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Mysterious Camel Figurine - Reins of the Grey Riding Camel

NPCScan Alert
Size Comparison
Mysterious camel figurine is a level 1 item with only 42 health that can be found pretty much all over Uldum. Using the addon tomtom I have indicated most (maybe all?) off the spawn locations below on the map with little green dots. They do not move, they are completely stationary and they are very small. They are also affected by Deathwing. If he comes through Uldum any figurine that is up will be annihilated.

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95% of these figurines when clicked will become Crumbled Statue Remnants, which is a grey item that vendors for 25 gold. However 5% of the time upon clicking you will be enveloped in a cyclone for a few seconds and then teleported to the steam pools in Feralas. You will also be given a debuff called Dormus' Rage which will allow you 20 minutes to find and kill him.

Sandstorm & What the "Real" figurine will look like with Silverdragon 
There you will find a bunch of non-aggressive camels and Dormus the Camel-Hoarder. He is a level 85 elite with 271.2k health. (You cannot just fly there and kill him, you need to use the statue to be teleported to kill him.) Once he is defeated he will drop Reins of the Grey Riding Camel and you will obtain the achievement Scourer of the Eternal Sands and be awarded the title <Name> the Camel-Hoarder.

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There are two separate camel figurines with two different npcscan id's. The one with the id 50410 will be a dud and give you the grey item. 50409 however, will be the one that will teleport you to Feralas. Make sure that you have both ids uncached in npcscan before you start your search.

I use the addon tomtom which allows me to add coordinates into a macro and puts way-points on my map to pinpoint the locations of the spawn points. I have it split up in 5 separate macros at the moment and they are:

/way 22 64.2
/way 22.2 64
/way 24.2 59.8
/way 24.6 60
/way 25.4 51.2
/way 25.4 65.6
/way 25.6 65.8
/way 26.2 64.8
/way 26.2 65.2
/way 28.6 63.6
/way 29.8 20.6
/way 29.8 25
/way 30.2 62.8
/way 30.4 60.6
/way 30.4 62.4
/way 30.6 60.6
/way 30.8 67.4

/way 30.8 67.6
/way 31 66.2
/way 31.6 69.2
/way 32 45
/way 32 45.2
/way 32.6 47.8
/way 33 59.8
/way 33 60
/way 33 67.6
/way 33 71.8
/way 33.2 28.2
/way 33.2 28.8
/way 33.2 62.8
/way 33.2 63
/way 33.2 68
/way 33.8 25.4
/way 34.2 19.6
/way 34.2 19.8

/way 34.2 21.4
/way 37 64.2
/way 37 64.2
/way 38.2 60.4
/way 38.6 54.8
/way 40 38.6
/way 40 44.8
/way 40.2 43.2
/way 40.2 43.6
/way 40.8 49.6
/way 40.8 49.8
/way 45.2 15.8
/way 46.2 44.8
/way 47.2 76.8
/way 48 46.6
/way 48.2 46.6
/way 49 75.8

/way 49.2 75.8
/way 50.2 73.4
/way 50.4 72.4
/way 50.4 73.6
/way 50.6 31.6
/way 50.6 50.6
/way 50.6 72.2
/way 51 79.6
/way 51.4 51.2
/way 51.8 49.6
/way 51.8 70.6
/way 52 51
/way 52.2 27.8
/way 52.4 28
/way 64.6 30.4
/way 64.8 30.2
/way 69.8 57.8

/way 70 58.2
/way 72 44
/way 73.2 91.6
/way 73.4 73.8

Npcscan and Silverdragon will also be able to find them for you, but when they are found you will not be able to use either addon to target them. They are currently untargetable and you WILL need to look for them. (ctrl-v is very helpful here as it will show the nameplate when you are close.)

There will never be more than 1 spawned in at a time and from the information I have gathered so far the Mysterious Camel figurines tend to respawn most often in approximately 12 hours, although there are reports of them being seen again as short as 6 hours.

Below I have a video of me finding a "dud" figurine. Notice just how incredibly close you need to be to interact with it.

Update: I finally found Dormus. I had been searching for the figurines on a few different toons and ended up finding the "real" one on one of my level 80 paladins. For this toon it was the fourth figurine, across all of my toons I have found around 20.
Dormus the Camel-Hoarder
The fight was a little difficult as a level 80 but totally doable. I had about half-cataclysm auction house gear (ilvl 257) on for the fight, and roughly 43k hp. Also, once I realized that standing in 3 stacks of camel spit was bad it was pretty much cake from there. The fight itself took between 5-6 minutes.

The first video below shows me finding the real figurine and the first part of the Dormus fight.

This video is the continuation where I smack him with my pally hammer thingy and ride away into the sunset on my sweet new ride.

Sweet New Ride
Update #2: I encountered Dormus again this morning on one of my mains. VERY happy about that. I found 6 fake figurines before I came across the "real" one on this toon. I found it early in the morning when not many people were on. The fight was a bazillion times faster than on my level 80. Here's the video of me finding the figurine, the fight, kill and achievement below.

