Monday, October 8, 2012

The Jade Forest Rare Champions

Each zone in Pandaria has a total of eight rare champions, each one representing a different Pandarian race: Pandaren, Mantid, Saurok, Mogu Warrior, Mogu Sorcerer, Yaungol, Jinyu and Hozen. Each race has it's own set of unique abilities that can make them quite challenging to kill. (More info on each of the races abilities below.) All of these rares are part of the Glorious! meta-achievement (basically the new Bloody Rare & Frostbitten). Killing a single one will also grant you the achievement A Worthy Opponent, and killing one representing each race will grant you Could We Find More Like That? (Full map of Rare Pandarian Champions here: Map of Rare Pandarian Champions by Type.)

The rares in The Jade Forest are all level 85 and have a 100% chance to drop an item level 400 bop pair of pants of a random armor type. Each one of them also has a low chance to drop a Small Bag of Goods; which generally contains a bit of gold and useful items for crafting professions such as ore, cloth, leather, herbs and motes of harmony. The rares in this zone also each have a small chance to drop an item level 420 epic weapon. All weapons they drop are bop except for the bow dropped by Sarnak.

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Urobi the Walker (Pandaren)
Urobi the Walker can be found sitting under a small Pandaren structure on a tiny island in Shang's Valley.

Like other Pandaren his three abilities are Chi Burst, Healing Mists and Spinning Crane Kick. The most important thing to know when taking him (and other Pandaren rares) down is to interrupt Healing Mists, and run away from Spinning Crane Kick. Ranged players should also stand within 15 yards of him to avoid his Chi Burst which deals some pretty massive damage.

Urobi has a chance to drop the agility staff Pathwalker Greatstaff.

Krax'ik (Mantid)
In order to find Krax'ik, you will actually need to check his spawn location. He stands stealthed at the top of a hill overlooking Serpent's Heart, and NPCScan will not pick him up unless your practically standing on top of him.

He has three abilities to be aware of: Blade Flurry, Tornado and Windsong. Tornado and Blade Flurry are the abilities to watch out for. The tornado will move around and deal massive damage to anyone it strikes. Blade Flurry should be avoided at all costs, it's casted as a cone in front of him and will pretty much destroy any level 85 who stands in it.

Krax'ik has a chance to drop the epic 1h agility axe Needlefang Throatripper.

Sarnak (Saurok)
Sarnak spawns in a small cave by the sea northeast of Pearfin Village. Entrance located at 64.9, 74.3.

Sarnak's abilities are: Grappling Hook, Vanish, Smoked Blade and Vicious Rend. The most important of his abilities to watch out for is Smoked Blade. He will use this right after he breaks out of stealth. This ability can be avoided by either using an aoe ability while he's in stealth to break him out of it early, or by not letting him stealth in the first place. You will have a moment to hit him just before he disappears. If he does vanish entirely, get ready to use some defensive cool-downs.

Sarnak has a chance to drop the only boe epic weapon from a rare in the zone, the Fishsticker Crossbow.

Morgrinn Crackfang (Mogu Warrior)
Morgrinn Crackfang can spawn in several different areas throughout the Terrace of Ten Thunders.

Morgrinn Crackfang uses three different abilities, those are: Devastating Arc, Summon Quilen and Titanic Strength. Devastating Arc is the ability to look out for here. It's a frontal attack that deals massive damage. Melee can simply run behind him and ranged shouldn't have much trouble moving out of the way. He periodically summons a Quilen add that does little damage. It can be cc'd or ignored.

Morgrinn has a small chance to drop the epic 2-handed mace Fangcracker Battlemace.

Kor'nas Nightsavage (Mogu Sorcerer)
Kor'nas Nightsavage patrols through the quest hub Nectarbreeze Orchard. Because he spawns in a high traffic area, he may be one of the more difficult rares to find alive. It is also not uncommon to find him fighting the friendly npcs in the area.

Kor'nas really only has a couple of abilities to be aware of. Those are Shadowbolt and Voidcloud. Shadowbolt deals a moderate amount of damage and can be interrupted. Voidcloud hurts, it appears as a dark purple area on the ground and is VERY easy to notice and move out of.

Kor'nas has a chance to drop a nice epic caster staff called the Darkstaff of Annihilation.

Ferdinand (Yaungol)
Ferdinand can spawn in several different places throughout the Arboretum. Generally he can be found sitting peacefully under a cherry blossom tree.

Ferdinand's abilities are: Bellowing Rage, Rushing Charge and Yaungol Stomp. Yaungol stomp does some heavy damage, but the range is small - so it's easy to move away from. Bellowing rage you need to be aware of. He deals a lot more damage when this buff is up, combined with Rushing Charge the results can be devastating. When he uses Bellowing Rage, he will be slowed though - so it is possible to just run out of striking range until the buff wears off.

Ferdinand is one of two rares in the zone that drops the 1 handed strength mace: the Ook-Breaker Mace.

Aethis (Jinyu)
Aethis can be found kneeling in front of what looks like a little shrine in the middle of a small pond just north of the road leading into Forest Heart.

Aethis has three abilities, they are: Rain Dance, Torrent and Water Bolt. The absolute most important thing you need to know when fighting him is to interrupt Torrent! If not interrupted, this spell will kill his main target. Rain dance hurts, but it is survivable. The rain droplets can be moved away from, this spell can also be interrupted (but I like to save my interrupts for Torrent because of cool-downs).

Aethis can drop a very nice epic caster mace called the Pool-Stirrer.

Mister Ferocious (Hozen)
Mister Ferocious spawns right next to the turned over cart with items strewn about it in the middle of Forest Heart.

Mister Ferocious' abilities are: Bananarang, Going Bananas and Toss Filth. Bananarang deals a hefty amount of damage, just move to the side to get out of it's path. Going Bananas is the ability he uses that can be the killer. He jumps around, and if he lands on you it'll knock out over half of your health in one shot. It's rather difficult to avoid this, be ready for some defensive cd's and/or heals.

Like Ferdinand, Mister Ferocious drops the 1 handed strength mace: the Ook-Breaker Mace.


  1. Still need two for Glorious!, NPCScan goes off constantly this expansion but I'd say 80% of the time the target is dead already. I'll go pet battle and maybe things will cool down!

    1. Haha, I can relate there. I get so excited every time I hear it go off, but then the almost inevitable "ugh" follows. Pet battles ftw!!!! ^-^

  2. this is great, i stumbled upon this page today and read about the mantid. i was about 2 minutes away and i found him on the hill you mentioned, it was an easy kill with blood dk and i got the rare axe :)

  3. First time on this forum

    I was levelling up on my resto druid when I decided to go rare hunting. I killed 3 rares in under a hour but didn't get any druid items sadly :(

  4. Question: What else do these champions drop? I've killed 5 so far (6 maybe) using the help of this blog, and 2 of them dropped their "Super rare unique loot" the other 3 dropped some BOP pants, all in my tank spec. Is this supposed to happen or just a coincidence?

    1. The common drop on these rares are the bop item level 400 pants. As far as I'm aware the stats on the pants that drop have always been random, unless something has changed very recently. Small bags of goods & epic weapons are still the uncommon drops.

      One thing that has changed recently though, is that they now also drop lesser charms of good fortune.