Friday, July 22, 2011


Karkin is a very unique level 85 rare spawn (crab) added in patch 4.2 with approximately 155k health. He is strictly a tamable HUNTER PET. If killed all he drops is Crystalline Tear of Loyalty. Karkin is found in the Molten Front on a floating rock east of Fireplume Peak. (I added a yellow mark to the map below where I recorded the video of him being tamed.) 
You do not need to be BM spec to tame him, and it's actually best to spec MM for the tame (for silencing shot). You can get to him and tame him without having done any of the quests in the Molten Front. Also, you need to be careful when taming him. Like Skarr, Karkin spams a fireball that stacks a haste buff on himself with each one that he casts, which can become lethal very quickly. 
From what I've experienced the best way to tame him is to hit him with Silencing Shot when he starts to cast Fieroclast Barrage (5 second cast) which will interrupt your tame and deal quite a hefty amount of damage. Stack up on as much haste as possible and use haste food and pop a haste potion right before starting the tame. You'll definitely eat a couple of fire balls, but with a quick enough tame it shouldn't be enough to kill you.

Karkin's NPCScan id is 50959.
It is currently believed that Karkin shares a spawn timer with Skarr (the metallic cat) and can be anywhere from approximately 2-10 hours..

In the video below is an example of a nice flawless tame. She begins her tame and the moment Karkin started to cast Fieroclast Barrage she silenced him with silencing shot and instantly went back to taming. Grats again Lessien!  

I also came across this beauty a few days ago while doing dailies! Here's my tame:

New 4.2 Hunter Taming Challenge Rares:


  1. can this one be put to sleep like skitterflame or does it have to be silence deterence tame...

  2. Unfortunately Wyvern Sting does not work on Karkin or Skarr.

  3. What´s about Ghostcrawler? It´s a ghostbeast in the abyssal depths, easy to tame and nice.

  4. I saw your writeup here yesterday on this rare, but was not really interested in either him or Skarr. I do love hunting rares though, and when I went to the Molten Front last night my NPC Scan went off with Karkin as the target.

    I have never been to that side of the zone and was really unsure how to get up the little floating steps. After falling a couple times I managed to make my way over to the little guy. Now earlier I noticed a Tauren Hunter standing over by him, doing who knows what but certainly not taming. By the time I got over there the hunter was nowhere to be seen, so I went ahead with the tame.

    I went with the MM strat you give above and it worked perfectly! Now I have the itch to get Skarr. :-)

    Not sure I have a desire for the spiders yet. I do have Terrorpene and the spirit owl, as well as the two in TH. I need a bigger stable!

    Thanks for the great site, I love it!

    Vorondil (Nelf Hunter on Rexxar)

    1. Grats on your tame! I think half the fun of getting these hunter challenge pets is the actual challenge itself even if you don't use the pet often, or ever for that matter. For me, the harder or more interesting the tame was the more special the pet ends up being. I get a lot of enjoyment out of looking over my stable now and then and remembering how I found each of my critters. =)

  5. hamund anvilmar serverAugust 15, 2012 at 11:35 PM

    the best way i found t tame karkin was to start the tame and as he starts to cast fieocastic barrage hit silence shot as a mm of course to interrupt hit detterance and start the tame over he will then start shooting regular fireballs that do little dmg and you will have him

  6. this technic also works great on skarr