Friday, July 4, 2014

WoD: Shadowmoon Valley Screenshots, Rares & Hunter Pet Goodness!

I'm not dead, I swear. I've just been very busy these past few months. Between the wee little one learning to walk, a job shift, and not a whole lot going on in WoW, I not only didn't feel the need to post - I pretty much didn't have time for it. Well that's about to change. I'm back.

This past week I've been exploring around the Warlords of Draenor beta with my hunter, and I've totally and utterly fallen in love with the game again. Between the mind explodingly gorgeous landscapes, incredibly cool new hunter pets, and silly amount of rares - I'm seriously like a little kid in a candy shop. MUST EXPERIENCE EVERYTHING! (Thankfully I don't have to worry about breaking anything.)

I had a hard time deciding whether or not to play my shammy or hunter for exploring beta - then I remembered hunter pets. Durka dur, that was an easy decision. Perhaps even more than finding the new rares, I was most excited about taming new hunter pets. <3

I've stumbled upon quite a few awesome new tamable hunter pets in the past couple of days. The pets in the screen shots below can all be found in Shadowmoon Valley.

**WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD** (Just in case the title of the post wasn't warning enough)

Hunter Pets