Saturday, February 9, 2013

Silverpine Forest Rare Spawns - Including Tamable 5.1 Rares

When patch 5.1 hit, Silverpine Forest saw the addition of five new tamable rare beasts. There are now fifteen rares total in this zone and seven of them can be tamed by hunters. Low level undead hunters, this means you have a lot of choices now for interesting rare pets when leveling through here!

Tamable Rares:

Finn's Gambit, the armored black boar, is the lowest level tamable boar with this look. The next boars with the same skin that you can find are in Razorfen Kraul. Finn's Gambit stands on the hillside west of the murloc village eyeing some mushrooms when hes up.

The Lost Gilnean Wardog (pictured on the right) is the lowest level tamable rare with this look for non-worgen characters before finding the level 40 Blighthounds in Eastern Plaguelands. You can find the Lost Gilnean Wardog running very quickly in a circle around some abandonded campsites just north of the Deep Elem Mine.

Gnath, the blue worm, is the only worm that can be found in this color outside of Maraudon. (Please note - Gnath is an exotic beast, and therefore can only be tamed by beast mastery spec hunters.)

Gorefang, the light grey worg, is the first wolf with this look that low-level horde toons will encounter before stumbling upon many level 30+ that look just like him in the Hinterlands. As of patch 5.1 Gorefang also seems to have at least one additional spawn point. I have been finding him repeatedly in Valgan's Field, just east of the farm patrolling among the dark grey worgs and ferocious grizzly bears.

Non-Tamable Rares:

It would definitely be a good idea for people leveling through this zone to keep an eye out for these rares no matter what class your playing. They are on short respawn timers (about 30 minutes), and when killed they grant an incredible amount of experience.

There are a couple of notable ones as well that I think are worth a mention. Fenwick Thatros, previously a quest mob for the rogue class quest Fenwick Thatros, has since retired and can be found fishing on the dock next to the vendor Killian Sanatha. He is not hostile to members of either faction, and when attacked he cries out "All I wanted was a little peace and quiet!" -poor guy

If your questing along and all of the sudden A Chill Runs Up Your Spine it seems your very close to my favorite rare in the zone, the Lost Son of Arugal. Anyone that leveled through Silverpine pre-cata surely must remember the elite, unforgiving, way-higher level than he had any right to be - Son of Arugal roaming the land eating those unfortunate enough to cross his path. Well, the Lost Son of Arugal is not elite and his level has dropped a bit, but he has thankfully maintained the original badass, non-fluffy kitten style worgen look. The kind that I SO wanted to play when I found out that they were becoming a playable race. Ah well. You can find this guy patrolling through pretty much the entire zone. I marked his path with a grey dotted line on the map below.

Click map to Enlarge

I have screenshots below of each of these rares in order by level. The ones with the stars in the bottom left hand corner are the new tamable rares added in patch 5.1. The colors of the stars correspond to where they can be found on the map above.

Gorefang, Kree, Nightlash & Gnath

Krethis the Shadowstalker, Bolgaff <The Mad Hunter>, Berard the Moon-Crazed & Lost Gilnean Wardog
Fenwick Thatros, Aquarius the Unchained, Finn's Gambit & Corpsefeeder
Effritus, Lost Son of Arugal & Thule Ravenclaw
All of these rares can be added to NPCScan. You can simply cut and paste these macros in game to add all of them automatically:
"Get down here you!"

/npcscan add 12431 Gorefang
/npcscan add 50330 Kree
/npcscan add 46981 Nighlash
/npcscan add 51026 Gnath
/npcscan add 12433 Krethis the Shadowspinner
/npcscan add 47003 Bolgaff
/npcscan add 46992 Berard the Moon-Crazed

/npcscan add 51037 Lost Gilnean Wardog
/npcscan add 47008 Fenwick Thatros
/npcscan add 47009 Aquarius the Unbound
/npcscan add 50949 Finn's Gambit
/npcscan add 50814 Corpsefeeder
/npcscan add 47012 Effritus

/npcscan add 47015 Lost Son of Arugal
/npcscan add 47023 Thule Ravenclaw


  1. There seem to be mountains of new things to tame.
    Thanks, always, for the updates.

    1. Yeah, if only we could have unlimited stable slots now...

  2. Gnath is not tameable

    1. Yes, he is. At level 69 he can be tamed by bm spec hunters.

  3. I was able to find tons of rares in just one day, thank you so much for this ^-^ (Luckily they were not killed/tamed by time I got there, except a few I wanted)

  4. I found that Gnath is no longer tameable, but just minutes before I tamed Finn's Gambit...weird.

    1. I believe that's because in shadowlands BM hunters can't tame exotics until they reach level 39, which worms are categorized as. They shafted the newbie hunters with that change! shame.