Friday, January 18, 2013

Hunters Rejoice! New Spirit Beasts Coming in 5.2

It's been quite a while since hunters have seen any new spirit beasts. Well, in patch 5.2 patient hunters everywhere are finally getting some new ones, and I have to say - I think they look great! These spirit beasts are all porcupines and they will be making an appearance in three different colors: red, green and blue.

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My favorite thing about these new beasts, is that in the style of the Molten Front/Mount Hyjal taming challenges introduced back in patch 4.2 - these guys are NOT going to be easy to tame. Each one of these pretty spectral porcupines has it's own unique challenge associated with it. Unlike the beasts in the Molten Front/Mt. Hyjal though, these pretties are not going to sport a silver dragon around their portraits - which I think is a great idea. They will instead have the golden elite dragon pictured above. Although these beasts are likely going to be rare, the silver dragon seems to scream to people "Kill me, I probably drop some awesome loot." I imagine when non-hunters spot one of them with just the golden dragon, that they'll be more likely to continue on their way.

All three of these beasts have slightly under 4000k hp, and will have to be kited and dps'd down (not unlike Deth'tilac) to about 20% in order to remove their Strong Will (Cannot be tamed until weakened) buff. Each of these beauties will pretty much two-shot anyone they attack within melee range, and taming them will require some patience and practice.  

Degu, the red spectral porcupine, has an ability that will two-shot people with poison who attack her from too far a range. If you get too close to her face, she will quite literally eat you. This particular tame requires keeping her at that "perfect" distance while dpsing her down until her buff wears off. 

Degu - Tamed
You'll find Degu in Krasarang Wilds patrolling north of Crane Wing Refuge along the canyon wall that separates the Valley of the Four Winds and Krasarang Wilds.

Hutia, the green spectral pocupine, has an annoying heal that must be interrupted. Unlike Degu, you can (and should) stay as far away from her as possible while kiting and dpsing her down. She will definitely nom nom your face if she gets too close. Fortunately the terrain around her spawn point makes kiting her fairly simple.

Hutia waiting to be tamed
Hutia can be found waiting in front of a large log ever so slightly north east of the mine entrance under Tian Monastery in The Jade Forest.

Personally I thought the most difficult pet to tame was Gumi, the blue spectral porcupine. This beast really seems to have one deal, and that is - she's FAST. This porcupine moves like a freaking Ferrari. She doesn't heal, she doesn't have a ranged attack, she's just a whole lot of in your face and when she gets there - say goodbye. Concussive Shot and Ice Trap will slow her down, aspect of the cheetah (glyphed) and disengage will barely keep you ahead of her - basically if your slows wear off at the wrong time and cooldowns aren't up - things can go badly very fast. On top of that, the mountainous terrain can be tricky if your not familiar with it. I had the best luck kiting her along the mountain roads, and even so still died countless times. Thankfully there is a spirit healer very close by.

Gumi, nom noming some slow hunter's remains
Once tamed, Gumi will match very nicely with the new companion pet Spectral Porcupette, who is also making an appearance in patch 5.2. This tiny version of Gumi will be a reward from the quest A Large Pile of Giant Dinosaur Bones on the new Isle of Giants.

Gumi can be found sitting in the mountains north west of One Keg. Another hunter pet, Stompy, patrols right around where Gumi sits.

I'm working on some fraps videos of these tames right now, and I plan to have separate guides for taming each of these beauties up soon, which I'll link in this post. Until then, Happy Hunting! :)

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