Rare Champions

Map of Rare Pandarian Champions by Type (Map of the continent of Pandaria with locations of Rare Pandarian Champions sorted by type)

Closer looks at these rares w/ detailed maps, screenshots, drops & abilities:
Miscellaneous Rares and Elites of Pandaria (Some info on the lesser known rares and interesting elites across Pandaria)

Faction Champions in Krasarang Wilds

New 5.1 Faction Champions in Krasarang Wilds - A Closer Look (Everything you need to know about these guys. Where to find them, their abilities, spawn timers, loot, etc.)

Pandaria World Bosses

Sha of Anger (Kun-Lai Summit) - drops a wind serpent mount

Salyis' Warband & Galleon (Valley of the Four Winds) - drops a ground mount

The Darkmoon Rabbit - (The most foul, cruel, and bad-tempered rodent you ever set eyes on.)

Moonfang - (Darkmoon Faire) - drops a mount, pet, and other fun items

Alani <The Stormborn> 

How to Kill Alani The Stormborn (This post will tell exactly what you need to know to kill her and obtain her mount.)

Rare Hunter Pets

New Unique Tamable Rare & Some Trackable Pets not so unique anymore (5.4 PTR) (New unique tamable turtle on the Timeless Isle) (Patch 5.4)

Hunters Rejoice! New Spirit Beasts Coming in patch 5.2 (Overview of the three new spectral porcupines)

Rare Pandaria Hunter Pets - A New Kind of Challenge (Overview of the new hunter tame challenges)

Tons of New Rares Coming in 5.1, Including New Hunter Pets! (Brief overview of the many new rare tamable beasts in patch 5.1, including Bombyx the new trackable hunter pet in Krasarang Wilds)

Bombyx (Purple Silkworm in Krasarang Wilds)

Bloodtooth (Dragon Turtle in Krasarang Wilds)

Rockhide the Immovable (Pink Basilisk in Townlong Steppes)

Hexapos (White Water Strider in Dread Wastes)

Savage (White & Black Striped Tiger in The Jade Forest)

Stompy (Grey Goat in Kun-Lai Summit)

Portent (Quilen in Vale of Eternal Blossoms) - comes in FOUR colors!

Bristlespine (Blue Porcupine in Kun-Lai Summit)

Patrannache (Pink Crane in The Valley of the Four Winds)

Glimmer (Grey & Red Water Strider in The Jade forest)

Timeless Isle (New in Patch 5.4!)

Neverending Spritewood & Scary Sprites (Everything you need to know to get yourself a Dandelion Frolicker pet.)

Timeless Isle Treasure (Where to find some pirate booty on the Timeless Isle. This post covers Extreme Treasure Hunter, Where There's Pirates, There's Booty and Treasure, Treasure Everywhere Achivements with map & videos.)

Timeless Isle Rares (Timeless Champion) (Covers all of the rares required for the Timeless Champion Achievement, with map, drops, etc.)

Preview: Timeless Isle Rares (Patch 5.4 PTR) (Screenshots and a brief into to some of the new rares on the Timeless Isle.)

Isle of Thunder 

Isle of Thunder Rare Spawns (Up to date map, coordinates, detailed location descriptions, rare's abilities & drops, helpful addons, etc.)

Map of Rare Spawns on Isle of Thunder (Simply a map of the Isle of Thunder showing where each rare required for the Champions of Lei Shen Achievement can be found, as well as npcscan id's)

Trove(s) of the Thunder King (Some info on the Trove of the Thunder King treasure chests that can be found throughout the Isle w/ macros, coordinates, map, etc.)

Zandalari Rares 

New Rares and Mounts Coming in patch 5.2 (Overview of new Zandalari rares, rares on Isle of the Thunder King & the two new world bosses.)

Lost Treasures of Pandaria

Lost and Found Achievement: Where to Find Lost Treasures in Pandaria (Map and explanations of where to find each of the lost treasures throughout Pandaria. Lost treasures = boa weapons, trinkets, etc.)

Riches of Pandaria

Where to Find the Riches of Pandaria (Similar to the above post on lost treasure. Map and explanations of where to find each of the riches throughout Pandaria.)

Dungeon Rares

Doctor Theolen Krastinov - Krastinov's Bag of Horrors (Rare in Scholomance that drops a super neat transformation item.)

Misc. non-rare related

Like Raptor Mounts? Spend some time on the Isle of Giants! (Overview of the four new raptor mounts introduced in patch 5.2, and how to get them.)

Grand Expedition Yak & Grey/Blonde Riding Yak Preview (Because I like extravagant mounts!)

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