Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sha of Anger - MoP World Boss

The Sha of Anger, the physical manifestation of rage, has escaped from the Shado-Pan Monestary in Kun-Lai Summit. Amid the brutal conflicts gripping Pandaria, the dark entity has grown ever more powerful. recently, the sha has been seen wandering Kun-Lai, using negative energies to corrupt everything the being encounters. -Dungeon Journal

Like Galleon, the Sha of Anger is a rare world boss requiring a raid to down. He spawns in Kun-Lai Summit, and currently has 218M health on the beta. This boss will have a few achievements associated with it including Settle Down, Bro (I forsee a lot of people linking this in trade in the future), Sha of Anger Guild Run, and of course the achievement very few will see: Realm First! Sha of Anger.

8/17/12 Update: According to the dungeon journal, it looks like the Sha of Anger will drop the mount Reins of the Heavenly Onyx Cloud Serpent.

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This boss has multiple spawn points (it does not actually wander as one may believe from reading the blurb from the dungeon journal), I have counted a total of at least five so far. If it is attacked and not killed, it will despawn and about a minute or so later it will respawn at another one of it's random spawn points one spawn point as of patch 7.2.5, just west of One Keg. When it spawns into a particular location it affects the npcs around it with a buff called Rage of the Sha. This buff makes the npcs elite and far more powerful. Currently the affected mobs have 814k hp and they hit very hard. (See screen-shot below.)

NPC affected with Rage of the Sha
6/25/17 UPDATE: Sha of Anger now has ONE single spawn point, just west of One Keg post-patch 7.2.5.

I also have video footage of each spawn point, and you can get an idea as to just how far away you can target this boss.

In the screenshot below you can see two of the Sha of Anger's spawn points southwest of One Keg. There is one on either side of the Burlap Waystation. They are easily identifiable by the black ground surrounded by white. There are several areas in the zone with this particular "taint" on the land, but only four of them seem to be actual Sha of Anger spawn points so far. It's fifth spawn point is right in the middle of Fire Camp Yongqi. 

Both Spawnpoints east and west of the Burlap Waystation (the one on the right is the ONLY spawn point post-patch 7.2.5)
Unfortunately I have not been able to participate in downing this boss yet because with the lack of a general chat forming a raid group has been rather difficult.

Here is some information on the fight though, for anyone interested. Taken straight from the dungeon journal:

Seethe - The Sha of Anger projects seething anger at his current target if no players stand within his melee attack range. Seethe inflicts 74000 to 86000 Shadow damage and increases Shadow damage taken by the player by 10% for 20 sec.
Endless Rage - The anger brought by the Alliance and Horde to Pandaria flows through the Sha of Anger, erupting forth as a shower of Sha energy. Each missile inflicts 92500 to 107500 Shadow damage to players within 3 yards of the impact point and summons forth an Ire and a cloud of Bitter Thoughts.
Ire - A manifestation of anger summoned by the Sha of Anger's Endless Rage.
Bitter Thoughts - The cloud of Bitter Thoughts prevents all players within 3 yards from either attacking or casting spells. The cloud persists for 1 min.
Stage One: Growing Anger: The Sha of Anger's rage grows over 50 seconds.
Growing Anger - The Sha of Anger infects 3 players with angry thoughts. After 6 sec, infected players display Aggressive Behavior.
Aggressive Behavior - The affected player erupts with anger, causing the player and all allies within 5 yards to fall under the control of the Sha of Anger for 30 sec. Increases damage dealt by 200% and maximum health by 200%. Aggressive Behavior is removed if the player falls below 50% remaining health.
Stage Two: Unleashed Wrath: Upon reaching 100 rage, the Sha of Anger unleashes its wrath upon its enemies. This phase lasts until the Sha of Anger's rage reaches 0.
Unleashed Wrath - The Sha of Anger unleashes pent-up rage for 25 sec. The Unleashed Wrath inflicts 55500 to 64500 Shadow damage to 10 random targets every 2 seconds.

I can't wait until general chat is online to attempt downing this boss. As soon as I have some video footage of the fight, I'll post it on this page. Until then, here is a mildly humorous video of the Sha of Anger spawning in, eating a panda and then disappearing immediately after.


  1. So i had killed him in a raid already and he is difficult to down and sadly i didnt get the mount which i really wanted but i get it sometime.

  2. Yeah last saturday, September 29th our raid group had 1 wipe, then we killed him on our 2nd try, 90% of the raid members that I know of got 28g in their bag, only 1 warrior got S12 gloves, and no mount :(. Oh and I lead my raid on Galleon with 0 wipes :D

  3. Just killed him today, and sadly no drop. The drop rate is at 0.05% so its no surprise the mounts not dropping. That's lower then some of the drop rates for sky shards:(