Friday, April 13, 2012

Ironstevo hits 65 and Ironsteve gets lucky!

Ironstevo is still running strong. Well, as strong as an ironman can I guess. He just hit level 65 last night and is slowly and steadily making his way toward 66. He is still questing in Hellfire Peninsula and still has a few more to go before they run out. Quests are also finally starting to turn green there so I'm pretty happy about that. 

I'm really trying not to rush at this point. I've made it this far and I'd be pretty bummed if I did something stupid to kill Ironstevo now. I'm doing everything I can to try and make sure quests can be green in areas he's in. I'm also taking advantage of any xp that I can get from quests that pose no threat to Ironstevo such as the Noblegarden dailies. If he is still alive during Children's Week I plan on using those to boost his xp as well.

Ironstevo has also found a few rares since he's arrived in Outland netting him his Medium Rare Achievement and some decent xp (which you can see in the video below). He has been lucky enough to find a couple of Silverbound Treasure Chests as well, which give an absolutely insane amount of experience and a blue item.

Ironsteve gets Lucky!
As it turns out Navi isn't the only lucky one when it comes to finding a Swift Springstrider when not actually looking for one. This morning while Ironsteve was doing his egg picking daily he was pleasantly surprised to see some purple love when he was opening his Brightly Colored Eggs. 

Crazy thing is, unlike most people getting this not-so-pretty bird, Ironsteve will actually be using this mount! At least until he hits 60 (assuming he lives that long) when he gets his Flight Form. I was getting a little tired of his racial mount and Tyrael's Charger.

Since we're talking Ironsteve here, I may as well give a brief update on his ironman challenge progress. He just hit level 37 this morning and is feeling a little more confident as the levels are rolling in. Not too confident though. He has had a couple of close calls. One of them was when he was fighting rare spawn Witherheart the Stalker in the Hinterlands. Ironsteve had forgotten to re-equip his War Hammer after gathering eggs for Noblegarden, so he was hitting even less hard than normal. This particular rare hits a little harder than the others in the area as well, so Ironsteve got to see his health go down quite a bit faster than he'd prefer. All in all though, Ironsteve is starting to feel like he may actually be in this competition!


  1. Wow, that's amazing! Congratulations Ironstevo and Ironsteve!

    1. Thanks Navi. =)

      I'm having soooo much fun with this challenge!

  2. Oh, well done to both Steves! I know, Ironsally loved some dailies like Vigilance on Wings that normally I hate but she liked because her lack of talents had no impact. Oh and jousting, ugh, she liked that!

    And Ironsteve, you lucky thing, may the luck stay with you to 85!

    1. If I make it that far, I'll definitely be doing some jousting quests for sure. I was never really a fan of that particular quest or the argent tourney ones, but if Ironstevo is in no danger of dying while doing them = count me in!!! ;)