Saturday, July 21, 2012

Westfall Rare Spawns

Westfall, a zone populated mainly by humans and known for it's farms and rolling pastures is home to seven rares ranging from level 10 - 14.

As I've mentioned in previous posts, these rares give an enormous amount of experience when you find them on toons that are similar in level. Killing one of these rares is basically equivalent to one quest turn in, and finding them at rested will give double the xp - so be sure to look for these guys when your questing to speed up your leveling!

Slark and Brack, both murlocs (cringe), move VERY quickly along the shoreline. They also have the potential to pull a lot of friends, so be careful.

Vultros can be found in five different areas, each area he spawns at is littered with hay bales. He is tamable by hunters, and makes a nice pet for lowbies. He even has his own post here.

Master Digger spawns all the way at the back of the Jangolode Mine where the quest Livin' the Life takes place.

I also read that Leprithus only spawns at night. I have no idea if this is a rumor on not. It took me a while to finally find him up. When I eventually did find him up it was at night, although I did check his spawn area during the day as well. If anyone has seen him up during the day (not just light out - but actually during the daytime hours) I'd like to know purty pwease.

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Each of these rares as you'll come across them out in the world:

Slark, Vultros, Master Digger & Foe Reaper 4000
Leprithus, Sergeant Brashclaw & Brack
Ironman Challenger Ironstevey (shaman) hunting these rares down:


  1. Pre-Cataclysm Leprithus definitely only spawned at night, during the day time something else (birds I think) was in his spawn spots.

    Not sure now though.

  2. Thanks for the info Erinys. =)

    I've read that he had been seen during the day and was curious. I suspect people may have only thought they had seen him during the day though because it was light out. I've noticed quite often at night in Westfall more often than not it doesn't actually get dark at night.

    Also, during the day there is nothing at his spawn point any more to mark his place other than gravestones and his open coffin.

  3. Slark and Brack are Murlocs, not nagas.

    And as far as I know, Leprithus still spawns only at night, starting somewhere after 8:00 pm server time (never seen him before that time), no idea if he spawns too early in the morning.

    1. Thats what happens when you type and drink, thank you for pointing that out.

  4. I found leprithus at 4:45am server time, classic WoW :) it dropped A pair of green gloves leather, sigh im a caster