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Greetings! I play Euphyely, a Resto/Enhance Shaman on Elune (US). When I'm not playing her, I spend a lot of time on my hunter: Varraline. I've always enjoyed playing classes that can fill multiple roles (mainly healer/dps), I also have a thing for collecting hunter pets - especially the rares ones. ;)

I've been playing wow since the Burning Crusade era. I originally played horde where my very first character was an undead warrior named Euphyley. The warrior class never really clicked with me though, so I rolled an undead priest named Sorronia. I LOVED playing her. I especially loved the healing role. I played horde for several years where I switched between a priest and mage as my mains.

After meeting my husband on the horde server I played on, we both transferred a couple of our horde toons to yet another server where we played for about a year, but we were still ultimately a little bored. That is when we decided to roll Alliance on Elune.

We started our own guild with a couple of others who came over from our original horde server and have been playing there ever since. We love our little guild, and my hubby and I enjoy doing pretty much everything together in game. We don't raid any more like we used to (well, we do use raid finder - but that doesn't really count). Now we stick mostly to 5 mans, bg's, pet battling, working on achievements...you name it!

I'm a crazy pet collector, mount collector and title collector. If it's fuzzy or if it can float over my character's head - I want it. I love the TGC mounts and pretty much any mount that drops in a dungeon/raid or from a rare.
I also enjoy taking a ridiculous amount of screen shots. I've listed a few of my favorites here in my blog under the My Fav Screen Shots tab, but one of the the ultimate testaments to that is the crazy amount of screenies I have submitted to WoWhead

The Real Me

In Real Life I work from home as a full time mom of two, and making jewelry and small sculptures that I sell on etsy.

Our happy little family includes the hubby and I, my 3 year old daughter, and our newest addition - a little boy who is 1 and gets into absolutely EVERYTHING. We have two cats (brothers) who destroy everything they touch. We also used to have a pug named Lyla, but we lost her very recently due to illness. I've never loved a pet as much as her. I will leave her picture up on this page always. I miss you Lyla.

When I'm not working or playing WoW I enjoy reading. I am a very big Geore R. R. Martin fan. I'm on book 5 of his "Song of Ice and Fire" series. I have not seen the show on HBO, or whatever channel it's on and I don't plan on it. NOTHING will ever be as good as the books. I finally gave in and watched the show, and it was awesome. /sigh I am a huge Anne Rice fan. The Vampire Chronicles just may be some of the best literature ever. I <3 Lestat. I can also never turn down a Woody Allen movie.

I enjoy snowboarding and skiing when the snow is decent. I've also tried just about everything else at some point including scuba diving, motocross, skydiving, hang-gliding, yadda yadda you get the point.

Anywho, I think that about sums up at least some of me.

Thanks for visiting my blog!

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