Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Glorious! Achievement & New Rare Champions in Jade Forest

Quick beta update here: With the re-opening of the Jade Forest I was able to hunt down the last few rare Pandarian Champions needed for the Glorious! Achiement. I can confirm that as of right now there are a total of 56 rare Pandarian Champions that can be found across Pandaria. (See screenshot below.)

The rares added in the Jade Forest each drop a Small Bag of Goods, a nice blue bop piece of armor, and an epic item level 420 weapon. All of the weapons I found were bop, except for the Fishsticker Longbow which is bind on equip and drops off of Sarnak, a Saurok that spawns in a cave on the eastern coast.

Here is the video below of my hunter obtaining the Glorious! achievement by killing Morgrinn Crackfang, a mogu warrior found at the Terrace of Ten Thunders. ~

Although not a silver dragon, but maybe still a rare spawn - I did figure this was worth a mention. I ran across a regular elite patrolling around the hillside near the Shrine of the Dawn, just north of the Arboretum while looking for the new champions in the Jade Forest. His name is Martar the Not-So-Smart (Gnoll) and he drops a trinket called Martar's Magnifying Glass.

What to expect from this blog in the next couple of months:

I'm putting together some posts right now that will show you where all of these rares can be found, and my goal is to have them posted before - or shortly after Mists of Pandaria releases. I'm also working on finding some fun new rare hunter pets, and hope to have them mapped out as well - so stay tuned!


  1. Was there any reward from completing the Glorious achievement itself? I was hoping for a title or something at least.

    1. Just the achievement points and that good feeling you get when you complete something difficult. Although a title would have been awesome, I agree. -Rare Hunter Extraordinaire- would be my title of choice. =)

  2. I think "The unseen" would be pretty awesome (since rare spawns are often missed or at least that's the premise)