Friday, June 1, 2012

Teldrassil Rare Spawns

Teldrassil, or "Crown of the Earth" (Darnassian translation), is an island (and a great tree) off of the Northeastern coast of Kalimdor. It is also the starting area for Night Elves. If I had to choose, I'd say that this is my favorite starting area in the game. There is just something so magical about it. The massive towering trees, the night elf dwellings built in and among them, the gorgeous colors, and then there's the just brings it all together.

Teldrassil is also home to seven rare spawns. Three of which are furbolgs. There are no rares in the immediate area where new toons start in Shadowglen, but as soon as you head south you are likely to encounter Uruson, a furbolg who patrols around Starbreeze Village. 

Most of them don't patrol much other than Fury Shelda. She patrols a larger area and flies very fast. Her patrol area can also be quite dangerous because of the numerous harpies in the area. I advise clearing an area along her patrol route before engaging her. 

Duskstalker, the white spotted cat, doesn't patrol but instead has four separate spawn points south of Lake Al'Ameth. He is also a unique hunter pet since cataclysm and makes a nice low level pet for lowbie hunters. He also matches the Spotted Frostsaber mount perfectly. More info on Duskstalker in this post.

All of these rares have very short spawn timers. As short as even 10 - 30 minutes I don't think would be far fetched at all.

Click Map to Enlarge
All seven of them just waiting to be killed, and in order by level~
Threggil, Uruson, Blackmoss the Fetid & Duskstalker
Grimmaw, Agal & Fury Shelda
And because I'm totally addicted to ironman toons, here is my newest ironman challenger taking down each one of these rares:

Ishnu'ala friends.


  1. That's funny, as many Night Elves as I've leveled I don't think I've ever seen a rare there. I guess I thought there weren't any.

    If I make another I'll be prepared. I am following Ironstevo, this is making me so nervous, eeeeeee!

    1. Omg tota....hes got TWO bubbles to go! I'm going to have a heart attack getting those last two lol. I'll be writing an update within the next couple of days either way. =)

  2. Ooh Duskstalker looks so different now. Nice job on capturing them all. I need to go back and get the few I'm missing

    1. I absolutely love how they changed both him and Shadowclaw to match the Darnassian mounts. It makes leveling a new alliance hunter just that much more fun. ^-^

  3. Thanks heaps! Encountered the first three first go :)

  4. Yeeeeeees it did -.-