Reins of the Grey Riding Camel & a Very Happy Night Elf


  1. Very impressive guide!

  2. question!

    where is /way 73.2 91.6 exactly? if you just fly there you will end up in the sea and get fatigue at that location, no platform or anything nearby

    so where is that exactly? and how to get there?

    Best Regards!

  3. Good question, these waypoints were taken a few months ago from the co-ordinate map on Wowhead. I had ventured to that location myself since and discovered the same thing. I have read that there is a figurine that spawns near the entrance to the Vortex Pinnacle and perhaps even Throne of the Four Winds, but I was always to damn lazy to fly all the way up there and check it out.

    Either way, thank's for pointing that out. I'll get an updated list of waypoints on here shortly.

  4. ah okey hehe :D yeah i was a bit confused there :)

    got another question too!

    there are small statue-dogs around at the locations there the camel could spawn. but sometimes they are not there... are these statue-dogs only visible after someone has found a fake or real camel? or is it just me looking for weird patterns :P

  5. Ahhhh, I believe I know which statues your talking about. I've seen a bunch of them at the Ruins of Ammon. I think those little dog statues are actually for a collection quest there, which is probably why sometimes you see them and sometimes you don't.

    I did also hear some speculation that the locations where 3 little critters would spawn in were potentially spawn points as well, but I don't know if it's just coincidence or not as I did notice that some of the spawn points do actually have the three little critters there.

  6. hehe yeah, i have noticed them aswell, though i see them quite alot :P

    what would be interesting to know though is an avarage spawn time of this figure, and aprox spawn of the real figure amongs the fake ones :P

  7. I've seen em in as little as 7 hours, but I heard that 6 hours at a minimum is not uncommon. Average I noticed on my routes was usually fairly close to 12 hrs, give or take an hour or two. I don't know what the maximum is, but if I had to guess I'd say it is definitely under 24 hours.

    As far as which is most likely to spawn....the fake a large margin. This figurine is similar to the TLPD sharing a spawn with Vyragosa. Vyragosa was waaaaaaay more likely to spawn. I'd guess the "real" figurine is likely to spawn somewhere in range of 1 out of every 10 spawns or so. Of course that's just a guess, but you get the idea. ;)

  8. yes i have read about that and i can imagine it's true. i have not farmed the lost protodrake myself but heard from others that they have farmed it for quite some time.

    and this camel one seems to be much as difficult as the lost proto to find :)

    i should move to a really low populated server to increase my chances on this one ;P hehe

  9. It would be 1/2 of one out of 10 or .5/10 since its 95% chance for fake and 5% chance to spawn real. Thats just the probability there is still a large chance it wont spawn with 100 or more due ot the RNG involved

  10. Exactly, with RNG you could potentially get even 200 fake ones before the real. It's not very likely, but it could happen.

  11. Came across one today flying through Uldum and NPCScan went off. I sadly couldn't find it before (I'm assuming) someone else did. After I was looking up some info on them, and this is a really informative post! I really like the way you put this all togehter, and there's so much information here, I love it!

  12. Thank you for your very useful guide after 5 straight days i recieved this mount upon looting my 7th camel figurine. Silmryn the Camel-Hoader on Anvilmar.

  13. Found the real one yesterday, i am so happy.
    It spawned at 33.2 62.8, After a total of about 18-20 fakes (gotta count the screenshots)

    Poseidus left :D

  14. Thanks so much for the /way points, found mine on the 5th figurine. Doubt I would've found it so soon without them. Cheers on a great post.

  15. so if you find one figurine you cant find another for 6-12 hrs or jus another in that same area?

    1. 6-12+, I've always noticed it closest to 12 but that isn't a rule. That goes for the entire zone, not just one area. If you find a fake figurine -- go rest up for a few hours and try again later! ;)

  16. I just added tomtom, how do i add the ways to it? im a noob when it comes to addons

    1. It's all good. ;) To add and use your waypoints, all you need to do is create a few new macros using the coordinates above. Simply copy and paste (ctrl-c to copy & ctrl-v to paste) the coordinates in separate macros. So long as the addon is enabled you can simply click on each macro and the waypoints will show up on your map. =)

    2. ok.i just added tomtom too and tried making regular macros. When I click them, they do nothing? I made them under the regular macro place you do in game. So I manually added every single one under "say" and they showed up on my map. However, when I rode to them, they disappeared! Is this right? Surely there's a way to keep them on the map?

    3. That is correct, they should disappear when you ride over them. If you don't want them to disappear just go near them, but not right on top of em. I personally liked the fact that they disappeared though as I checked the points because it reminded me I had been in that area already. You can keep them on the map by just clicking the macro again and they should all show back up. I'm not sure if there is a setting that keeps them there permanently.

  17. ok farming 2 days wit out any success have not fond any figurine or any other things what i m doing wrong?

    1. That's not uncommon. In that time a couple of figures, real or fake (but more likely fake), have probably spawned and been snagged by somebody else. I farmed this thing for a long time, and before I finally found the real one I would often go 2-3 days without finding any at all. You just have to be patient and stick with it! Remember -- checking at odd hours such as early in the morning will generally yield a better chance of finding one, but it's not a guarantee.

