Monday, January 7, 2013

Townlong Steppes Rare Champions

In the other zones I've covered so far we've seen all sorts of useful items and trinkets, vanity items, epic pants, weapons - you name it. Well, this zone is fairly simple where special loot drops are concerned. Each of the rares in this zone has a chance to drop a bag containing some very useful things. Most of these bags have stacks of items used in crafting professions, a couple of them could contain some epic weapons/pants, one bag is even full of feasts! Scroll down to see exactly what each rare/bag can drop.

Almost all of the rares in this zone are level 89, with health pools around 3M. (The exception is Lon the Bull who is sitting at level 88 with about 2.5M hp.) They each have a 100% chance to drop an item level 440 rare quality bop necklace with random stats and a small chance to drop a Small Bag of Goods.

As I have stated in a previous post - they all seem to spawn in around the same time, so if you run across a corpse or someone else fighting one of these rares it wouldn't hurt to check the rest of the spawn points to see if any others are up.
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Yul Wildpaw (Pandaren)

Yul Wildpaw has one spawn point. You can find him meditating just outside of the Niuzao Catacombs overlooking the water. There are no hostile mobs anywhere near him outside the cave, so you don't have to worry about any adds joining in during the fight.

Like other Pandaren Yul Wildpaw's three abilities are Chi BurstHealing Mists and Spinning Crane Kick. The most important thing to know when taking him (and other Pandaren rares) down is to interrupt Healing Mists, and run away from Spinning Crane Kick. Ranged players should also stand within 15 yards of him to avoid his Chi Burst which deals some pretty massive damage.

Yul has a small chance to drop a Big Bag of Wonders. This bag contains a variety of enchanting supplies including several: Spirit Dust, Mysterious Essence, Ethereal Shard and usually even a Sha Crystal.

Lith'ik the Stalker (Mantid)

Lithik the Stalker has multiple spawn points around Sik'vess. His spawn points tend to have numerous hostile mobs close by. Before jumping in and attacking, be sure that you will have room to move away from his tornadoes and possibly an escape route if things go south.

Lith'ik the Stalker has three abilities to be aware of: Blade FlurryTornado and Windsong. Tornado and Blade Flurry are the abilities to watch out for. The tornado will move around and deal massive damage to anyone it strikes. Blade Flurry should be avoided at all costs, it's casted as a cone in front of him and will pretty much destroy most people who stand in it.

Lith'ik has a small chance to drop a Big Bag of Jewels. This bag will often contain a hefty amount of Black Trillium Ore/White Trillium Ore, Ghost Iron Ore, a large quantity of Kyparite and a few blue and green quality Pandaria gems.

Siltriss the Sharpener (Saurok)
Siltriss the Sharpener spawns in Ambermarsh (the canyon between Townlong Steppes and the Dread Wastes). You'll find him pretty much right under the bridge. Do be aware that there are two hostile mobs right beside him. There are also three to four additional hostile mobs right nearby. Some crowd control or even an extra buddy to help probably wouldn't be a bad idea to take this guy down.

Siltriss's abilities are: Grappling HookVanishSmoked Blade and Vicious Rend. The most important of his abilities to watch out for is Smoked Blade. He will use this right after he breaks out of stealth. This ability can be avoided by either using an aoe ability while he's in stealth to break him out of it early, or by not letting him stealth in the first place. You will have a moment to hit him just before he disappears. If he does vanish entirely, get ready to use some defensive cool-downs.

Siltriss the Sharpener has a small chance to drop a Big Bag of Skins. This bag generally contains a couple stacks of Exotic Leather, and 1-2 Magnificent Hides.

Kah'tir (Mogu Warrior)

Kah'tir can be found in the small camp northwest of Fire Camp Osul. The camp he spawns in is filled with level 89 elites (980k hp). You can pull him without his buddies if you simply make your way around toward the back and pull him up on the hillside.

Kah'tir uses three different abilities, those are: Devastating ArcSummon Quilen and Titanic Strength. Devastating Arc is the ability to look out for here. It's a frontal attack that deals massive damage. Melee can simply run behind him and ranged shouldn't have much trouble moving out of the way. He periodically summons a Quilen add that does little damage. It can be cc'd or ignored.

Kah'tir has a small chance to drop a Big Bag of Arms. This bag can contain any one of the epic weapons that drop from the rares in Jade Forest, any one pair of epic pants that drop off of the rares in Krasarang Wilds, or even the boe Yaungol Battle Barrier for your alts or the auction house!

