Friday, April 20, 2012

Tanaris Rare Spawns

There are quite a few rares that can be found in Tanaris. As a matter of fact, this zone boasts 18 rares altogether! They range from level 45 - 50, and can be found pretty much all over -- with the lower levels rares being toward the northern end of the zone and then higher levels as you move south.

Seven of these rares can be tamed by hunters. Four of them are in the Silithid family, and hunters need to be at least level 69 and specced BM in order to tame them. Two of these rares, although not unique, are still highly sought after; and those are Ainamiss the Hive Queen and Harakiss the Infestor. These two rares have their own posts on this blog with a little more information on them if interested.

For those using SilverDragon to help find these low levels rares: Warleader Krazzilak (found in the tower at Sandsorrow Watch) did not import with the rest of the rares in the zone on SilverDragon and it did not find him until I moused over him. I'm not sure if it was just me or an error with SilverDragon. Either way, be aware.

Also, one of the rares in this zone is quite...disturbed. Fronkle the Disturbed crashed his tiny plane on the shores of Land's End Beach and refuses to leave the wreckage. He can be found at the crash site yelling all sorts of nonsensical (and quite amusing) things. Cymre over at Bubble's of Mischief has a great post on him with some screenshots and his full dialogue.

Click Map to Enlarge
More Screen-shots (in order by level, and corresponding to the map above) for all of those out there who like visuals. ~

Emberwing, Jin'Zallah the Sandbringer, Twisted Reflection of Narain & Hellgazer
Kregg Keelhaul, Warleader Krazzilak, Andre Firebeard, Haarka the Ravenous & Harakiss the Infestor
Scorpitar, Ainamiss the Hive Queen, Caliph Scorpidsting, Omgorn the Lost & Soriid the Devourer
Fronkle the Disturbed, Slaverjaw, Aquementas the Unchained & Occulus the Corrupted
A sh*t TON of fraps footage of Ironstevo taking out almost all of these rares WoW Ironman Challenge style. If he can kill them ... so can you! ~


  1. Did you happen to find out when or how Hellgazer spawns? I have been here an Tanaris and picked up all at the same time just about, all the rares a hunter can get...but i'm right where hellgazer should be but he isn't here...any help possibly?

  2. I just tamed Harakiss :D