Sunday, August 5, 2012

Mulgore Rare Spawns

Mulgore is a grassy valley surrounded by mountains on all sides, and is home to the Tauren and their great city Thunder Bluff. Mulgore is also the home of eight different rares ranging from level 4-10. As you move north through the zone the level of each of these rares increases.

The first one you will likely run across while leveling is "Pokey" Thornmantle. Upon entering combat with him he'll yell "Pokey find a fish!",  and if you look closely in the screenshot below you'll notice he did indeed find a fish.

Arra'chea used to be level 11 and spawn in the northern part of the zone. Looting her horn was a requirement for the end of the questline Rites of the Earthmother. She has since dropped in level and now drops the typical 6 slot baggie and massive experience like other rares around her level. When I killed her she also dropped Squishy Cud, which I thought was rather icky.

Mazzranache, oh how I love thee pretty pink birdie... Mazzranache is the flippin' awesome looking pink flamingo (Tallstrider) that I subject you all to looking at in my header. Mazz matches the Swift Lovebird and the Mulgore Hatchling pet. She(or he?) also drops an armor item unique to her loot table called the Sleek Feathered Tunic. Mazz patrols around the Thunderhorn Water Well with four wee little birdies in tow. They each have their own names: Hazzranache, Razzranache, Jazzranache and the teeniest one Spazzranache. When Mazz is killed her chicks run around frantically for a while, poor little guys. Mazz also has a standalone post on this blog here: Mazzranache, with some more screenies and a taming video.

The Rake used to be a highly desirable hunter pet for his super fast attack speed waaaaaaay back in the day before they normalized all of the hunter pets. He also drops (very low drop chance) a piece of armor unique to his loot table called Lionfur Armor.

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All of these rares as you'll find them in the world in order by level. ~

"Pokey" Thornmantle, Snagglespear, Arra'chea & Mazzranache <3
Doomsayer Wiserunner, Enforcer Emilgund, The Rake & Sister Hatelash
Ironman Challenger Ironstevo (paladin version) hunting each of them down. ~


  1. thank you! leveling a new toon and looking for rares for the big exp :)

  2. what addon shows when a lower lvl rare is near?

  3. Wasn't there a white wolf rare west of Thunder Bluff?

  4. White Wolf Rare I found called "Ghost Howl" but drops a quest so not sure how rare he is - I had a Leatherworking/Skinning Rogue , and the quest may be related to that. The quest dropped from Ghost Howl is called Demon Scrarred Cloak.