instance where you will find The Last Voidtalon lying dead in front of you. Lying right next to the body is the last Voidtalon Egg, which is a lootable object. Simply click on it, and you've got your amazing new mount!

Only one person can enter the scenario, but any level character can use the portal - you do not need to be 100 to enter. (I received the mount myself on a level 94 toon.)

Once a player has the mount they will no longer be able to click on Edge of Reality portals, but they will still be able to see them. (I saw the same portal in Forstfire Ridge twice after I received my mount.) If you see one, make sure you tell a friend! Do be aware though, if you are inviting a fiend cross-realm and you are lower level than them they will probably not be able to see the portal as you will actually be transferred to their realm, even if you are the leader. Others on your own realm will obviously have no trouble seeing and using it, but I've had issues personally trying to help cross-realm friends get this mount. 
Using the Group Finder to "Realm Hop" to find a portal:
This is the preferred method by many to search for portals. Instead of flying around on one server checking every single potential known spawn point, you can stay in one area near a cluster of spawns and "realm hop" to different realms where a portal may be up.
There are a lot of friendly people out there who open their garrisons for server hopping with open invites through the group finder. Just hop around from server to server and check each spawn point on each before moving to the next. (I do NOT however advise hopping to any and every group listed in the group finder. This is straight up rude when people are trying to start legitimate groups. Using open garrisons should leave more than enough servers to hop through.)
If you decide to use the realm hopping method I would advise checking the portals in either Shadowmoon Valley or Frostfire Ridge. I suggest one of these two areas because there are so many potential spawn points close together making travel time between them very quick. If you notice a lot of others hopping in the same location though, choosing another zone may be wise.
I personally used this method in Frostfire Ridge for several weeks. I didn't end up finding mine using this method, but I assure you it works and will probably save you some time. **If you do find a portal while realm hopping you will not be queued for the scenario, instead you will receive your mount in the mail.**
How I found mine:
I actually found mine while I was taking a break from portal hunting one morning. I had been working on my pet battle monument, so I decided to battle within eyesight of the most northeastern portal spawn in Frostfire.
There are TONS of fast-spawning battle pets right around there so I figured I'd maybe kill two birds with one stone. Boy was I surprised (and pretty ecstatic), when after about  a half hour of pet battling, lo and behold, the portal spawned right in front of me! I was ultimately very happy to have found it this way because I really wanted to see the scenario (and take some screenies)!
Camping using a mouseover macro:
Here is a macro for campers:

/run local f,x = CreateFrame("frame",nil, UIParent);f:SetScript("OnUpdate", function() if GameTooltipTextLeft1:GetText() == "Edge of Reality" then PlaySoundKitID(11466, "master", true); if not x then Screenshot(); x=true; end end end)
What this will do is play a sound (YOU ARE NOT PREPARED!) whenever the tooltip shows "Edge of Reality".
Requires you to position yourself and your cursor in such a way that if the portal spawns your cursor will be over it, showing the tooltip and triggering the sound.

This will not work like npcscan or such in detecting it in your proximity. The cursor must be over the portal.
It can be blocked if someone stands between you and the portal spawn point.
You need to know exactly where the spawn points are. Use the various screenshots for reference.
The portal name is localised for english clients. Change to portal name for your client.

You can now feel safe to look away or tab to another window without glancing back every 10 seconds.

Edit: Updated the macro. Same as before but will also take a screenshot when portal discovered. Understandably people get over excited and forget to take their portal screenshot. This'll help you out.
~ Directly quoted from uselessx on Wowhead.

Edge of Reality Portal Spawn Locations:
Below I have a collection of the most up to date spawn locations currently known, showing screenshots of each alongside the spawn points so that you can tell exactly where they spawn. Simply click on any map to see a larger, more detailed version of it.
*I will be periodically updating this post to reflect any new spawn points found with locations & info.*
Frostfire Ridge:

There are four confirmed spawn points in Frostfire, with potentially a fifth, but until I see a screenshot - I will not include that one.
This is a great location to camp/server hop as three of the portals are very close together. If you fly just north of the spawn points you can even see all three spots at once (#2, 3 & 4 on the map below). 
Click image to Enlarge
Shadowmoon Valley:

Shadowmoon Valley is also a very popular zone to realm hop in. As you can see below, there are several spawn points all right near one another.

Of the seven spawn points shown below, 6 of them are confirmed - you can easily see the portal in the pictures. The 7th one however (#5 on the map below), I am fairly convinced may not be an actual spawn point. Unfortunately I cannot find a screenshot anywhere showing a portal in that location. I'm including it however, because someone does claim to have used a portal there. Commenters on Wowhead also seem pretty convinced it's real. Ultimately, it's so close to the other spawn points it would be silly not to check it just in case.

Click image to Enlarge
Gorgrond has four confirmed spawn points (with a possible 5th, but I'm looking for more evidence before posting). Spawn point #1 on the map below doesn't have a picture of a portal, but I have seen a screenshot of the Edge of Reality Scenario popping up for someone in that spot. There are also multiple accounts on Wowhead and Youtube of people finding one there.

Click image to Enlarge

Talador has five confirmed spawn points. Although I couldn't find an image with a portal for spawn point #3 below, multiple people have claimed to have seen it there. Spawn #5 was found by someone kind enough to post the spawn on Youtube, the screenshot below was from their video. The rest are all from various commenters on Wowhead.
Click image to Enlarge
Spires of Arak:
So far in Spires of Arak there have been four confirmed portal sightings. You can see each one in the images below. #1 is so far north that it is literally at the very edge of the zone - in the screenshot below the camera angle is facing north heading into Talador. Portal #4 is also just at the edge of the zone where it changes over to Shadowmoon Valley.
Click image to Enlarge
Nagrand currently has three confirmed spawn points (with a possible fourth). You can clearly see the three confirmed points in the photos below.

