Monday, December 31, 2012

Kun-Lai Summit Rare Champions

The rare champions in Kun-Lai Summit each have a chance to drop some very interesting items - from strictly vanity to the quite useful. We really do see a mix of everything from these guys. Fireworks, killer pug puppies with hats, an item that will raise your reputation with each of the factions of Pandaria by 1000 (and can be sold to other players) and even an item that can dismount unsuspecting players - ha ha. Each of these items are listed below next to the rare that can drop it. You can also see some screenshots of each of these items in action in this post: Sneak Peek: Special drops from Rare Champions of Pandaria (just scroll down to the Kun-Lai Summit section).

The rares in this zone are all level 88, with health pools around 2.4M. They each have a 100% chance to drop item level 430 rare quality bop bracers of a random armor type and a small chance to drop a Small Bag of Goods.

As I have stated in a previous post - they all seem to spawn in around the same time, so if you run across a corpse or someone else fighting one of these rares it wouldn't hurt to check the rest of the spawn points to see if any others are up.

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Ahone the Wanderer (Pandaren)

Ahone spawns under the small pagoda structure to the northeast of Shado-Pan Monastery. If you're having phasing issues with her, try completing the quest Beyond the Wall. Also, make sure you have completed Where are my Reinforcements?, as this quest phases out the zone. If your still having phasing issues, it is possible to have a friend take her out and still get credit so long as you are grouped and within range.

Like other Pandaren Ahone's three abilities are Chi BurstHealing Mists and Spinning Crane Kick. The most important thing to know when taking her down is to interrupt Healing Mists, and run away from Spinning Crane Kick. Ranged players should also stand within 15 yards of her to avoid her Chi Burst which deals some pretty massive damage.

Ahone has a small chance to drop Pandaren Firework Launcher. It shoots pretty fireworks. Kind of useless for most I guess, but I love this sort of thing.

Ski'thik (Mantid)
Ski'thik spawns fairly high up on Kota Peak, right where the Lost Adventurer's Belongings are found. You'll notice a lot of hostile goats wandering the mountainside around him. I advise taking the ones closest to him out before engaging him in combat so that you won't have to deal with them when dodging his tornados.

He has three abilities to be aware of: Blade FlurryTornado and Windsong. Tornado and Blade Flurry are the abilities to watch out for. The tornado will move around and deal massive damage to anyone it strikes. Blade Flurry should be avoided at all costs, it's casted as a cone in front of him and will pretty much destroy anyone around his level who stands in it.

Ski'thik has a small chance to drop Rod of Ambershaping. This item is really neat; it's instant cast, doesn't aggro your target and can be used in combat. It essentially gives you a nice, one minute cc.

Nessos the Oracle (Saurok)
You can find Nessos the Oracle on a small island north of Zuchin Village. He stands just outside of a tiny fishing hut working with his hanging fish.

Nessos's abilities are: Grappling HookVanishSmoked Blade and Vicious Rend. The most important of his abilities to watch out for is Smoked Blade. He will use this right after he breaks out of stealth. This ability can be avoided by either using an aoe ability while he's in stealth to break him out of it early, or by not letting him stealth in the first place. You will have a moment to hit him just before he disappears. If he does vanish entirely, get ready to use some defensive cool-downs.

Nessos has a small chance to drop Hardened Shell. This item is only usable on unfriendly targets, and unfortunately cannot be used while moving. It can however be used on druids in flight form! ;)

Havak (Mogu Warrior)
Havak has a few different spawn points all within Mogujia. Every time I've found him he has been frozen in time - he does of course come to life when you attack him. If taking him on sub-level 90 I would recommend pulling him to the edge of the ruins to avoid picking up adds.

Havak uses three different abilities, those are: Devastating ArcSummon Quilen and Titanic Strength. Devastating Arc is the ability to look out for here. It's a frontal attack that deals massive damage. Melee can simply run behind him and ranged shouldn't have much trouble moving out of the way. He periodically summons a Quilen add that does little damage. It can be cc'd or ignored.

