Sunday, July 10, 2011


Skarr is a gorgeous level 85 rare spawn (cat) added in patch 4.2 with approximately 155k health. He is strictly a tamable HUNTER PET. If killed all he drops is Crystalline Tear of Loyalty. Skarr is found in the Molten Front on the floating rocks around Fireplume Peak. (I added a yellow mark to the map below where I recorded the video of him being tamed.) He can also be found on the floating rocks south of Fireplume Peak as well which you can see in the screen shot below. He shares the same model as Soo-holu which is a player-controlled vehicle for an Oracle quest in Sholazar Basin and Blackmaw in Storm Peaks.

You do not need to be BM spec to tame him, and it's actually best to spec MM for the tame (for silencing shot). You can get to him and tame him without having done any of the quests in the Molten Front. Also, you need to be careful when taming him. Skarr spams a fireball that stacks a haste buff on himself with each one that he casts, which can become lethal very quickly. 

From what I've seen so far, it seems that the best way to tame him is to hit him with Silencing Shot when he starts to cast Fieroclast Barrage (5 second cast) which will interrupt your tame and deal quite a hefty amount of damage. Stack up on as much haste as possible and use haste food and pop a haste potion right before starting the tame. You'll definitely eat a couple of fire balls, but with a quick enough tame it shouldn't be enough to kill you.

Skarr's NPCScan id is 50815.

It is currently believed that Skarr shares a spawn timer with Karkin (the metallic crab) and can be anywhere from approximately 2-10 hours.

Skarr waiting to be tamed at the southern spawn point
In the video below I have both a failed attempt of a hunter trying to tame Skarr and only seconds after, a successful one! She was one happy camper! ;)

New 4.2 Hunter Taming Challenge Rares:


  1. Managed to get this awesome cat after 1-2 attempts.

    Started tame then hit it with silencing shot when it was half way through its cast hit deturance (the hunter shield spinny things)and hit tame again...BOOM here kitty kitty.

    had haste potions etc right at the start as well.

    didnt even camp for just logged in and it was there...AWESOME start to my gaming. :-D

  2. I know this pet is super old news now however, maybe for some of us "new" to hunters, a few could find it helpful. ;)

    After straight camping Skarr for 16+ hours on a Monday, then again the following day after maintenance for another 5hrs, they (Skarr / Karkin) seem to be on an approximate 4 hour spawn timer. While Karkin will spawn more frequently during the spawns, at least you know ONE of them will spawn around that timer. Find a spawn, note the time and be there in less then 4 hours awaiting your (right spawn) prize!

    ~Good luck all!
    ~Tantricks - lock - fav alt hunter ;)

  3. I gave up on camping and just use the premade group finder to server jump. I quickly found him that way, then found him again for a hunter I'd never met before. I felt like a great person.

  4. Need to know if Skarr still spawns today in Legion Patch 7.2.5

    1. He sure does... a bloodelf just killed him right infront of me.