Monday, April 23, 2012

Blood Elf Bandit and the Blood Elf Bandit Mask

As my husband was running from the Exodar this morning I noticed his SilverDragon addon go off as he was running toward the dock to catch a boat to Teldrassil. The mob that triggered it was curiously enough the Blood Elf Bandit, the level 7 mob that drops the highly sought after Blood Elf Bandit Mask. Although not a rare spawn, I figured he was worth a mention because of what he drops and the way he spawns.

I'm sure most seasoned players have already heard about the Blood Elf Bandit Mask. Some of you have probably seen it drop yourself and the rest have likely seen it on the auction house for an incredible amount of gold. On my server it can usually be found listed anywhere from 500g -1,000g +.

For those unaware, the reason that this item is so highly desired is because it can be worn by anybody level 5 and up, and doesn't bind to one character. Use it for a bank toon, look cool on a low level alt before you get a real head item with stats, then send it off to another toon later! People starting fresh on a new server can also sell this item and start off quite comfortably right at the get-go.

Maps are good, M'kay?:

For anyone interested in finding this guy, I've made a map below that shows each of his spawn points. The red line is the route that I used to travel between each spawn point. I traveled clockwise, and that is pretty much the direction that you have to go if you want to include the spawn at 64.8, 39.4 (the furthest spawn east, across the river).  You need to jump down off of the cliff just north of Azure Watch to get there. If you point your camera straight down into the water when you jump you will take no damage.

Map of Blood Elf Bandit Spawn Points
How to Find & Target Him:

Like I mentioned earlier, SilverDragon will pick him up. (I thought it was curious that SilverDragon picked him up at all because he isn't actually a silver dragon.) Unfortunately once SilverDragon has picked him up once it will not pick him up again until you've cleared your cache. For this reason, I do not recommend using SilverDragon to find him. The simplest way in my opinion is to use an addon such as tomtom to follow the waypoints right on your mini-map, then when close to a spawn use a simple targeting macro such as /target Blood Elf Bandit to find him.

Spawn Timer & Spotting Him:

Once killed he will respawn very quickly, as in like -- 30 seconds quickly. For this reason, do not run right off to the next spawn point right after you kill him. Wait for a half a minute or so, it is possible for him to spawn in again in the exact spot where he was just killed. He can also never be spawned in more than one spawn point at a time. Higher level characters will have a much easier time spotting him, and hunters will also be able to pick him up with their Track Hidden ability.

Tomtom Waypoints:

These are the waypoints that I used; they are incredibly accurate from my experience so far, and they are taken right from the map on wowhead. You can simply copy these and paste them into into two separate macros in game (ctrl-v to paste in game). They will only show up on your map if you have the addon tomtom installed. You can download it from

First Macro:
/way 34.0 18.4
/way 37.2 18.4
/way 33.8 26.0
/way 36.4 32.6
/way 27.6 51.8
/way 26.6 67.6
/way 28.6 79.2
/way 33.6 70.6
/way 32.2 63.0
/way 35.2 64.4
/way 36.0 60.8
/way 43.0 63.4
/way 53.4 61.2
/way 53.8 41.2
/way 46.8 39.6
/way 50.2 29.0
/way 54.2 21.6

Second Macro:

/way 58.8 18.2
/way 52.0 17.8
/way 64.8 39.4

The drop rate on the Mask seems to be roughly 16%. In one hour of running the loop on the map above I looted a total of four masks.
64.8, 39.4 Spawn
Happy hunting!! ^-^


  1. Aww, the Blood Elf Bandit Mask. <3 That is how baby Effy made her first few hundred gold when I was brand new to WoW.. :D

    This post brings back some fond memories. Thanks Euphyley! :)

    ~ Effy

    1. Glad I was able to take you on a trip down memory lane!

      My all time favorite WoW memories are from when I first started playing. Everything was so incredibly epic! I wish I would have known about items like this back then, or even how to use the auction house lol. I remember scrimping and saving just to purchase new spells and buy that level 40 mount. Oh how times have changed. ;)

  2. I've farmed a couple of these in the past. They were usually the most annoying when you were trying to find them :P

    By the way, my blog address has changed. Pls update your blogroll :)

    1. When you want something to drop, it doesn't. Now if you stumbled upon this guy by accident...ooooo! What's this shiny thing!? That's usually how it goes with me. =P

      Blogroll updatified!!!

  3. Replies
    1. When my hubby tripped over this guy yesterday I just couldn't resist writing about him. He's not rare, but he may as well be!

  4. While I've met the bandit I didn't know about his mask. I'm so happy when I learn a new thing to me! Maybe I'll go look him up when the servers are back.

    1. Heh, I was the exact opposite for a while. I knew about the mask (because I've seen it on the ah) but never thought to find out where it came from. I was pretty excited when I found out that it was pretty farmable. =D New toons on new servers will never be poor again! Muah ha ha ha ha!