Monday, June 26, 2017

Gon - Inky Blue Spirit Raptor

There were two new spirit beasts added in patch 7.2.0, a spectral gryphon (the Lost Spectral Gryphon) and an inky blue spirit raptor (Gon).

The way these spirit beasts are obtained is interesting and a little different than anything we've seen before. You see, the spectral gryphon can only be spawned in Stormwind, and the spirit raptor can only be spawned in Orgrimmar. What it comes down to is this -  if you play a Horde hunter it will be a lot harder for you to obtain the spectral gryphon, and Alliance will have a harder time taming the raptor.

This post will cover in detail where to find Gon, and some tips & tricks to help Alliance characters obtain this pretty blue fellow. (I will cover the Lost Spectral Gryphon: Here.)

Gon, tamed
Where to find Gon:

Gon is spawned from a rare item called the Spectral Eggshell, which has one spawn point in Orgrimmar. Specifically, in the warlock trainer's hut in The Valley of Spirits, just in front of the pile of glowing skulls. I marked the exact location on the map below:

Where to find the Spectral Eggshell & Spawn Gon
The eggshell is blue, and quite small, but still noticeable when it spawns in (see screenshot on the left below). You must destroy the egg to spawn Gon.

Who can see the Spectral Eggshell & Tame Gon:

This is very important: The eggshell can only be seen and used by hunters that are level 110. Anyone under 110 will NOT be able to see the eggshell when it spawns in. I can verify this myself, as I camped for hours and hours at level 103 and witnessed multiple people tame Gon without ever seeing the shell spawn. After reaching 110, I was able to see the eggshell after only about an hour of camping.

Although you cannot see the eggshell or spawn Gon before hitting level 110, you can still tame him. If someone else destroys the shell, any hunter can tame him as long as they are in Beast Mastery Spec. Basically if you're a low level hunter with a level 110 hunter friend, it's worth it to try and talk them into camping with ya. Even if a level 110 already has Gon, they will still be able to see and destroy the eggshell (if it's up) in order to spawn Gon.

Spawn Timer:

The spawn timer on the eggshell is hard to pinpoint, mostly due to phasing. People have reported seeing spawns as little as 45min apart, and much much longer (several hours).

Left: The Spectral Eggshell Spawned in, Right: Gon, waiting to be tamed (just after the eggshell was destroyed)
Taming Gon:

When the Spectral Eggshell spawns in, you'll need to destroy it in order to spawn Gon. (Remember, you also need to be in Beast Mastery spec to tame him.) After destroying the eggshell, Gon will spawn in as a neutral mob of your level (he will not attack you until you begin taming or attacking him). I recommend tagging him before you start to tame.

The tame itself is not difficult at all. The toughest obstacles will be other players, the wait, and guards if your playing Alliance...which bring me to my next discussion....

Taming Gon on an Alliance Character:

As an Alliance hunter, you will likely aggro at least one Horde guard while camping/taming (there is one guard that patrols very close to the hut). Feign Death and Shadowmeld will keep the guard off your back while waiting for the eggshell spawn.

When the time comes to tame Gon, Wyvern Sting should take care of the guard. Failing that, just tag Gon with any shot, hit Aspect of the Turtle and tame immediately - that should still allow you to finish your tame. Use Gon afterwords to finish off the guard and skedaddle.

Where to camp:

You've got a few different camping options as Alliance:

Night Elves:
  • If you play a Night Elf hunter, the easiest thing to do is to shadowmeld right behind the hut, and wait for the eggshell to spawn. If you hug the wall, there is little chance of anyone noticing you. When the eggshell spawns, you can destroy it from outside the hut by hugging the railing (see screenshot below). You'll need to tag Gon, and he'll run out the front of the hut and around the side to get to you. When he arrives, he'll likely bring at least one guard with him. Be ready!
Destroying the Spectral Eggshell from behind the hut
Everyone Else:
  • You can also fly down into (or behind) the hut and feign death right where the eggshell spawns. You can stay there and continue to feign every time it wears off (assuming no Horde players start attacking you).
  • Feign death in or behind the hut and log off, then log back on every now and then to see if it's up.
  • Hover high over the warlock trainer's hut with your cursor over the area where the Spectral Eggshell spawns. When it spawns in just dive down and tame.
  • Hang out on the mountain on the western side, with a perfect view inside the trainer's hut. You can use your Eagle Eye to look right in at the pile of skulls and see when the Spectral Eggshell spawns in. When it spawns, just mount up and dive down into the hut to tame. (This is the method I used - see screenshot below for better visual.)

No matter which method you decide to use, be aware of the aerial wyvern patrols. They do not want you in their city, and they can and will shoot you down. Corpse runs are annoying, especially as you've got to run all the way from Razor Hill.

My Experience (on my Alliance character):

My tame was very nubby and went all wrong, but I still managed it. I was watching the hut with Eagle Eye from the mountain, when I saw the eggshell spawn in. I immediately mounted and flew down into the hut. When I landed, I meant to use Wyvern Sting on the Horde guard, but I accidentally used it on the warlock trainer and killed him. I panicked and forgot to use Aspect of the Turtle, and just started taming Gon right after I destroyed the egg. The Horde guard beat up on me a bunch, and got me to about 10% health before I finished the tame & Gon picked up aggro. This was all with an item level of only 724, by the way.

Moral of the story - if I can do it, so can you!

Happy hunting! <3


  1. 254 armor level 120 (by like an hour) just read this - got him :D thanks for the walk-thru

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