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Julak-Doom - The Eye of Zor

Julak-Doom is a level ?? rare outdoor boss with approximately 12.9 million health. He can be found in the Twilight Highlands in the northern most part of the zone patrolling just north of Kirthhaven. He is very large and can be spotted easily from far away.

As of patch 4.1 Julak-Doom drops one guaranteed purple item. He drops Vitreous Beak of Julak-Doom which is an item level 359 caster dps dagger. He also generally drops about 200 gold, another epic item and some nice jewelcrafting designs.

He is one of 5 rare outdoor bosses added in Cataclysm. There is one in each Cataclysm zone. All of these bosses are:
Garr - Mount Hyjal
Julak-Doom <The Eye of Zor> - Twilight Highlands
Xariona - Deepholm

In order to down this guy you are going to need at least a tank (preferably two), heals (preferably at least two) and a lot of dps. At least a full 10 man raid group is advisable but the more the merrier as this guy is kind of a bitch. (He can be downed with less but it'll be a lot tougher, expect a few wipes before getting it right.) I found him to be the toughest of all the Cataclysm outdoor group bosses.

Julak-Doom has a few abilities that you should be aware of before you start the fight. They are:

Black Breath - Creates a puddle of dark ooze that deals Shadow damage to all enemies in the area. If you stand in these you'll take about 6-7k damage per second so move out of them quickly. These are easy to see and pretty easy to avoid, just move away from the black smoking pools that periodically appear all over the ground. They will start off small and continuously grow larger after they appear and eventually disappear after 15 seconds or so.
Dark Whispers - Dark whispers invade the target's mind, forcing them to do the bidding of Julak-Doom. Removed when damaged below 90% health. Julak-Doom will mind control raid members and he can and likely will control more than one at a time. When someone becomes mind-controlled it is very obvious because they will grow extremely large. If you see someone mind controlled immediately begin dpsing them to break it. This is especially important if a healer gets mc'd because they will heal Julak-Doom making the fight a lot longer than it needs to be. Tanks can be mc'd as well and when they are they will loose aggro, so having two tanks is a good idea because the second can pick up threat. Once the mind-controlled player gets damaged enough (10% of their health) the mind control will break. Mind controlled targets can also be crowd-controlled.
Massive Shockwave - Stomps the ground, emitting a massive shockwave that deals Physical damage to targets in a cone in front of the caster and knocks them down. (3 second cast) This HURTS, plain and simple. Ideally the only person that should be getting hit by this at all is the tank as it hits for over 100k damage depending on where you are standing within the cone. The tank should face Julak-Doom away from the party and try to move to the side when Julak is about to get a shockwave off, the attack can be avoided by the tank but they will likely eat a few. It is also quite possible during the fight for the tank to be mc'd at an incredibly inopportune time, such as right before a shockwave which can turn Julak toward the raid. In this case heals and dps should try to get away from the front of him to avoid the cone as quickly as possible as getting hit will likely equal death. If you do die during the fight, the spirit healer is very close so just fly back down to your group and continue.
Julak-Doom also shoots eye beams periodically that will follow a person around. They don't do a significant amount of damage but you should still move away from them if you see them.

I would also like to note that Julak-Doom can be very buggy. He evaded and reset on us probably 3 or 4 times before we were finally able to kill him. Be careful not to move him too far from where he patrols. 

I've got a video of the entire fight below. This was a random pug of 11 level 85's. We had two tanks and two healers and we had pretty varied gear. We wiped on him a few times due to resets and bad positioning. As you can see people died a lot to his shockwave due to said bad positioning but every time someone died they just ran back and rejoined the fight. The whole fight lasted about 7 minutes. 

He is also one of five rare spawns in the Twilight Highlands. All of them are:

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