Saturday, February 2, 2013

Silithus Rare Spawns - Including Tamable 5.1 Rares

Silithus is a pet collector's dream for hunters. With the addition of ten new tamable beasts to this zone in patch 5.1 there are now sixteen tamable rares, and nineteen rares total in Silithus. Five of these new rares have totally unique looks too!

One of the most notable additions is Acroniss (pictured on the right), a beautiful pink and red arcane wyrm. You can find him in Twilight's Run (his exact location is marked with a red star on the map below). He spawns in the very back of the cave, right where the summoning circle is and he does not patrol.
Acroniss - Tamed

There are also three new damaged silithid "brain" bugs; a pink one (Qem), blue one (Manax) and an orange one (Qu'rik). These bugs have a really neat glow animation with tiny bugs flying over their damaged heads - and they keep the look when tamed. All three can be found underground. Qem and Qu'rik you will find in Hive'Ashi, and Manax can be found in Hive'Regal. NPCScan will pick them up above ground, and having a raid target icon on them will prove very helpful in pinpointing their exact locations. (Please note that silithids are an exotic family, so you will need to be in beast mastery spec to tame them.)

The final unique pet that was added to this zone is Karapax, a very colorful ravager (orange, red, pink & purple). He spawns above ground between the termite mounds northeast of Hive'Ashi. He is not exotic and can therefore be tamed by hunters in any spec.

Although not new to the zone, there are two more unique pets that can be found flying around. Those are the wasps Rex Ashil and Zora. Rex Ashil flies in and out of the tunnels around Hive'Ashi, and Zora has multiple spawn points underground at Hive'Zora.

The remaining added rares are not unique, but there are still some really neat looking ones. Losaj and Bornix the Burrower share the same models and color as Vem and Lord Kri respectively. Toxx, the green armored scorpid shares the same look as the green version of Madexx in Uldum.

Click map to Enlarge

I have screenshots below of each of these rares in order by level. The ones with the stars in the bottom left hand corner are the new tamable rares added in patch 5.1. The colors of the stars correspond to where they can be found on the map above.

Acroniss, Ffexk the Dunestalker, Huricanian, Zora & Gretheer
Grubthor, Karapax, Krellack, Lapress & Rex Ashil
Setis, Toxx, Twilight Lord Everun, Manax & Qem
Losaj, Qu'rik, Bornix the Burrower & Tix
All of these rares can be added to NPCScan. You can simply cut and paste these macros in game to add all of them automatically:

/npcscan add 50737 Acroniss
Qu'rik - Tamed
/npcscan add 50897 Ffexk the Dunestalker
/npcscan add 14478 Huricanian
/npcscan add 14474 Zora
/npcscan add 14472 Gretheer
/npcscan add 14477 Grubthor
/npcscan add 50370 Karapax
/npcscan add 14476 Krellack

/npcscan add 14473 Lapress
/npcscan add 14475 Rex Ashil
/npcscan add 14471 Setis
/npcscan add 51004 Toxx
/npcscan add 14479 Twilight Lord Everun
/npcscan add 50743 Manax
/npcscan add 50742 Qem
/npcscan add 50745 Losaj

/npcscan add 50744 Qu'rik
/npcscan add 50746 Bornix the Burrower
/npcscan add 50747 Tix

Oh, and if you run across one of the more notable tamable beasts such as Acroniss or one of the brain bugs - please, for the love of puppies DON'T kill them. People wait for hours for some of these lovely pets.


  1. I hadn't realised that they'd added so many new tamable rares! This is awesome, ta.

    1. Yeah, there's almost too many. I may have to start yet another hunter to be able to keep more of these pretties.

    2. With hunters being my favorite class believe me when I say there can never be to many at least for me :)

  2. I managed to see Tix as I was going to AQ40 after patch. Silithus is such a great zone with a lot of great memories and rares - old and new.

    1. I completely agree. It's sad that it's usually so dead now though - even with CRZ.

  3. The brain beetle locations r different from what I found. NO OFFENSE I'm not saying anything bad. OMG UR HELP IS AWSOME.

    1. I've found them in these areas consistently. If you did see one in another location, could you let us know which one is was and where you saw it?

  4. Hive regal I found the blue brain silithid and the pinkish 1 I found in Hive Ashi

  5. Hive Zora I found the orange 1 UR stars r where they r when I found them but just the different then u had

  6. Ooooh :D I like Acroniss! Very pretty. Shame my Hunter's permanently attached to her Patrannache at the moment.

    1. Ps. That was me. Sorry! Totally used to just commenting with my Google profile on book blogs. :)

    2. Heh, that would be a hard choice between the two. I have a hard time sticking with one pet, I alternate all the time. I only wish we could carry our whole stables with us.

  7. Acroniss had a 10% raid/party/self buff that gives ranged and melee attack speed! Well worth spending a day camping and one of the coolest pets in the game!

  8. :"Oh, and if you run across one of the more notable tamable beasts such as Acroniss or one of the brain bugs - please, for the love of puppies DON'T kill them. People wait for hours for some of these lovely pets."

    Tell me about it -.- some idiot happened by and saw me trying to tame Acroniss and killed it, and said "rofl have fun waiting a few more hrs." :( but I did wait and I got her ;)

  9. I just GOT QEM so happy right now, but i still want arconiss :)

  10. it is very annoying when you waited a long time only for someone to kill it while you taming it :( and I am still waiting

  11. I got Aconiss at 10:03 pm server time

  12. Hello guys,any idea where to find Greether for patch 3.5.5?Because i can find him nowhere at the map u posted

  13. whats the spawn timer for acronis?"

  14. whats the esaimated spawn timers for these guys? i hope with this new patch they didnt get rif of most of the rares because ive been waiting for karapax for a long time now

  15. I Laughed my ass off when I saw that dude there XD I thought this only showed tameable rares. I'm just imagining that dude as my pet like " ATTACK TWILIGHT LORD EVERUN "

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