Trackable Hunter Pets

These are all of the trackable hunter pets that can be found throughout Pandaria. If you click on their names or pictures you will be taken to a post covering that particular pet. These posts include full maps of where to find them, screenshots, video and detailed information on how to track them. Enjoy!

Savage (Cat) - Level 85 
Location: Jade Forest

Glimmer (Water Strider) **Exotic - Level 85
Location: Jade Forest

Patrannache (Crane) - Level 86
Location: Valley of the Four Winds

Bloodtooth (Dragon Turtle) - Level 87
Location: Krasarang Wilds

Stompy (Goat) - Level 88
Loaction: Kun-Lai Summit

Bristlespine (Porcupine) - Level 88
Location: Kun-Lai Summit

Rockhide the Immovable (Basilisk) - Level 89
Location: Townlong Steppes

Hexapos (Water Strider) **Exotic - Level 90
Location: Dread Wastes

Portent (Quilen) **Exotic - Level 90
Location: Vale of Eternal Blossoms

Bombyx (Silkworm) **Exotic - Level 90 (Added in Patch 5.1)
Location: Krasarang Wilds