Monday, April 30, 2012

Eastern Plaguelands Rare Spawns

There are a total of 13 rares that can be found within Eastern Plaguelands. Almost all of them are undead, and two of them are neutral mobs. I recommend not killing Duggan Wildhammer right away if you find him up. Watching his drunken antics can be quite amusing. Death-Hunter Hawkspear will also make you feel bad for engaging him in combat.

Be careful looking for Hed'mush the Rotting in The Noxious Galde. There is a level 45 elite named Garginox that patrols around the area. He is incredibly easy to spot and he patrols rather slowly, so avoiding him shouldn't be difficult. If Hed'mush is up, it's best to clear around him, wait until Garginox pats by, then when he is out of range pull Hed'mush. It should be another minute or so before Garginox pats by again.

I would also like to note that Lynnia Abbendis is not affected by the phasing in Tyr's Hand Abbey. If you have completed all of the Tyr's Hand quests, when she is up you can run right in and she will be the only mob there. If you haven't done the quests yet and she is up, you will still be able to see her, but there will also be a whole bunch of unfriendly undead waiting for you as well.

Also be careful pulling Zul'Brin Warpbranch. There are two troll graves right in front of him and if you get too close his undead troll buddies will join him.

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Here are some screenies of each of the rares in order by level:

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

WoW Ironman Challenge Update - Ironstevo Dings 70

Well, Ironstevo has officially hit another milestone. He dinged level 70 last night and is still alive and kicking! For anyone unaware, Ironstevo is participating in the WoW Ironman Challenge. In short, the challenge is to level from 1 - 85 with no talent points spent, using only grey/white quality gear, no potions, elixirs, scrolls, etc., no help from other players, no dungeons or battlegrounds, and the number one rule.....NO DYING. (More info on the challenge and current challengers can be found at

Ironstevo had moved from level 1 - 60 rather quickly by killing rare spawns for extra experience. Since hitting Outland though, he has only killed a couple of rares. I had not been actively seeking them out as much while moving from 60 - 70, but now I may start looking a bit more for achievement purposes.

I have no immediate plans on heading to Northrend to continue Ironstevo's journey. He still has most of Blade's Edge, and all of Shadowmoon Valley and Netherstorm quests to finish before he even thinks about venturing there. I was even thinking about checking out the dailies on the Isle of Quel'Danas and the Skyguard dailies as well before heading there. Ultimately, the plan is to - TAKE IT SLOW. I'm not in any rush. This isn't a competition. I just want to get Ironstevo to the end without taking any unnecessary risks.

For reaching level 70 Ironstevo also got a little bit of a reward. I let him purchase an Armored Blue Wind Rider, which he purchased with monies received from greens that dropped from rares that he sold on the ah while leveling up.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Blood Elf Bandit and the Blood Elf Bandit Mask

As my husband was running from the Exodar this morning I noticed his SilverDragon addon go off as he was running toward the dock to catch a boat to Teldrassil. The mob that triggered it was curiously enough the Blood Elf Bandit, the level 7 mob that drops the highly sought after Blood Elf Bandit Mask. Although not a rare spawn, I figured he was worth a mention because of what he drops and the way he spawns.

I'm sure most seasoned players have already heard about the Blood Elf Bandit Mask. Some of you have probably seen it drop yourself and the rest have likely seen it on the auction house for an incredible amount of gold. On my server it can usually be found listed anywhere from 500g -1,000g +.

For those unaware, the reason that this item is so highly desired is because it can be worn by anybody level 5 and up, and doesn't bind to one character. Use it for a bank toon, look cool on a low level alt before you get a real head item with stats, then send it off to another toon later! People starting fresh on a new server can also sell this item and start off quite comfortably right at the get-go.

