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Sambas is a level 85 hostile rare spawn with approximately 116k health that can be found in several different locations in the Twilight Highlands. The areas Sambas can be found at are located in green on the map below. In my opinion hes one of the best looking tamable hunter pets currently in game. He shares the same model as the Golden King mount, which is the reward for reaching guild level 25. 

Sambas is a tamable HUNTER PET. If killed all he drops is a Crystalline Tear of Loyalty. Non-hunters please leave him alone so that he can be tamed.

Taming: You NEED to be level 85 to tame Sambas because he is a level 85 mob. He is a non-elite so he doesn't hit very hard. In the video below I am taming him on my newly dinged 85 hunter with no traps or special abilities used and he didn't even get me below 70% health. You do not need to be BM spec to tame him as he is just a cat with a unique model.

Sambas' NPCScan ID is 50159. Also, when your flying above his spawn points look for the red dots on your mini-map as he is aggressive. Before looking for him also remember to clear your cache if your using npcscan to search for him. Almost every time I'm in a capital city he is instantly cached.

Sambas is also unaffected by phasing within the zone. It doesn't matter how many quests you have done in the Twilight Highlands, if he's up you will see him. He also seems to have roughly a 6-24 hour spawn timer.

My Sambas story: It took me a couple of weeks to find him. I started looking for him casually 2-3 times a day. I would just make my rounds to all of the spawn points but never spent too much time camping. Well a few days ago I was making my morning rounds when the sky went red...yay time to get killed by Deathwing!

Well, as I approach the first spawn point my Npcscan goes nuts because theres Sambas! I managed to record the tail end of the carnage right as we were both killed. Let me tell you, he does NOT respawn after being mercilessly killed by Blizzards cruel sense of humor. It starts the clock over again.

Luckily a few days later I ran across him again, this time we both lived.

Sambas is also one of five rare spawns in the Twilight Highlands. All of them are:

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