Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Northern Barrens Rare Spawns

The Barrens. Ahhhh, this zone brings back some fond memories. Barrens chat, pvp at The Crossroads, the first instance I ever stepped foot in (Wailing Caverns), and of course, who could forget Mankrik's wife? Well unfortunately that mega-jerk Deathwing tore the zone in half when Cataclysm came and funked everything up. Fortunately the rares weren't scared off though, as a matter of fact you can still find sixteen of them in Northern Barrens!

Tamable Rares:

Three  Five of these rares are now tamable by hunters as of patch 6.0.2 (when hydras became tamable). You do not have to be beast mastery spec to tame any of them. Humar the Pridelord, the black lion (pictured on the right), used to have a one of a kind unique look and was very highly sought after pre-wotlk. Although I'm sure he's still sought by hunters these days (especially lowbies), there are now two other cats that look just like him. One of those is The Dark Prowler, a level 21 rare in Hillsbrad Foothills (added in patch 5.1). The other is Pitch, the level 76 quest npc in Sholazar Basin. You can find Humar resting under a large tree just north of Ratchet. (On a side note, some of you may remember the wonderful story that Erinys of the Harpy's Nest blog wrote for my 1st blogiversary contest last year about Humar. If you haven't read it yet - please do! It's an amazing story about the bond between hunter & pet, and just an all around wonderful read.)

Dishu, the orange spotted cat, looks exactly like a druid's travel form (pre-mop). Dishu has three different spawn points northwest of The Crossroads. Currently with Battlefield: Barrens going on, Dishu's south-west spawn point is right on top of a hay bale next to a Kor'kron structure.

Takk the Leaper used to drop the Leaping Hatchling pet. These days he no longer drops the pet. Instead it can be looted right from Takk's Nest, which has four spawn points at the base of trees in the area Takk patrols. (You can read more about the nest locations and how to find the pet in this post.) Now back to Takk - this guy can be a royal pain in the butt to find, especially for those on foot. He's not called Takk the Leaper for no reason. This raptor leaps quite high, far and FAST. When he leaps, he will stay in a spot for a few seconds and then will be off to his next destination. He can generally be found near his nest spawn points or up on the mountaintop.

Trigore the Lasher (now tamable as of patch 6.0.2) can be found in the cave area just outside the Wailing Caverns instance entrance, and has a totally unique look. Trigore the Lasher spawns in the large pool of water and can drop two blue-quality items: Runescale Girdle and Serpent's Kiss. He has a very lengthy spawn timer - according to Wowhead comments, anywhere from 20 - 36 hours. Ouch. Check the comment section on this post for some helpful advise. (Thank you Wuuold.)

Gesharahan (also tamable as of patch 6.0.2), spawns in the water at the Lushwater Oasis. If Alliance players want this purple hydra look, Gesharahan is their only option. Horde players can also tame Vorsha the Lasher, a quest spawn from: Vorsha the Lasher.

Non-Tamable Rares:

Boahn has multiple spawn locations throughout the lower level of the cave. Hunters and druids can easily see if he is up and exactly where he is with Track Humanoids and Track Humanoids, respectively. Boahn also has a chance to drop a blue quality item: Boahn's Fang.

Swiftmane, the zhevra north of ratchet, is extremely fast. For anyone having difficulty catching this zippy fellow, his path is not random. Just stand in wait in an area he was just in and he will return in less than a minute.  

Click map to Enlarge
Here are some screenshots of each of these rares in order by level. (Click on pictures to enlarge them.)

Dishu, Elder Mystic Razorsnout, Brokespear & Stonearm
Takk the Leaper, Gesharahan, Rocklance & Swiftmane
Trigore the Lasher, Boahn, Engineer Whirleygig & Foreman Grills
Humar the Pridelord, Rathorian, Sister Rathtalon & Sludge Anomaly
All of these rares can be added to NPCScan. You can simply cut and paste these two macros in game to add all of them automatically:

/npcscan add 5865 Dishu
Takk the Leaper and the Leaping Hatchling
/npcscan add 3270 Elder Mystic Razorsnout
/npcscan add 5838 Brokespear
/npcscan add 5837 Stonearm
/npcscan add 5842 Takk the Leaper
/npcscan add 3398 Gesharahan
/npcscan add 5841 Rocklance
/npcscan add 5831 Swiftmane

/npcscan add 3652 Trigore
/npcscan add 3672 Boahn
/npcscan add 5836 Engineer Whirleygig
/npcscan add 5835 Foreman Grills
/npcscan add 5828 Humar the Pridelord
/npcscan add 3470 Rathorian
/npcscan add 5830 Sister Rathtalon
/npcscan add 3295 Sludge Anomaly


  1. Waited so much for this one. I hope you do the Southern too.

    1. Oh I will for sure. Working on that one now. ;)

  2. Oh! Thanks for the link to Erinys story. Matty mentioned it and I couldn't find it again and wanted to reread.

    My Hunter is thankfully on the move again and can start looking for pets to tame when she hits 90. Cat has been hogging all the time with her pet battles but the Hunter finally put her foot down, lol. When she hits 90 she'll have to peruse these posts and decide who to go after first!

    1. Every time I fly over his tree I think of that story, so it only seemed appropriate to share for new readers. :)

      At least with all the new stable slots your little hunter won't have to be too picky!

  3. Can you make this to and addon from lvl 1- 60? zones please <'3

  4. i want to know the spawn timer for "Trigore the Lasher" it a tameable pet now i hope to get a massage back thx

  5. Ive been waiting for trigore to show up for two days and i dont see anything, i dont know if he was take when i leave of if he has the longest ass timer there is, im getting really frustrated at not seeing this hydra

  6. I found the best way to tame Trigore the Lasher. It took me literally under 2 hours to get him. Go on your toon that you want to tame him on, and sit them at his spawn point. Then go make lv. 10 horde or alliance toons and check for him (I checked on low population servers so I didn't have enough competition, must be same faction as your hunter you want to catch him on). You can also go on alts (must be the same faction as your other toon, unless you want to quickly level a toon) and check for him there. If he is there, set up a group in group finder under Custom as any name you want, (do not name it Trigore the Lasher obviously), put auto accept on, remember the name for your group, and log out with the group finder still on. Go on your hunter you are trying to tame him on, join the group via the customer group, and you will be able to tame him!