Saturday, June 16, 2012

Ashenvale Rare Spawns

Ashenvale, a beautiful ancient forest in Northern Kalimdor and home to the Night Elves, has been heavily scarred recently by ongoing attacks from the Horde's lumber camps, cursed dragonkin, and the demons of the Burning Legion. Even though this zone has faced it's share of troubles over the past few years I still think it is one of the most gorgeous zones in the entire game. (Pre-cata Ashenvale was my absolute favorite zone, no contest.)

This zone is also home to a dozen rares ranging from level 21 - 26. Darkslayer Mordenthal can be found attacking Ashenvale Outrunners south of Splintertree Post, and both him and Apothecary Falthis can only be attacked by Alliance players.

Both Mist Howler and Ursol'lok can be tamed by hunters, unfortunately neither have unique skins.

Under-geared people (this means you ironmen toons!) be careful pulling Akkrilus. Several felguards and fel hunters need to be cleared out before you can reach him at his alter. Once the way has been cleared he will have two fel guards on either side of him, and in my experience pulling either felguard will also pull Akkrilus - and he cannot be pulled by himself. (If you skip to about 6:30 in the video below you can see my ironman warrior was nearly killed by him.) 

All of these rares are on fairly short re-spawn timers. Funny, she doesn't look druish... Lady Vespia's timer is around 10 minutes, where Terrowulf Packlord (one of the few remaining worgen in game with the original badass skin) has a longer one probably closer to 30min - 1hr or so. The rest of the rares in the zone fall somewhere in between.

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Some screenies of all twelve of these rares as you'll find them in the zone in order by level. ~

Darkslayer Mordenthal, Mist Howler, Price Raze & Apothecary Falthis
Lady Vespia, Branch Snapper, Rorgish Jowl & Ursol'lok
Eck'alom, Oakpaw, Terrowulf Packlord & Akkrilus
My Ironman toons (Ironsteve the druid & Ironsteva the warrior) taking these rares down. ~


  1. I like how Blizz added new rares to the zones when the addition of quests came about.

    1. I agree, I also like how they took a lot of npcs that weren't rare and made them into rares. Sure, having so many now they aren't nearly as "rare", but it sure is a treat to run across them while leveling. =)

  2. Wow, granted it's a rather large zone, that's a fair number of rares in a single zone. Methinks my 22 Tauren Hunter might have to try and grab a level with a pass through the zone.

  3. you rock you have helped me get so many rare pets on my main account and i thank you for that!!! Mainly spirit beasts but the first pet i ever got was Nighthowl the ghost worg he was my favorite. Tied with Karoma but now i gotta play trial couldn't afford payment! Thanks for all the help :D

  4. since blizzard changed bears all bear rares are unique now because they kept the old looks xD