Friday, October 4, 2013


I don't know about you all, but I've been having a blast so far since patch 5.4 hit. The Timeless Isle is where I've been spending most of my time. Between killing rares for pets, and pet battling for the Celestial Tournament, I have a hard time leaving that place! I've also been driving myself crazy in Proving Grounds on several of my toons trying for the gold. /Shakes fist at waves 9 & 10!

Whatever you've been keeping busy with over the past few weeks -- that's not all of the new content this patch has to offer. This weekend when the Darkmoon Faire floats back from wherever it disappears off to for the rest of the month, we'll have a chance to fight the new boss there - Moonfang!

Now unlike the Darkmoon Rabbit, Moonfang doesn't just spawn in out of the blue. She will only appear after many other (lesser) wolves have been slain throughout the forest. Killing enough non-elite level 89-90 Moonfang Snarlers, will cause a handfull of elite Moonfang Dreadhowls to spawn. The Dreadhowls are more difficult to kill and have a lot more health, but they are soloable. Killing these will eventually lure Moonfang out of her "den". Moonfang spawns right near the "corpse tree" just north of the fairgrounds. I marked the location on the map below. Her spawn timer is roughly an hour.

The fight itself isn't incredibly difficult, but she does have some abilities that you should be aware of.
  • Leap for the Kill - Leap at the target. Enemies in melee range are knocked down and suffer 300% weapon damage as Physical damage. This ability will kill most people, and you have only a second warning before she'll land on you - when she does, SPLAT. 
  • Moonfang's Tears - Inflicts weapon damage as Arcane damage every 2 sec. to all enemies in an area for 12 sec. These will be very obvious. Just move out of the white circle on the ground ASAP.
  • Moonfang's Curse - Enemies within 10 yards are transformed into half-wolf servants of Moonfang for 5 min. This will transform players into badass-looking pre-cata style worgen. You'll buff her and help her out and whatnot. Run away asap when you see her casting it. 
  • Call the Pack - Summons one Darkmoon Wolf for every enemy within 40 yards. Dps should aoe these down otherwise they'll end up eating your healers.
One of the easier ways I've seen this boss killed, is for the tank to simply kite Moonfang around in a very large circle. Dps and heals can stand in the middle (but not all bunched up obviously) between the trees where Moonfang spawns in. For love love of puppies, if you have aggro please don't run far from her spawn point - she WILL reset.

Moonfang's Spawn Point
Moonfang's Loot:

Shimmering Moonstone is the item that summons a rideable Moonfang. When you summon this mount moonlight will appear all around and then disappear a few seconds later. The glowing crescent moon over it's head will remain.

Using /mountspecial will get this lovely mount howling at the the moon.

Unfortunately this mount cannot be learned. The moonstone will remain in your bag, which you can use to summon this temporary mount. It can only be used while the Darkmoon Faire is in town, and will disappear when the faire leaves.

Moonfang Mount
Moon Moon, is a fun pet that will dance with you when you /dance with him. When he dances he takes the center stage in a beam of moonlight. Multiple people dancing with him will get him changing directions as he dances. Also, like the Spring Rabbit, he will occasionally wander off and then leap back to where your character is standing. When he leaps back through the air he leaves a sparkly blue trail of what I believe is moon dust. ;) To see these animations and pet battle abilities in action, check out Cymre's video on Youtube: Moon Moon (animations and pet battles).

Dancing Moon Moon
Moonfang's Paw is a transformation item that will allow you to look like a little Moonfang for 10 minutes with the buff: Aspect of Moonfang. What's neat about this item is that you can still attack while in this form. It looked like my hunter was shooting arrows out of her wolfy head!

Under the effect of Moonfang's Paw
Using Moonfang Shroud will put a white wolf mask over your characters head. Upon actual use of the item your character will howl at the moon - literally. A crescent moon will briefly appear in front of you when you use the item and then fade away. With only a ten second cooldown, you can howl at the moon to your heart's content.

Moonfang Shroud
Moonfang can also drop another paw. (Poor wolf.) Moonfang's Paw is an item that can be used for transmogrification. (It seem the paw never made it to live.) Moonfang's Pelt is a common drop as well. This item starts the quest Den Mother's Demise, which can be turned in right at the fairgrounds for 10 Darkmoon Prize Tickets.

Anyone who assists in the fight can loot her, and loot is personal just like the Timeless Isle rares.

For anyone interested, I made a short(ish) video showing how to lure Moonfang out of her den, and then of the fight itself. Enjoy!


  1. I was wondering about those other items. I look forward to collecting as many as I can once the Faire is up. Thx for including my video :D

    1. Same here. Tomorrow I'll be parked right there waiting for her! :)

  2. It is not faction tagged! Any1 can get the loot :)

    1. Ahhh, I completely forgot to mention that. Thanks! :)

  3. The day is finally here! Must get someone to the Faire ASAP!

    1. Ha, that's the first place I'm going when I log in!

  4. i just got moon moon on my lev 19 twink :D

  5. So as its a World Boss, can you only kill it once in that week of the fair being in town?

    1. No, she's not nearly as rare as the Darkmoon Rabbit. She can be summoned in pretty much every hour. I've been farming her for the pet and was lucky enough to receive one yesterday after 7 or 8 kills. She's really more like a mini boss.

  6. I got a Moon Moon on my first try!!!! So happy, he's adorkable <3 <3

  7. how many people are need