Click image to Enlarge

* The vast majority of screenshots used in the above maps were sifted from the immense comment section of Wowhead's Voidtalon of the Dark Star database page.

Helpful Addons:
For those with **TomTom & Paste you can copy and paste these waypoints to make the locations pop up on your map. (If you don't use TomTom I highly recommend it, you can find it at If you have TomTom, but don't use paste, just copy and paste every 5 or 6 lines into a new macro, as these obviously won't all fit.
/way Frostfire Ridge 51.0, 19.9
/way Frostfire Ridge 52.3, 18.3
/way Frostfire Ridge 53.84, 17.21
/way Frostfire Ridge 47.7, 27.5
/way Nagrand:Draenor 57.3, 26.7
/way Nagrand:Draenor 45.9, 31.4
/way Nagrand:Draenor 40.5, 47.5
/way Spires of Arak 47.0, 20.1
/way Spires of Arak 50.4, 6.1
/way Spires of Arak 60.8, 11.2
/way Spires of Arak 36.5, 18.2
/way Shadowmoon Valley:Draenor 49.6, 71.6
/way Shadowmoon Valley:Draenor 43.2, 71.0
/way Shadowmoon Valley:Draenor 51.7, 74.6
/way Shadowmoon Valley:Draenor 41.9, 75.7
/way Shadowmoon Valley:Draenor 48.7, 69.9
/way Shadowmoon Valley:Draenor 50.4, 71.5
/way Shadowmoon Valley:Draenor 46.6, 70.0
/way Gorgrond 56.0, 40.0
/way Gorgrond 54.0, 45.0
/way Gorgrond 51.6, 38.8
/way Gorgrond 43.2, 34.2
/way Talador 47.0, 48.0
/way Talador 39.7, 55.4
/way Talador 51.9, 41.2
/way Talador 46.2, 52.6
/way Talador 52.3, 25.9
**HandyNotes and the HandyNotes Plugin for Draenor Treasure will also put a little purple skull on your map where the portals spawn. (These may not contain the newest spawn points depending on whether or not it's been updated.)
FYI I do plan on editing this post if/when any new spawn points or information crops up, so keep an eye out, and to anyone setting out on the journey to find this beautiful, elusive rare, I wish you the best of luck! <3


  1. Thank you so much! This was the best guide I've read yet!!

    1. Thanks to your guide I was able to get the mount today!! Thanks again!

    2. Wow, grats Steve! So glad I was able to help, enjoy that awesome new mount! <3

  2. Presumably not everyone would know these location points for the portal to spawn, if this is the case and your on a really low population connected realm your more than likely to be able to grab this mount much easier...then again all things being equal, the annoyance factor of not being at least able to know if someone entered a portal recently is harsh. I know its a nice new mount, but giving us even a tiny chance of knowing the portal isn't going to spawn for x amount of hours is better than having no idea at all.
    Thanks for the coordinates. I didn't even know this mount existed. Will try to get it, and if I do will report back :)

  3. That's a great guide Euphy! I am not much of a camper (I only do the Frostfire one) but look at all the effort you went to with your pics... my gosh, fantastic! I do have the other spawn points but I just fly over them randomly.

    1. Thanks Navi! Yeah, the pics took me a little while, thankfully I've got them saved in a fashion that will make adding any new spawn points very easy if/when any new ones are found.

      Personally I love maps (as you well know) and clear visuals of spawn points, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. Figured it would be nice and easy for people to see everything in one pic! :)

  4. i have ran these every day for a week and haven't seen anything. Is the mount still in the game?

    1. Yes, it is. It's just very rare is all. Took me several months to finally get it. Just hang in there, with some persistence you'll come across a portal eventually. Good luck!

  5. Server / Realm hopping method does NOT work anymore due to Legion changes :((

    More details here:

    Got any ideas to counter this, please?

    1. This is correct, it will not work post-Legion if used the old way.

      For everyone not in the know reading this: In order to hop onto a new realm now the leader needs to be in the same zone as you, otherwise you'll just stay on your original realm. For example - if you are in Shadowmoon Valley and the group leader is in Dalaran, you will stay on whatever realm you started on when you join their group. The leader would need to also be in Shadowmoon Valley for you to be moved to their realm.

      My best advice if you want to keep using group finder would be to search for groups questing in the particular zone your in. Unfortunately now that Legion is live there will probably be a lot less people running around Draenor.

      Otherwise you'll probably just have to look for it the old fashion way (in the pre-group finder days). You could always park unused alts in locations like SMV and Frostfire near the portals and periodically log in and check now and then. You never know - could get lucky!

      If anyone else has any suggestions/ideas feel free to jump in and let us know!

  6. Hey at what time do US servers restart? I really couldn't find any information about this

  7. Someone showed me 2 new spawns that you don't have... 50.96, 32.41 and 52.62, 34.62

    1. No Spawn point at those location.

  8. WOO! Just got the voidtalon thanks to your perfect guide! Thanks!

  9. Well. Stumbled upon this guide, decided to give it a go (have never been hunting this mount), downloaded TomTom and Paste, put in the waypoints, used Garisson hs and went north to the closest waypoint (47.7, 27.5), and the freaking portal was up!! I spent a WHOLE minut on this grind. :D