Screen Shots

I've always loved taking screen shots in game. Unfortunately through the years I've lost most of my old ones, but I was able to dig up a few and they sure bring back some great memories!

Here are the few that I have left from the Burning Crusade era:
This is the first character I ever played, and the first guild I was ever in. We gathered a bunch of low level 60ish toons and attempted a few ZG bosses. This toon has been stuck at level 70 since BC ended. This particular shot brings back some of my best WoW memories.
This is what it looked like on Arathor when the new badge vendor opened up on the Isle of Quel'Danas. Trying to click on the vendor was a nightmare, a lot of innocent toons died that day...
This is one of only 2 screenshots that I have left from before I met my husband IRL. He's on heavy orc!
The toons that my hubby and I met on, taking a mana break while running Kara back in the day. 
One of the last guilds I was actively in on Arathor had one of the more fun events I have ever had the joy to participate in: the Nekkid level 1 cow run. About 35 people participated and we all made level 1 toons (no enchants or gear) and had to run from mulgore to Shadowprey Village in Desolace.  
The race had checkpoints to show progress and there were MANY MANY deaths along the way.
I came in third! There is my level 1 cow in the front there getting his groove on.

Post BC Screenies:

Operation Gnomeregan! I love it when people on the same server work together with a common goal. I'm sooo sad I lost my scourge invasion screenies, that was truly an epic event.
Gnomebliteration!!! I had so much fun doing this quest that I ended up taking like 3 million screenshots so that I could re-look at the gnome carnage again. I was also pretty excited when they chose this pic for screenshot of the day on the official WoW website last June!
Hanging out (literally) with one of my my favorite mounts only days before they changed his model two more times. (If you zoom in you can see me dangling from his front hands.)
Waiting for the Time-Lost Proto-Drake to spawn. This will NOT be enough alcohol for the wait!
The Savage Raptor - LOVE this guy. I'm a HUGE sucker for TCG mounts
Two happy hunters with two purty new pets =)
All time favorite mount ~ Ashes of Al'ar

JD's (Amateur Azerothian) send-off' Kara run with some of my favorite Bloggers, 4/28/12
Ironstevo hitting 85, first undead to complete the WoW Ironman Challenge
Meeting Cymre (Bubbles of Mischief) on MoP Beta
Cymre and I ready to blast off on our badass rockets
Meeting Wowmartiean on the beta shortly after running into Cym
Dancing with Navimie (The Daily Frostwolf) & Old Cliff Jumper
Sharing some BIG drinks and a BIG meal with Navi while we listened to JD on the Twisted Nether Blogcast
Oondasta wuz here (View of the aftermath of Elune's first Oondasta kill on 3/9/13. Took us 4-5 raid groups to down her.)
YES! After about 1,000 tries and an insane amount of repair bills - I beat Ahoo'ru! 
Thank you Wowhead for this awesome little pup! it was so exciting to win something! :D

Posing with my good friend Reinoverall (Akini), who farmed skyshards for me to be able to kill Alani - THANK YOU!!!
A LOT of happy people (myself included) having finally received their Sunhide Gronnlings
Running of the Trolls for The Trevor Project June 27, 2016
Running of the Trolls 2016 <3
Hanging out with <wowironman> guildies while we all listened to the WoW Ironman Podcast. ^-^
Fighting off the Legion Invasion in Westfall during the Pre-Legion launch event.
The Secret Cow Level - Diablo's 20th Anniversary
Getting ready to run for #Trollrun2k17 for The Trevor Project
Running of the Trolls 2017


  1. Such pretty screen shots - makes me sad I deleted my WoW folder after I quit around Wrath - i can tell you have many wonderful memories to hold onto! :)
    Is the Ashes of Al'ar yours? If so, /cheer!

    1. Thank you, and I certainly hear ya. I also deleted most of my old screen shots and unfortunately lost a significant amount of them when my external hard drive died a while back. Luckily I was able to find some of them on some old guild websites and forums I was on. Looking back I wish I would have tried harder to save some of them.

      And yes, that Ashes of Al'ar is mine, the toon riding it is my main. That has been my favorite mount since the moment it was introduced to the game. I wanted it (and tried to get it) for years and then finally got it a couple of months ago. I literally screamed when it finally dropped. ^-^ (The hubby's eardrums are probably still ringing.)

    2. In a good way:-) I'm glad you got it and still remember acting like I was gonna roll need for it too: p

    3. ...and the hubby finally leaves a comment on my blog. yes, I remember quite clearly. you just kind of sat there looking at the screen with an evil glint in your eyes as I nearly had a heart attack. =P

  2. When I started playing wow, I had a Mac book, and like you, I LOVED SCREENSHOTS. I would take screen shots of me flying outland on my flying mounts. But something happened and my computer wasn't working anymore. And it couldn't be fixed. I was heart broken. I took some great Vanilla and BC screenshots. I finally bought a new computer but I couldn't restore my old screenshots. Worst part of my life ever. Btw, these screenshots are all great!

    1. I feel your pain, most of my oldest ones are just *poof* gone as well. Another large portion of them are stuck on an external hard drive that I haven't been able to get working in ages. I have sooo many on there though, that I just refuse to give up hope. Maybe one day I'll see them again...

  3. All I want to say is this is my favorite Blog. Its so helpful with all the info on how to obtain and what addons to use. Keep up the awesome work!

  4. Wow your site is really awsome helpful and enjoyable glad to see people play it like this :D .. i have a small question do you hate goblins i didnt saw them anywere <3 favorite race of mine :D give them some love

    1. lol no, I don't hate goblins at all. You just don't see any because the last time I played Horde goblins weren't a playable race yet. If I ever play Horde again I'm definitely making myself a goblin shaman. ;)