Sunday, January 22, 2012

Hellfire Peninsula Rares

I should have written about these rares earlier, but I've just been so distracted by all the fun rare hunter pets I've been taming recently. Now that I've gotten that out of my system (at least for a little while) I'll be paying more attention to getting these posts done. I'll be adding all of the Outland rares by zone in the next few weeks, even the ones not required for the Bloody Rare Achievement.

There are three rare spawns that can be found in Hellfire Peninsula and they are all part of the Bloody Rare Achievement. NPCScan overlay does a pretty good job of showing where they patrol, I do want to point out however that the overlay is not 100% correct. I have highlighted the overlay with patrol routes that are a little bit more accurate on the map below.

These rares do not share a spawn timer, and its even possible for more than one to be up in the zone at a time. All of them are also quite trivial for of level toons, and especially trivial for people decked out in boa gear. 

Mekthorg the Wild
Mekthorg the Wild is a level 61 rare fel orc who spawns in Hellfire Peninsula and patrols in four different locations (indicated in blue on the map above). Three of the patrol areas are close to Hellfire Citadel and the other is a path around Zeth'Gor. On NPCScan overlay it shows two separate locations for him, however he actually patrols four areas. I went over the NPCScan overlay and highlighted the locations where he patrols with brighter colors. He will not move between the patrol areas once spawned in.

He drops a blue quality boe level 60 chest piece that can be any armor type with a random enchant.  The cloth one is called Demonweave Raiment, the leather one Demon-Cured Tunic, the mail one Demon-Forged Hauberk, and the plate one, Demon-Forged Chestguard.

Fulgorge is a level 62 rare crust buster which has three different patrol routes in Hellfire Peninsula. These areas are indicated in red on the map above. The NPCScan overlay for this guy is pretty darn close. He can also be quite difficult to find when he's up, and I absolutely recommend using some rare finding add-on to help find him. He is so difficult to find because he is traveling under the ground. The only indication that you'll get that he's up (other than a notification from an add-on) are large crumbling deep red stones moving around on the surface. The normal crust busters in the area also have rocks and earth moving around to indicate that they are there, but theirs are a light tan color, smaller in diameter, and they don't get tossed as high above the ground.

Fulgorge drops a blue quality boe level 62 pair of gloves that can be any armor type with a random enchant. The cloth gloves are called Rockwurm Hide Handwraps, the leather ones Rockwurm Hide Gloves, the mail ones Rockwurm Scale Gauntlets and the plate ones are Rockwurm Plate Handguards.


Vorakem Doomspeaker
Vorakem Doomspeaker is a level 62 rare demon that can be found patrolling in any one of four different locations in Hellfire Peninsula. These four areas are shown in green on the map above. The specific locations are: the Pools of Aggonar, between Invasion Point: Annihilator and Forge Camp: Mageddon, and The Legion Front (north and south of the road leading to the Dark Portal).

He is pretty obvious when he's up because he really stands out from the demons around him. He has a greenish color and he is much larger than those around him. For me he was one of the hardest rares to find in Outland because he spawns in high traffic areas where people tend to be questing.

He drops a blue quality level 60 boe helm of a random armor type with a random enchant. The cloth helm is called the Legion Crown, the leather one is the Legion Headguard, the mail one is the Legion Coif, and the plate one is called the Legion Helm.


  1. Thanks for posting this! I've got a lvl 60 tauren pally just starting Outland and would like to add Bloody Rare this time around.

  2. No prob, and thanks for stopping by! =)

  3. thanks for all your hard work . I found both Fulgorge and Mekthorg the Wild by accident was busy questing when I came apon them. Vorakem Doomspeaker is hard to find thanks for pointing out where he patrols.

  4. Vorakem's the only Outland rare with a title.