Thursday, June 29, 2017

The Lost Spectral Gryphon - Spirit Beast

In my last post I discussed how to tame Gon (the inky blue spirit raptor), one of two new spirit beasts that were introduced in patch 7.2.0. This post will cover taming the Lost Spectral Gryphon.

These two spirit beasts each spawn in a capital city; Gon in Orgrimmar, and the Lost Spectral Gryphon in Stormwind. Due to their spawn points, Gon is obviously easier for Horde players to obtain, and the gryphon easier for Alliance.

The Lost Spectral Gryphon - Tamed
Where to find The Lost Spectral Gryphon:

The Lost Spectral Gryphon is spawned from a rare item called the Spectral Feather. It has one single spawn point in Stormwind, right near the flight master. I have marked the exact location in red on the map below:

Monday, June 26, 2017

Gon - Inky Blue Spirit Raptor

There were two new spirit beasts added in patch 7.2.0, a spectral gryphon (the Lost Spectral Gryphon) and an inky blue spirit raptor (Gon).

The way these spirit beasts are obtained is interesting and a little different than anything we've seen before. You see, the spectral gryphon can only be spawned in Stormwind, and the spirit raptor can only be spawned in Orgrimmar. What it comes down to is this -  if you play a Horde hunter it will be a lot harder for you to obtain the spectral gryphon, and Alliance will have a harder time taming the raptor.

This post will cover in detail where to find Gon, and some tips & tricks to help Alliance characters obtain this pretty blue fellow. (I will cover the Lost Spectral Gryphon: Here.)

Gon, tamed
Where to find Gon:

Gon is spawned from a rare item called the Spectral Eggshell, which has one spawn point in Orgrimmar. Specifically, in the warlock trainer's hut in The Valley of Spirits, just in front of the pile of glowing skulls. I marked the exact location on the map below: