Thursday, June 27, 2013

Wetlands Rare Spawns

Wetlands is a very aptly-named, swampy and predominantly Alliance zone. Throughout your sodden travels, keep your eyes out for twelve rares that call Wetlands their home.

Probably one of the more well-known rares in this zone is the Razormaw Matriarch, who used to drop the Razormaw Hatchling pet. This pet no longer drops from her, and can now be looted directly from her nest which can be found right near by her spawn point. (Nest shown in screenshots below.) You can find her in the cave at Raptor Ridge. When you enter the cave, simply stick to your right. She spawns at the end of the peninsula in the cavern filled with shallow water. She is also tamable, although not unique.

Leech Widow, the green and black spider, can also be found in a cave (Thelgen Rock). The entrance is at 53.2, 62.9. She is located deep inside, beside the large shallow pool of water. Again, she is tamable but not unique. Sludginn can be found in the bottom of Ironbeard's Tomb, and he is HUGE. He takes up the entire area! The rest of the rares in this zone can be found outdoors.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Prince Lakma (The Last Chimaerok)

A couple of weeks ago one of my readers reminded me about this rare. I had taken all sorts of screenshots of him over a year ago and somehow just never got around to writing about him. Well, I've been following this guy around for the past few days, and with bags chock full of Chimaerok Tenderloin - I'm ready to give you all the skinny on him.

Prince Lakma (perhaps the son of Lord Lakmaeran?) is a level 87 rare chimaera with approximately 4.2M health. You can find him flying around the lush green area in the mountains between Feralas and Silithus. I marked his patrol route in red on the maps below.

Now here is the interesting thing about this rare - because his patrol route spans two different zones (and I'm assuming because of CRZ) it is possible to find two versions of him up at any given time.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Blogiversary Contest Winners!

My Second Blogiversary contest ended last night, and I would just like to thank you all for the lovely comments and again for the support. :) I did a /roll 1-38 this morning, and as you can see from the screenshot above it landed on 29 and then 6.

That means the winner of the Crawling claw pet is: Akira Voorhees

The winner of a TCG pet of your choice from the ones I listed is: Cain

The winners have been contacted via email, and will have a week from the time of publishing this post to respond. If prizes go unclaimed, I will do another /roll in game to determine another winner.

Congratulations to the winners!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Second Blogiversary & Giveaway

Wow! I can't believe it's been two years already since I started rambling about rares on this blog. Seriously, where has the time gone?! I have to say, this past year of blogging has been even better than my first. With the addition of like eight bazillion rares in Pandaria, and a heaping ton of fun new hunter pets - I've had a LOT of fun things to write about.

Let's take a look at what's been happening around here this past year. ~

One of my goals was to improve navigation, and I think I've somewhat accomplished that with my tabs up above. The first tab I added was the List of Rares by Zone, after that addition I just continued adding tabs from there to help people find more specific rares. The List of Rares by Zone tab gets the most hits by far, but I notice plenty of people using the rest of the tabs as well - specifically the hunter pet related ones. I notice people using the search option too, but not nearly as often.

In the last year I've written a total of 82 posts (83 counting this one), bringing my total post count to 248. Although I have produced less posts than the previous year, I'd like to think that the quality of posts has gone up. On average I've been spending a lot more time on each one compared to last year.

Some of my posts have been wildly successful (based on the number of views), and then there are ones that I'm simply proud of based on quality and content. First, let me tell you all which posts were deemed most popular according to their view count.

Top Five Posts from the Previous Year based on Views: