Thursday, August 29, 2013

Duskwood Rare Spawns

Duskwood, the dark and cursed level 20 - 25 Alliance zone just south of Elwynn Forest, has a total of eleven rares that can be found throughout it's forests. Three of these rares are tamable, however the majority are fittingly either undead or worgen.

Tamable Rares:

*Lightning Paw is a beautiful new spirit beast fox (added in patch 7.1.5) that can scale with your level starting at 17. She has multiple spawn points within bushes with blinking eyes around the western part of the zone. I wrote up a very detailed separate post on her here: Lightning Paw - New Spirit Beast (Fox)

Lupos (the level 20 white worg) does not have a unique skin, and beware of his melee attacks - this guy can give you Rabies! Naraxis (the level 21 red and green spider) is also not unique, but does have a pretty neat coloration in my opinion. Although her skin is fairly common now, during the Burning Crusade era the only mob that had this model and color was Terokkarantula in Terokkar Forest.

Non-Tamable Rares:

There are so many interesting rares in this zone. Each one really has their own story, and most of them even have their own titles. I'm not going to cover all of them, but I'd like to point out the ones I though were most interesting.

Watcher Eva <The Restless Dead> was the rare I found most intriguing. He is a non-hostile undead that patrols around the Tranquil Gardens Cemetery. His patrol route starts at the house of Blind Mary, then on to the campfire just outside, and then up to the graveyard. At the graveyard he will stop and kneel for a long while at one of the graves, when he stops at the campfire it almost looks as if he were preparing a meal. From there he walks back into Blind Mary's house and stands by the door where he states "They will pay for forsaking us. For leaving us amongst the beastly undead to rot..." When attacked he says "It did not have to be this way! I only wish to see my family share with them this gift!" Poor fellow. I felt awful for attacking the guy.

There are two more undead rares in the zone; The Unknown Soldier and Eliza <Bride of the Embalmer>. The Unknown Soldier can be found kneeling over his own tomb in a secluded shrine near the mountainside in Beggar's Haunt. For an unknown soldier, he sure got quite the memorial (pictured at the very end of this post). I would love to know his story.

Monday, August 19, 2013

New Unique Tamable Rare & Some Trackable Pets not so unique anymore (5.4 PTR)

(Anything discussed in this post could very well change before going live, as this is from the PTR.)

I'm sure I'm not the only hunter out there that just can't get enough pets, especially the unique and hard to find ones. Well, when patch 5.4 hits we'll be getting at least one new unique tamable rare.

Meet Great Turtle-Furyshell.

Unfortunately, this spiked dragon turtle is one of the thirty-one rares on the Timeless Isle that needs to be killed in order to get the Timeless Champion Achievement. Not only is he required for the achievement, but he also drops Timeless Coins and potentially other nice loot such as Timeless armor (item level 496 armor pieces). For this reason, he will likely be DEAD almost immediately after spawning in on medium and high population servers. I imagine when the patch hits, that taming him will be a little difficult unless your in the right place at the right time.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Northern Stranglethorn Rare Spawns

There are a total of seven rares that can be found in Northern Stranglethorn, three of which are tamable.

These three tamable rares are also rather unique, as they are all neutral mobs and each have their own title representing a different element. Pogeyan (pictured on the right), is <The Fire Spirit> and has a completely unique look. He spawns just west of the Tkashi Ruins and is incredibly hard to miss when he's up - he's GINORMOUS.

Pogeyan also happens to be one of my absolute favorite hunter pets. He was the first unique pet that I tamed on my night elf hunter right when she hit level 28. I still use this pretty kitty today, and I make sure any new hunters I create have him. <3

Tsul'Kalu, the massive white gorilla, represents earth as <The Earth Spirit>. He even has an earth shield floating around him. Unfortunately he doesn't retain it once tamed. He spawns directly east of where Pogeyan can be found, just across the path. He shares the same look as only one other gorilla in game, and that is Uhk'loc, a rare in Un'goro Crater.