Friday, August 5, 2011


Madexx is a level 84 rare scorpid that shares the same model as the horde mount Kor'kron Annihilator, the reward for reaching guild level 25. Madexx comes in 5 different colors. Each color has it's own npcscan ID and the colors that spawn are completely random. He comes in red (pictured above), blue (pictured below), green (pictured above), black and brown. Madexx can be found in the northern part of Uldum and he is very easy to spot because he is huge compared to the npcs around him. I have highlighted his spawn points/patrol areas in orange on the map below. NpcScan highlighted the entire region between Obelisk of the Moon and the river but note that there are actually five different locations that he will spawn in and never patrol far from.

Madexx was meant to be a hunter pet. All he drops is a Crystalline Tear of Loyalty. If you see him up please ask a hunter friend to come tame him or announce that he is up in general chat, but please don't kill him.

You do not need to be BM spec to tame him, and he can be tamed at level 84. 

Taming him is not difficult by any means. He threw some kind of poison crap all over the ground when I was taming him and held his claws up all menacingly...and got me down to about 95% hp by the time I was done taming him. I didn't use anything special. No freezing trap, no deterrence, nada.

As far as his spawn timer is concerned. I've heard of him spawning anywhere from 12 hours since he was last tamed or killed all the way to about 24. I tamed him twice in one day, once at 7:30am and again around 11:15pm making the time between spawns almost 16 hours.  

Madexx is not affected by phasing. He spawns in ALL phases. I found him before completing a single quest in Uldum. He can also be found after completing half of them or all of them, it simply doesn't matter.

Here is a screenie of (blue) Madexx and I shortly after taming. This is without the Lesser Proportion glyph.

I was a little nubby here and stopped fraping before the tame and forgot to start it again. Anywho here is the footage I got of him right when I found him, hopefully this gives you an idea of just how big he is compared to everything else around him.

Update: Found the red Madexx later that day and didn't screw up the fraps, here's the whole tame:

Madexx is also one of five rare spawns found in Uldum. All of them are:


  1. After three days of 24 hr camping I had no luck but once I logged in at varies times I have gotten all five within a weeks timeline. My advise is check within the first half hour that is when all my tames happened. Additionally, I checked other websites for spawn points but when it came right down to it they all were tamed in southern middle section. GoodLuck!!!

  2. Ill be keeping an eye out for the blue one I think.
    I managed to get a plain and boring Brown one last night. I was happy to finally get it but felt a little ripped off that he wasnt red, blue or green.

    1. Actually now ive logged back on and taken a better look it was a red one.

  3. I also tamed this thing last night and it was Brown defiantly isn't red I zoomed right in to check it out. :-(

    Hope they havnt taken away the color options that would suck.