Maps are good, M'kay?:

For anyone interested in finding this guy, I've made a map below that shows each of his spawn points. The red line is the route that I used to travel between each spawn point. I traveled clockwise, and that is pretty much the direction that you have to go if you want to include the spawn at 64.8, 39.4 (the furthest spawn east, across the river).  You need to jump down off of the cliff just north of Azure Watch to get there. If you point your camera straight down into the water when you jump you will take no damage.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Tanaris Rare Spawns

There are quite a few rares that can be found in Tanaris. As a matter of fact, this zone boasts 18 rares altogether! They range from level 45 - 50, and can be found pretty much all over -- with the lower levels rares being toward the northern end of the zone and then higher levels as you move south.

Seven of these rares can be tamed by hunters. Four of them are in the Silithid family, and hunters need to be at least level 69 and specced BM in order to tame them. Two of these rares, although not unique, are still highly sought after; and those are Ainamiss the Hive Queen and Harakiss the Infestor. These two rares have their own posts on this blog with a little more information on them if interested.

For those using SilverDragon to help find these low levels rares: Warleader Krazzilak (found in the tower at Sandsorrow Watch) did not import with the rest of the rares in the zone on SilverDragon and it did not find him until I moused over him. I'm not sure if it was just me or an error with SilverDragon. Either way, be aware.

Also, one of the rares in this zone is quite...disturbed. Fronkle the Disturbed crashed his tiny plane on the shores of Land's End Beach and refuses to leave the wreckage. He can be found at the crash site yelling all sorts of nonsensical (and quite amusing) things. Cymre over at Bubble's of Mischief has a great post on him with some screenshots and his full dialogue.

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More Screen-shots (in order by level, and corresponding to the map above) for all of those out there who like visuals. ~

Monday, April 16, 2012

Winterspring Rare Spawns

There are seven rares in Winterspring ranging from level 51 - 55. Two of these rares make gorgeous hunter pets, and they can both be found right near one another just south of Frostsaber Rock. They are both cats (Rak'shiri & Sian-Rotam), and they each have their own posts on this blog with a little bit more information on them if interested.

Again, these rares do not share spawn timers. Their timers are not long and seem to be roughly in the 1 - 3hr range. The only one that may be a bit of a pain to track down is Azurous because of his large patrol area. General Colbatann also patrols the length of the road between Mazthoril and the main road. Other than that the rest don't move much at all.

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Screenies of each rare in order by level, and as you would find them throughout the zone. ~

Friday, April 13, 2012

Ironstevo hits 65 and Ironsteve gets lucky!

Ironstevo is still running strong. Well, as strong as an ironman can I guess. He just hit level 65 last night and is slowly and steadily making his way toward 66. He is still questing in Hellfire Peninsula and still has a few more to go before they run out. Quests are also finally starting to turn green there so I'm pretty happy about that. 

I'm really trying not to rush at this point. I've made it this far and I'd be pretty bummed if I did something stupid to kill Ironstevo now. I'm doing everything I can to try and make sure quests can be green in areas he's in. I'm also taking advantage of any xp that I can get from quests that pose no threat to Ironstevo such as the Noblegarden dailies. If he is still alive during Children's Week I plan on using those to boost his xp as well.

Ironstevo has also found a few rares since he's arrived in Outland netting him his Medium Rare Achievement and some decent xp (which you can see in the video below). He has been lucky enough to find a couple of Silverbound Treasure Chests as well, which give an absolutely insane amount of experience and a blue item.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Felwood Rare Spawns

Felwood has a total of eight rare spawns ranging from level 45 - 49. The lower level rares can be found in the southern part of the zone, and as you work your way north they increase in level.

This zone has three rares that can be tamed by hunters: Deathhowl, Mongress and Olm the Wise. Olm the Wise has a very unique skin for hunters that are looking for something a little special. He has a transparent, almost spirit beast look, however he can be tamed by hunters in any spec. More information on him in this post.

None of these rares share spawn timers, in fact a few times when I went looking for them early in the morning almost all of them were up. None of them are particularly difficult to kill either, if an Ironman can take them down, anybody can!