      Good luck in your search! =)

  18. Hope you are still answering questions about this... :-) Do you have to land and check each spot on the TomTom waypoints if NPC_Scan does not go off (I have never found ANY of the camel figurines in all of the toons I have run through Uldum), or am I wasting my time with all of the landing? Should I just fly around the points and wait for the "alarm", then look? Have to admit...this is frustrating (I know it requires luck and patience...both of which seem rotten for me :-P)

    I will keep trying tho... ^_^

    1. No, it is not necessary to land on each point, just fly near it. You don't need to be sitting right on top of a figurine for NPCScan to go off, but you do need to be in the general area.

      My alarm went off a few times when I was flying over areas with a lot of potential spawn points, that's when I would fly in closer to each point to see where it was. (this is where you would then ctrl-v in order to see the figurine's name plate.)

      Good luck in your search, and don't give up. These things really can be a pain to find, but with some persistence it is possible! ;)

  19. Well, found my first one today...too bad it was the fake (darnit...) NPC_Scan scared the heck out of me when it went off! Lol! Now, since it found the fake, should I clear the cache, or since I have the "Keep searching even if no longer needed" option checked, will it go off again? Not too familiar with NPC_Scan...

    * I do have SilverDragon also installed, so I suppose I could just use that...

    1. Definitely clear your cache, if you fly over another fake one again it won't go off (the real figurine would go off because it has a different ID), but either way you'll want to know when one is up because then you'll have an idea as to when to look for the "real" one again.

      Even if you have SilverDragon running, that would have cached it too. Safest thing to do is clear your cache right away.

      Also, that box that you mentioned having checked off "Search for completed Achievement NPCs" does exactly that; if you've found (little red X next to an npc) NPCScan will continue to search for it, but it will alarm only if your cache is cleared.

      oh, and grats on finding your first figurine (even if it was a fake, it's still exciting)!

  20. Found a dud last night at about 7 pm server time. Spawned at 29.8,20.6 on the Venture Co. server

  21. I have npc finder and the figurine id added.... ive been looking for months and even have added all the waypoints into my macros. Still havent found a single one...I know im on a high pop server but this is crazy!

  22. Thank you very much for the waypoint's these are very hgelpful <3

  23. I was wondering if the different phases make a difference if they will appear or not. I found one on my toon that was new to the area, but when i went out on my high lvl the entire area was different.Will this change if you can see them or not?

    1. I'm not 100% sure on this, but I believe that phasing shouldn't be an issue. I've found the real and fake figurines before on my level 80 paladin that hadn't completed a single quest in the zone, and I've also found both on my hunter who has completed most (or near all) of the quests in the zone.

      I certainly can't speak for everyone, but personally I've searched for these long and hard on multiple characters, and have never had any phasing issues yet.

    2. First figurine, had never touched Uldum on any of my toons on this account. Phasing is definitely not an issue. Happy hunting! :)

  24. Just got mine now.. over 500 hrs of searching and found only 4 duds and finally got mine on Khaz Modan

  25. Hi!

    Is this still atainable at lvl 90 now when MoP is realeased?
    Im almost up in 24hours of search and have never even seen a figurene.

    1. It still is, but it's still just as difficult to find. I often went days without finding a single figurine. Don't give up though! If you keep at it eventually you'll start finding them - and hopefully one will be the real one! ;)

  26. Can u help me im Deathzak on Icecrown

  27. just got! first try!

  28. congrats on finding one, I just happened to luck out and first time I found one it turned out to be the real one and got my achieve and mount first time on my 85 priest :D

  29. are you sure NPC scan works on theese? i have been flying around for Days, allmost leveled my mage from 85 to 90 using random BG´s and dungeons, still haven´t seen a single one yet :(
    awsome guide btw, perhaps its just my luck as usual when i try finding rare mounts.. :P

    1. found one, a fake tho, but NPC scan did NOT go of, i just saw it got an X in the list as if i had found it, and so i did but first after i noticed it got checked. :/

  30. Just found one of these on the Gundrak server. My horde toon just got level 60 and flew down to Tanaris to level herblore. Thought I would take a flyover of Uldum. Set it to fly then went to put on the washing. When I came back the NPCscan had gone off lol and there it was, 50409. Mad scramble to get on a level 90, fight was over in a few seconds. Had been using your guide for months on and off. My lucky day. Thanks for taking the time to publish this guide; much appreciated.

  31. I understand that NPC scan will go off while flying but is there a minimum distance you have to be flying overhead for it to go off?,
    Also, what if you're on the ground? Is there a set range/radius for detection? Ex. 200 yards?


  32. Sadly I got the real one on my first try and while I was still in the water sent my pet. Pet killed it before I got in range to get off my first shot. No loot for me .......sigh

  33. 4 years spent farming this, and after 16,377 total camel clicks across 17 characters, I've finally got my camel.