Saturday, July 16, 2011


Solix is a level 85 rare spawn (added in patch 4.2) with a whopping 999k hp. He can be found in the Molten Front in the Igneous Depths (cave area) hiding in a lava pool. I have indicated where he is located in light green on the map below. This is strictly a TAMABLE HUNTER PET. If Solix is killed all he drops is a Crystalline Tear of Loyalty. If your not planning on taming him, don't be a douche. Leave him alone. 

I have seen a few people try to tame Solix now and fail miserably. They were generally confused as to why he just fell over dead when he had about 90% health. This is because Solix has energy, when his energy runs out he dies.
At the beginning of the fight Solix has 2 buffs. They are:

  • Flashfire: Attack Speed Increased by 1000% & Movement Speed Increased by 100%
  • Blazing Speed: Too fast to Tame
For this tame you are going to need to kite, lots and lots of kiting. All the while watch his energy bar very closely. If it gets too low and especially if it runs out, he will die.

Pull Solix with Concussive Shot and then turn and run away, using aspect of the Cheetah helps here. Keep using Concussive shot on him to slow him down. Try not to let him get too close because he hits like a  mac truck running over a baby kitten.
You can also use ice trap to slow him down, but be careful with your placement. Solix has a very small hit box and will easily miss the traps.
Keep kiting him until his Blazing Speed buff wears off. The moment his buff is gone start the tame. Use any speed/haste buffs that you can to help finish the tame. He will definitely get a few hits off, but it shouldn't be enough to kill you. (It's especially helpful to have a healer in your back pocket just in case!) ;)
Simply put: The main goal when taming Solix is to kite him around until his energy bar goes down enough to drop his buff.

Solix's NPCScan id is 54321.

He doesn't share a spawn timer with any of the other spiders in the Molten Front and his timer is approximately 6-24+hours

The video below shows a successful Solix tame. She got it on her first try. Congrats Lessien!

Solix waiting to be tamed
New 4.2 Hunter Taming Challenge Rares:


  1. Just one update, I found Solix after a few hours camping, after getting his energy down I was about to start taming when a shaman and another hunter started attacking him and eventually got his aggro which made me loose my taming and he eventually died because of lack of energy. After getting frustrated I decided to start camping again, 2 hours after his death and after a whooping 21 hours camping he hasn't spawned yet so his spawn timer can definietively be higher than 17 hours.

  2. I'm sorry that you lost the tame. =( Unfortunately I find that with most of these new hunter challenges other players tend to be harder than the intended challenge itself.

    Thank you very much for the new info! Everything that I've found about this guy so far had led me to believe that he had a shorter spawn timer. Now it's looking like up to an entire day at least....ouch. I'll update this entry for sure.

  3. I solo tamed Solix today and got him! My method is you are on aspect of the cheetah and lay all trap downs to keep aggro him to you. Now you shoot serpent sting and concussive shot and start running away and while running , if any traps are available then lay all traps again to aggro him. Do not stop! Keep running away until his buff wears off and now come back to tame him. It's that easy :) Good luck everyone.

  4. Is Solix zoned? Every time my npcscan goes off I rush over and cant find him. Wondering if anyone else has this problem. Also I do log out and delete the cache lag back in and I doesnt go off.

  5. I've had that happen to me several times before for more than one of the rares in the Molten Front. Each time it happened it was NPCScan picking up someones already tamed pet, so when I'd go around looking for it there was nothing to be found. In that circumstance the best thing to do is to just log out, delete your cache and log back in hoping the next time it goes off its the real one. As far as being phased, I'm pretty sure that all of the rares in the Molten front share the same phasing rules as other rares: they can be seen in any phase until someone interacts with it and it will then enter the particular phase that that player is in.

  6. I tried to tame Solix today and out of nowhere came a goblin rogue and killed it </3 (sigh)

  7. The other spider who has energy, Anthriss, I was able to tame without it having the buff... Was it because I was level 100 and it was 85?