Thursday, June 29, 2017

The Lost Spectral Gryphon - Spirit Beast

In my last post I discussed how to tame Gon (the inky blue spirit raptor), one of two new spirit beasts that were introduced in patch 7.2.0. This post will cover taming the Lost Spectral Gryphon.

These two spirit beasts each spawn in a capital city; Gon in Orgrimmar, and the Lost Spectral Gryphon in Stormwind. Due to their spawn points, Gon is obviously easier for Horde players to obtain, and the gryphon easier for Alliance.

The Lost Spectral Gryphon - Tamed
Where to find The Lost Spectral Gryphon:

The Lost Spectral Gryphon is spawned from a rare item called the Spectral Feather. It has one single spawn point in Stormwind, right near the flight master. I have marked the exact location in red on the map below:

Where to Find the Spectral Feather & Tame the Lost Spectral Gryphon
I also took a screenshot of the spawn point from afar in front of the city. I figure there may be some Horde players out there not familiar with the layout of the area, so this will hopefully give you a better idea of where to look before flying in blind.

View of Spectral Feather Spawn Location from the Front of the City (Click Picture to Enlarge)
The feather is quite small, and spawns right near Tannec Stonebeak, the gryphon vendor (see screenshot below).

The Spectral Feather Spawned in (Click Picture to Enlarge)
Who can see the Spectral Feather & Tame the Lost Spectral Gryphon:

This is very important: The Spectral Feather can only be seen and used by hunters that are level 110. Anyone under 110 will NOT be able to see the feather when it spawns in.

Although you cannot see the Spectral Feather or spawn the Lost Spectral Gryphon before hitting level 110, you can still tame it. If someone else clicks the feather, any hunter can tame him as long as they are in Beast Mastery Spec. Basically if you're a low level hunter with a level 110 hunter friend, it's worth it to try and talk them into camping with you. Even if a level 110 already has the Lost Spectral Gryphon tamed, they will still be able to see and interract with the feather (if it's up) in order to spawn the Lost Spectral Gryphon.

Spawn Timer:

The spawn timer on the Spectral Feather is hard to pinpoint, mostly due to phasing. People have reported seeing spawns as little as 30min apart, and much much longer (several hours). I personally witnessed a spawn timer of about 45 minutes more than once.

The Lost Spectral Gryphon Spawned in & Being Tamed.
Taming the Lost Spectral Gryphon:

When the Spectral Feather spawns in, you'll need to click on it in order to spawn the Lost Spectral Gryphon. (Remember, you also need to be in Beast Mastery spec to tame him.) After clicking the feather, the Lost Spectral Gryphon will spawn in as a neutral mob of your level (he will not attack you until you begin taming or attacking him). No matter your faction, I recommend tagging him before you start to tame.

The tame itself is not difficult at all. The toughest obstacles will be other players camping, the wait, and potentially guards & the Flight Master if your playing Horde...which bring me to my next discussion....

Taming the Lost Spectral Gryphon on a Horde Character:

As a Horde hunter, the only npc you'll really need to worry about is the Flight Master - the second closest npc to the feather spawn. There is one closer npc (the gryphon keeper), but he's only level 50. The Flight Master is level 110 and elite; I'm guessing he hits hard. My suggestion: throw down a Freezing Trap in front of him when you get close and are ready to tame. If that doesn't work, try using Wyvern Sting on him.

I've never seen any guards patrol this area on foot, so you shouldn't have to worry about that. Be on the lookout for aerial patrols when you enter the city though, there are some that circle overhead not too far off.

You can probably camp on a flying mount just outside and next to the ledge where the wooden platform ends. If you zoom your camera way out you will still be able to see if the feather spawns in, but Alliance players won't be able to see you there (see screenshot below).

When the feather spawns in it will be quite difficult to see, as it's so small. If you scroll over the location where it spawns and it's up, you will see a gearwheel. You can also camp under the wooden ledge, but it will be harder to see the feather when it spawns in unless you turn and position your camera just right so that it's looking down at the hay. Alternatively you can stand on the stone ledge under the wooden platform and use Eagle Eye to watch the nest.

Potential Camp Spot for Horde Players (Click Picture to Enlarge)
If all of that camping is way closer than you feel comfortable with, there is also a nice hill that you can stand on inside the city walls, where you can use Eagle Eye to see if the feather is up. 

Oh, and one last tip - When the feather does spawn, make sure that your pet is dismissed before heading in the tame and that you have an empty stable slot!

Tamed Lost Spectral Gryphon & Spectral Gryphon Mount <3
Good luck and happy hunting! <3 


  1. Oh, I just found your site here :) It's lovely! I do not play a Hunter, so it's actually quite neat to get some info on how you go about getting all those beautiful pets and such :)

    Also, screenshots are so welcome. I'll look differently around myself next time I take a flight from Stormwind, that's for sure :)

    Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment! <3 <3

  2. Oh, np at all, I look forward to follow you and dive in :)

  3. Awesome, I was not aware of this mount/pet option. Going to run over there tonight and hope he's not being camped 5 months later.

    I have one quest left on my hunter until I can get my class mount and learn to tame flying beasts as mounts.

    Found your site off a comment on wowhead for the Panda rare pets.. :)

  4. People fucking kill this pet just for fun ffs

  5. Hello. well i know i am a bit late as i just came back to Wow after years and years. Anyway, i found your blog by chance and i wanted to thank you, it's really really impressive, it's my number one source now i look at every day. fantastic work, really. thank you

  6. A couple of years ago, I was a level 65 I think? Anyways, I didn't know at the time that you had to be 110 to get the feather but someone touched it for me and told me to take it. Don't know who that was but I still thank them for it <3

  7. wow im horde so its gona be hard but thank you

  8. Thank you so much! I read the info and got it on the first try