Sunday, April 7, 2013

Trove(s) of the Thunder King

Ahhhh treasure, who doesn't love finding a big honkin' treasure chest? I know I always get a little excited each time I run across one while playing. Well this post is all about treasure baby. No, not the typical treasure chests you'll find out in the world (although you should be looking for those too), but the actual chests you can find throughout the Isle of Thunder: Trove of the Thunder King.

Finding your first Trove of the Thunder King will land you the achievement Thunder Plunder which counts toward the meta-achievement: Stormbreaker.

These chests generally contain about 30 gold, a Shan'ze Ritual Stone, a Fortuitous Coffer (which will usually yield 1-3 Elder Charms of Good Fortune and a small chance at any one of the books required for the Zandalari Library Card Achievement). If you have not yet looted a Key to the Palace of Lei Shen since the weekly Tuesday reset from a rare or another source, there is a good chance you'll see one in your chest as well.

The Key to the Palace of Lei Shen will get you into the ultra fun, timed, single-player scenario Troves of the Thunder King, where there will be enough treasure to practically make your brain explode - but I'll leave that for another time.

So here's the deal with these chests: You can only see and loot a single Trove of the Thunder King once per week, per character. (Source) Now apparently there have been some rare instances where people have come across more than one in a week; it seems this has been when people have found chests within just a minute or so of one another - before the server has had a chance to flag that character complete for that week. That was never intended, and is apparently being worked on.

If you have multiple 90's and aren't sure if you've looted one of these chests yet this week, there is a quick way to see if you have. Simply copy and paste this command into chat:

/run print(IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(32609))

If you see a "1" in the chat window, that means you have looted a chest this week. If you see "nil", it means you have not yet looted a chest this week. (Source)

For those who use the addon tomtom, you can use a series of macros to add waypoints of all the chest locations found so far. (Waypoints taken from wowhead map on 4/7/13.)

/way 53.2, 24.6
/way 50.4, 27.3
/way 49.1, 27.2
/way 47.7, 25.7
/way 48.0, 29.3
/way 52.4, 37.0
/way 48.8, 43.0
/way 56.8, 45.7
/way 57.5, 48.6
/way 55.1, 49.1
/way 54.1, 53.6
/way 55.5, 53.7
/way 60.9, 53.6
/way 59.3, 56.8
/way 34.9, 47.6
/way 45.2, 50.7

/way 44.1, 56.1
/way 46.3, 57.5
/way 46.6, 61.6
/way 38.9, 54.7
/way 33.4, 57.5
/way 33.2, 60.5
/way 33.8, 60.5
/way 36.1, 58.5
/way 38.7, 59.6
/way 37.9, 61.0
/way 36.9, 60.7
/way 35.6, 63.7
/way 39.6, 64.9
/way 37.0, 68.1
/way 44.3, 67.5
/way 28.9, 80.8

/way 33.4, 76.3
/way 39.1, 76.8
/way 40.8, 74.7
/way 43.5, 78.6
/way 43.8, 82.8
/way 48.0, 82.1
/way 51.5, 89.6
/way 53.8, 82.7
/way 52.9, 77.3
/way 51.2, 74.8
/way 51.5, 74.0
/way 47.5, 72.5

When you have all of these waypoints in, your map will look like the one in the screenshot below. You will also be able to see the locations as you come up on them on your mini-map. Now some of these chests are located underground, in buildings etc., over at Wowpedia they have another map that shows which of these chests are under and above ground. Unfortunately the map is rather small and has about half of the known locations to date on it, but some may still find it helpful.

Trove of the Thunder King Locations
When you do find a chest, be aware that you cannot open it while in combat. Also, if you find one in the saurok area you will loose your Skin of the Saurok disguise when you try to open it. Those saurok are not very hospitable when they realize you aren't one of them.


  1. Ahh, that is why I was able to find two on one toon this week. I was surprised when I saw the second one as I had thought it was only one per week. I have an earlier version of a tom tom macro before as many sections had been unlocked. I'll have to update with yours. I'm glad you don't need separate keys like with the Gao Lai treasure chests.

    1. Yeah, I thought it was curious when the same thing happened to me. I'll be curious to see if they can actually "fix" that from happening.

  2. I haven't even found one for this week yet! Thanks for the map, I better get out there and look! Oh wait... might have reset to new week already damn.