Saturday, July 23, 2011


Anthriss is a level 85 rare spawn (added in patch 4.2) with approx 310k hp. He can be found in the Molten Front in the north east corner of the Magma Springs. Unfortunately he spawns in a very high traffic area so he is usually tamed or killed very shorty after he spawns. I have indicated where he is located on the map below.  
This is strictly a TAMABLE HUNTER PET. If Anthriss is killed all he drops is a Crystalline Tear of Loyalty. If your not planning on taming him, don't be a douche. Leave him alone. 
Anthriss is not a hard spider to tame, so long as you understand how to do it. When you try to tame him he will shoot his Searing Webs at you which will decrease your movement speed by 60% and will kill you after a few short ticks. The only way to remove his searing web is to submerge in lava. You need to be swimming in lava for the buff to be removed. The pool directly in front of him is too shallow to submerge in. The pool just south of it works fine. I have indicated the pool he should be tamed in on the map below and in the screenshot just below it.

Once you are ready to tame, just hit Anthriss with a concussive shot and run into the middle of the pool. Hitting Deterrence would probably be a good idea as well just before you begin the tame. (I forgot to use it and as you can see in the video below I still tamed him without any issues.)

Anthriss's NPCScan id is 54338.

He doesn't share a spawn timer with any of the other spiders in the Molten Front and his timer is approximately 6-17hours.

New 4.2 Hunter Taming Challenge Rares:


  1. nice walkthough, thx

  2. I went to tame Anthriss on my level 90 Draenei Hunter and some fool horde DK came and killed her right before my tame grrrrrrrr made me mad!! I will try again until I get this pretty rare! I have Deth'tilac and Kirix. Now to get the rest of the pretty rare spiders in the Molten Front areas :D They should make a rainbow rave one that changes colors, that'd be awesome if WoW would design a rare spider like that or any other Rare Beast! Spirit Beast! :D HeH! I have Skarr and Karkin as well. Skarr & Karkin are both easy tames, no need to shoot them with any shot, just stand far but close enough to tame and hit tame. :D Good luck with finding the Pets you all want! Bantha'los was a challenge, cause he flies so high and you have to position yourself right on that tall tree. I had help though and got him for a pet now. :)