Friday, July 29, 2011

Tarvus the Vile

Tarvus the Vile is a non-elite hostile level 85 dragonkin rare spawn with approximately 116k health who spawns in the southern most cave on the western side of the Obsidian Forest in the Twilight Highlands. The location he spawns at is shown in blue on the map below. He generally doesn't stay alive for too long once he spawns in as he is in a high traffic area where people are questing and mining.

Tarvus the Vile drops Tarvus's Poison-Scarred Boots, they are bind on equip item level 346 caster leather boots with one red socket. On the ah they should land you a couple hundred gold or they would make nice starter boots for a caster druid. He also drops around 20 gold, and for leveling characters killing him yields a hefty amount of experience. 

A note to hunters: It seems that he is immune to Concussive Shot, I'm not sure what other slowing effects he's immune to, if any.

He is also one of five rare spawns in the Twilight Highlands. All of them are:

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