Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Felwood Rare Spawns

Felwood has a total of eight rare spawns ranging from level 45 - 49. The lower level rares can be found in the southern part of the zone, and as you work your way north they increase in level.

This zone has three rares that can be tamed by hunters: Deathhowl, Mongress and Olm the Wise. Olm the Wise has a very unique skin for hunters that are looking for something a little special. He has a transparent, almost spirit beast look, however he can be tamed by hunters in any spec. More information on him in this post.

None of these rares share spawn timers, in fact a few times when I went looking for them early in the morning almost all of them were up. None of them are particularly difficult to kill either, if an Ironman can take them down, anybody can!

Click Map to Enlarge Image
Here are some screenies of each rare as you will find them throughout the zone. ~

Alshirr Banebreath, Death Howl & Ragepaw
Mongress, The Ongar & Immolatus

Olm the Wise & Dessecus
And of course, here is some more ironman vs. rare spawn footage with Ironstevo.~

Update 1/4/13: Ten new rares were added to this zone in patch 5.1. Please see this post: Felwood - Tamable rares added in 5.1 to see them.


  1. After dessecus, in the same cave on the other path behind a machine is spinecrawl, a Green ravager rare