Havak has a small chance to drop Shard of Archstone. This item is fairly limited, but still a lot of fun. Hostile npcs will not be able to target you when you use this item. It is usable in pvp, unfortunately aoe damage will break the effect.

Borginn Darkfist (Mogu Sorcerer)
Borginn Darkfist patrols between the two camps located just west of Mogu'Shan Terrace. Each camp has many hostile npcs that will aggro if you pull him while hes close to them. I advise waiting until he is walking mid-way between the the camps if you don't want to deal with adds.

Borginn Darkfist only has a couple of abilities to be aware of. Those are Shadowbolt and Voidcloud. Shadowbolt deals a moderate amount of damage and can be interrupted. Voidcloud hurts, it appears as a dark purple area on the ground and is VERY easy to notice and move out of.

Borginn has a small chance of dropping the super awesome item Crate of Kidnapped Puppies. (Who wouldn't want an army of cute pugs with hats and pink ribbons on their heads fighting for them?!)

Korda Torros (Yaungol)
Korda Torros can be found patrolling through Fire Camp Ordo. The entire camp is filled with hostile mobs. At level 90 this shouldn't be a concern, but at sub-90 I would clear out a safe area/pull him outside of the camp to be safe.

Korda Torros's abilities are: Bellowing RageRushing Charge and Yaungol Stomp. Yaungol stomp does some heavy damage, but the range is small - so it's easy to move away from. Bellowing rage you need to be aware of. He deals a lot more damage when this buff is up, combined with Rushing Charge the results can be devastating. When he uses Bellowing Rage, he will be slowed though - so it is possible to just run out of striking range until the buff wears off.

Gatherer's rejoice! Korda Torros has a small chance to drop Forager's Gloves. These gloves will allow skinners, miners and herbalists to gather resources more quickly! Unfortunately they only work when gathering in Pandaria.

Zai the Outcast - fka Norlaxx the Outcast (Jinyu)
Zai the Outcast (formerly known as Norlaxx the Outcast pre-patch 5.1) has a few different spawn points in different huts around Inkgill Mere. I would advise moving him out of whichever hut he's in, and get him to an area where you will have a lot of open space; this will make avoiding his rain dance a lot easier.

Zai has three abilities, they are: Rain DanceTorrent and Water Bolt. The absolute most important thing you need to know when fighting him is to interrupt Torrent! If not interrupted, this spell will kill his main target. Rain dance hurts, but it is survivable. The rain droplets can be moved away from, this spell can also be interrupted (but I like to save my interrupts for Torrent because of cool-downs).

Zai has a small chance to drop Farwater Conch. This item is pretty neat for non-shaman/hunters. It basically gives you a form of farsight/eagle eye, except you can also toss big droplets of water in the area you are looking at. It's also usable in battlegrounds.

Scritch (Hozen)
Scritch has multiple spawn points in the tiny caves around The Dooker Dome. Finding a safe area to kill him can prove difficult, as there are many hostile mobs (including a couple of elites) that patrol outside the caves. I have had luck killing him inside the tiny caves and out. I've also died to him both ways. The best advise I can really give for this guy is to run out of the cave if he is going bananas inside, and to run into a cave if he is doing it outside.

Scitch's abilities are: BananarangGoing Bananas and Toss Filth. Bananarang deals a hefty amount of damage, just move to the side to get out of it's path. Going Bananas is the ability he uses that can be the killer. He jumps around, and if he lands on you it'll knock out over half of your health in one shot. It's rather difficult to avoid this, be ready for some defensive cd's and/or heals.

Scritch has a small chance to drop a fairly sought after item, the Hozen Peace Pipe. This item will raise your reputation with each of the factions in Pandaria (minus The Black Prince and Operation: Shieldwall/Dominance Offensive) on use by 1,000. It is affected by perks such as Mr. Popularity and Diplomacy. It can also be sold on the auction house for a hefty profit or traded to your alts!


  1. There's another rare in this area which is 92 levels. Zandalari warrior, very close to Zai the outcast. What's up with that?

    1. The Zandalari rares were added in patch 5.2 (you can read more about them in this post), the one your talking about has a pretty large patrol route in that area.