Friday, November 23, 2012

Tons of New Rares Coming in 5.1, Including New Hunter Pets!

As many are aware, patch 5.1 is going to be bringing a lot of changes. One of the changes that I'm most excited about is the incredible amount of new rares being introduced. Not only do we get to see some new rares in Pandaria - we are also getting over a hundred new tamable rares throughout the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor!

New Hunter Pets:

Qem - Pink "Brain" Bug. (Click any image on this page to enlarge.)
I'm not going to list every single new tamable rare (Petopia has already done that here), but I do want to share some of the ones that I thought were the most noteworthy.

Several of these new rares have skins that were not previously tamable or are brand new looks entirely!

There are three new "brain" bugs that can be found lurking around the hives in Silithus. There is a beautiful new sapphire owl that is tamable at level 25 (pictured left). There are seven new spiked wind serpents with absolutely gorgeous color-schemes ranging from level 27 - 53. There is a beautiful hunched striped green cat (think skarr's model + Winna's Kitten color scheme) that can be found in the Swamp of Sorrows, and another new black and white striped hunched cat in Felwood. The Arcane Wyrms in Coldarra have finally become tamable, and a new red wyrm has been introduced in Silithus. There is even a tamable monkey wearing a hat!

Several other new rares' looks were once only available in raids such as AQ40 and Blackwing Lair. Never could get a friend to help you tame Chromaggus? Don't fret - there is now an alternative that looks exactly the same! Chromehound is a level 49 rare that patrols around the inside of Blackrock Mountain. Several of the more colorful wasp models that were once only found in Zul'Gurub or AQ40 have also made an appearance out in the world.

Many other models that were once available only at higher levels can now be tamed by hunters much lower in level. Nether Rays and Sporebats (previously only tamable in Outland) can now be tamed in the level 40 - 50 range. A new level 48 boar in the Searing Gorge shares the same model as the blue & white felboars on Ogri'la Plateau. There are a couple of beetles that were originally found in Halls of Origination/Uldum that can now be found at level 27 and 39. Even shale spiders, which we previously wouldn't have seen until hitting deepholm can now be found as low as level 29 (of course not tamable until level 69 though because they are exotic).

Some hunters might be pleased to know that there is now an alternative to both Nuromoc and The Razza. Both of these new rares can be found in Winterspring.

Nuromoc's Cousin Perhaps?
I'm still in the information gathering/massive screenshot collecting stage of these new pets, and I do plan to have them all mapped out sometime in the (hopefully) near future for your taming pleasure.

New Trackable Hunter Pet in Pandaria:

Image courtesy of Petopia
This new silkworm will be joining the ranks of the previous nine trackable hunter pets located throughout Pandaria when 5.1 goes live. He is level 90 and exotic, making him tamable by Beast Mastery hunters only.

Bombyx is going to be a little different from the previous trackable hunter pets. Instead of leaving actual footprints for tracks, he leaves bits of Heavily-Chewed Silkweed which look suspiciously like the actual silkweed herb. These "tracks" will make it quite difficult to tell which direction he is actually moving in once found, as they face no particular direction.

Bombyx also has a habit of making sharp turns and even stopping in place for long periods of time. Placing a flare in front of him to make him visible will prove to be much more difficult with this squirmy guy.

Once I have more screenies & video for Bombyx he will get his own post similar to his nine buddies.

New PVP Faction Rares in Krasarang Wilds:

In Pandaria we are going to see six new (non-pet related) rares in Krasarang Wilds connected to the new achievement: I'm In Your Base, Killing Your Dudes. These rares are each tied to a faction; three to Alliance and three to Horde. These rares can be found at their corresponding factions' base. As one would expect, rares from your own faction will appear friendly to you - while appearing hostile to the opposing faction.

Champion of Arms rares include: Dalan Nightbreaker (Alliance)/Kar Warmaker (Horde)

Champion of the Light rares include: Disha Fearwarden (Alliance)/Muerta (Horde)

Champion of the Shadows rares include: Marvis Harms (Alliance)/Ubunti the Shade (Horde)
Images courtesy of Wowhead
These rares could potentially drop a Blood-Soaked Invitation. This is the item that will allow players entry into the Brawler's Guild (Fight Club for WoW). I imagine that this item will be the most highly sought-after from their loot tables, and that these rares will be very heavily camped for that particular item.

For the full list of items they can drop, and to see their abilities check out Perculia's post on Wowhead here.


  1. I remember wanting to tame those Arcane Wyrms in Coldarra but I'm already having an issue with stable space /sigh. I've said goodbye to some of my rares to allocate room for the trackable tames already.

    1. I hear ya. I've deleted way too many wonderful pets. IMO double the amount of current slots would still not be enough. Ah well.

    2. I agree! I'm tired of throwing away pets that I spent hours and days and weeks camping. I have all the spirit beasts, I don't ever use any of them, and yet I can't bring myself to abandon one.

  2. Really looking forward to the next patch. I need that owl but am going to have to make some hard choices or possibly level a new hunter to accommodate everything I want :(

    1. I actually did that hehe. See the two hunters on my header? Sometimes a pet collectors gotta do what a pet collectors gotta do.

  3. Really nice collection / summary.
    It's far easier to get interested, when seeing them.

    1. Thank ya, and be sure to check out that list on petopia if you haven't already. There really were some great additions. =)

  4. Oh! I must have that monkey, you can never have enough dogs or monkeys, lol!

  5. I must agree, the guys over at Petopia have really done a great job finding all this info. :)

  6. Now we just need to have our stable slots work just like mounts/pets do. Quit worrying that someone might feel compelled to go hunter pet collecting. Let us players worry about that.

  7. Just tamed the monkey with the fez (Gib the Banana-Hoarder) in Swamp of Sorrows tonight. Here's a screenshot:
    Hopefully that works. At any rate, he's a pretty cool pet, and yes... he throws poo.

    1. He throws poo!?! Awesome. Now to decide which pet gets deleted to make room for him...