Norlaxx (Mogu Sorcerer)

Norlaxx has one spawn point which is in The Underbough southwest of the ginormous tree Kri'vess. He spawns right near the giant floating piece of amber. Like Kah'tir, he also has some level 89 elite friends all around him (these with 784k hp). It is possible to pull him with only one add if you stand by the tree and pull him. From there you could either cc it or burn it down before taking on Norlaxx.

Norlaxx really only has a couple of abilities to be aware of. Those are Shadowbolt and Voidcloud. Shadowbolt deals a moderate amount of damage and can be interrupted. Voidcloud hurts, it appears as a dark purple area on the ground and is VERY easy to notice and move out of.

Norlaxx has a small chance to drop a Big Bag of Mysteries. This bag can contain a wide variety of items including crafting materials such as gems, ore, herbs, leather, cloth, thread and even any one of the epic weapons/pants that come out of Kah'tir's Big Bag of Arms.

Lon the Bull (Yaungol)

Lon the Bull has a fairly large patrol route through Fire Camp Osul. There are a lot of hostile mobs around, but plenty of open space for fighting him as well. A curious thing to note is that unlike the rest of his buddies in the zone who are level 89, Lon the Bull is actually level 88. He has less hit points (about 2.5M), and I'm assuming hits a little less hard than he otherwise would had he been 89.

Lon the Bull's abilities are: Bellowing RageRushing Charge and Yaungol Stomp. Yaungol stomp does some heavy damage, but the range is small - so it's easy to move away from. Bellowing rage you need to be aware of. He deals a lot more damage when this buff is up, combined with Rushing Charge the results can be devastating. When he uses Bellowing Rage, he will be slowed though - so it is possible to just run out of striking range until the buff wears off.

Lon the Bull has a small chance to drop a Big Bag of Herbs. This bag can contain a decent amount of any of the herbs native to Pandaria, including Golden Lotus.

Eshelon (Jinyu)

Eshelon spawns in Ambermarsh (not too far from Lith'ik the Stalker). There are a few non-elite hostile mobs around him, and because Eshelon is non-agressive I would advise killing them before engaging him if you don't want to worry about them.

Eshelon has three abilities, they are: Rain DanceTorrent and Water Bolt. The absolute most important thing you need to know when fighting him is to interrupt Torrent! If not interrupted, this spell will kill his main target. Rain dance hurts, but it is survivable. The rain droplets can be moved away from, this spell can also be interrupted (but I like to save my interrupts for Torrent because of cool-downs).

Eshelon has a small chance to drop a Big Bag of Linens. That's right, he drops...laundry!? Luckily he doesn't, because I sure as heck wouldn't be caught cleaning it. This bag often contains a bunch of Windwool Cloth, Eternium Thread, Heavy Windwool Banages and several Bolts of Windwool Cloth.

The Yowler (Hozen)

The Yowler can be found rummaging through (and smelling) piles of trash in a cave underneath the giant tree in Lower Sumprushes.

The Yowler's abilities are: BananarangGoing Bananas and Toss Filth. Bananarang deals a hefty amount of damage, just move to the side to get out of it's path. Going Bananas is the ability he uses that can be the killer. He jumps around, and if he lands on you it'll knock out over half of your health in one shot. It's rather difficult to avoid this, be ready for some defensive cd's and/or heals.

The Yowler has a small chance to drop a Big Bag of Food. This bag contains Pandaren Banquet x20, Great Pandaren Banquet x20 and Banana Infused Rum x5.


  1. Those panda guys are so frustrating to fight! the one in this zone is where i start having trouble killing them. just gotta get lucky and hope they don't heal themselves 2 times in a row. even with that rare trinket i got from the yaungol guy that knocks them down and interrupts, i wasn't able to beat Yul. and this last time i tried to kill him, there was a horde guy just watching the whole time. i eventually died, and by the time i got back to my body (which didn't take very long) he had already killed it! i was fighting for at least 5 minutes cause of all the heals. i guess i should get a death knight to help since they can apparently kill them in no time...

    1. As a hunter, all you have to do is use a monkey pet and the monkey has an ability that can keep him busy for 30 secs interrupting the cast.

  2. Just interrupt the heal and avoid the aoe leg spin and he's easy to kill. What class are you using to kill him?

  3. The reason to why the DK you mentioned could kill him so fast, is becasuse melee classes have a 15sec cd on their interupt. Meaning they can interupt every heal, you do that + stun the mob as soon as he finishes the "Spinning Crane Kick", its a cakewalk to kill.

    Classes and speccs that have longer interupt cds need to have higher dps to be able to get the mob down, in other words atleast 51% of the targets health in-between each heal.

  4. There is also a Zandalari Warbringer level 92 VERY hard to kill near sri'vess