Click Map to Enlarge Image
Here are some screenies of each rare as you will find them throughout the zone. ~

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Swift Springstriders and Brightly Colored Eggs

To those of you who have stumbled here while looking for a wowhead noblegarden egg, welcome to my blog. ;) I can tell you that you are on the right track, however I will not straight up give you the answer. I can lead you in the right direction though. You can find the rare referenced in clue #2 on this post on my blog. You may even find the link in there to the hidden egg... (Anyone who doesn't know what the heck I'm talking about, wowhead is having a little Noblegarden egg hunt and they are giving away some great prizes.)

To those who do read my blog, I'm sure you all know how much I love my tallstrider mounts and matching hunter pets. I never can resist the opportunity to take a fun screen shot as well. So for your viewing pleasure I've snapped this screenie of my hunter with her new mount and pet in my all time favorite location in the game.

For any hunters interested in obtaining this matching pet, it is incredibly easy to get. You can get this skin in Northern Barrens from the Fleeting Plainstriders which are level 12-13. You can also find this skin in Mulgore  from the Elder Plainstriders which are level 8-9.

The Swift Springtrider mount as I'm sure most of you are already aware, can be purchased from any of the Noblegarden vendors for 500 Noblegarden Chocolates. Chocolates drop from eggs at a 1:1 ratio. There is also an incredibly small chance that you can obtain one from a Brightly Colored Egg. I was not lucky enough to see one from an egg and had to purchase it. It took a couple of hours tops, so it wasn't that painful.

For anyone seriously interested in farming eggs for this pretty birdy I would recommend staying away from Razor Hill on Horde side and Goldshire on Alliance if your on a big server, at least for the first few days. On my Alliance server in Goldshire there were people that had "claimed" each egg spawn point, some spawns even had a couple of people sitting on them fighting over the spawns. (NOT fun hunting for eggs that way, imo.) I farmed for my eggs at Azure Watch outside of the Exodar, which had about a quarter of the number of people hunting for eggs in Goldshire. On Horde side I had better luck in Bloodhoof Village.

Happy Noblegarden to all, and good luck finding those eggs!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Badlands Rare Spawns

There are a total of nine rare spawns in the Badlands. They range from level 46 - 48 and three of them can be tamed by hunters. One of them, Zaricotl, has a totally unique skin and is tamable by hunters in any spec who are at least level 48.

They do not share spawn timers and they all seem to be on fairly similar timers which range somewhere in the 30min to 2hr + range.

Here is a map where all of their spawn points/patrol areas are. ~
Click map to enlarge
Some visuals of each rare in order by level and corresponding to the above map. ~

Sunday, April 1, 2012

WoW Ironman Challenge Update ~ Ironstevo hits 60

It's official, Ironstevo has gotten farther now than any of my other ironman toons. Last night he dinged the big 60 in Blasted Lands while hunting down a few rares in that zone. I never thought I'd make it further on a lock than I did with a hunter. Had I not clicked on that angry dwarf flight master lady maybe I'd still be playing the original Ironsteve, then again maybe I would have fallen to my death or died from fatigue. Whatever, it's in the past and I'm still having a ton of fun with this challenge. If I die tomorrow I'm still quite proud to have gotten as far as I have. 

As far as where I'm going and what I'm doing next now that Ironstevo has hit the end of the beginning, I've thought this out pretty thoroughly. I'm still afraid to head to Outland, the mobs there hit a bit too hard for my liking and I don't want to take any unnecessary risks. Since last night I've finished most of the quests in Blasted lands and have moved over to Silithus where Ironstevo actually just hit 61. The mobs only give 10% of the xp they otherwise would before level 60, however the quests still give full xp so I plan on exhausting every old world quest I can before heading to Hellfire Peninsula. If I can get to at least 62 before I head over there I think I'll stand a much better chance.