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Timeless Isle Rares (Timeless Champion)

The Timeless Isle is chock full of rares. There are probably more rares packed onto this little island than anywhere else in the game. It even has all sorts of fun rare events, treasure chests, things to explore, you name it! For the purposes of this post however I will only be covering the elite and non-elite silver dragons.


Thirty-one of these rares are required for the achievement: Timeless Champion. (One of them that I am including in this post is not part of it, but still a silver dragon.) The items that these rares can drop are also a part of the achievement Going To Need A Bigger Bag. They aren't kidding either, we seriously need some new bags with like 50 slots for this place. That, or bottomless bags with no limit.

Loot & Tapping:

As I had mentioned in the Timeless Isle Preview post I did several weeks back, these rares have the same tapping system as the Isle of Thunder rares. You do not need to be grouped with other players to obtain loot when killing these guys. Even faction doesn't matter. As long as you participate by hitting them, you will be able to loot them. Although anyone can tap and loot, actual loot received will vary by person.

Each rare will drop several Timeless Coins. More difficult rares seem to drop more coins. They all have a chance to drop "Timeless" gear such as Timeless Leather Leggings, and also Burden of Eternity (a very nice item that will turn those leather leggings I just linked into an item level 535 item instead of 496.) Each of them also has a small chance to drop different items that the rare Pandarian Champions drop such as Big Bag of Herbs, Battle Horn, etc. Many of these rares have their own unique loot as well. As you scroll down through this post, you can see which items drop from each rare.

Finding Them:

Now as far as finding these rares - you'll probably easily stumble into more than half of them by just running around and exploring the Isle. When one is nearby you will see a small skull marked on your mini-map. I've done my best trying to make a map of where to find them all that wasn't totally funked up and as easy to read as possible. With this many rares that was not an easy task!

So anyway, here is the map below. For a more precise description of where you can find any one of these rares just scroll down through the post for that particular rare. Next to each rare I have written out more specifically where they can be found.

Timeless Isle Rare Map
Map of all rares needed for Timeless Champion Achievement (Click to Enlarge)
(To see an even larger image of this map you can also right click the image and view it in another tab. From there you should be able to zoom even further.)

I have screenshots of all of these rares below, and because there were just so many of them I decided to group them by location starting off the coast and then moving inland. To the right of many of the rares I have also included screenshots of their special drops. (There were a couple of drops that I was not able to get before running out of time. I will add those pictures to this post when I receive them or when I can bother someone who has those items!)

Originally I was going to include each rares abilities with some info on how to down them as well, but honestly there's going to be so many people molesting everything when the Isle first comes out that most of their abilities won't matter. Just don't stand in bad stuff and your pretty much good to go. For anyone that is interested in their abilities my friend Joe does a great job of describing them in the video embedded toward the end of this post.

As always, to see larger images of any of the screenshots just click on them. Enjoy!

(I should also mention, if your interested in some lore and extra flavor behind these rares be sure to check out the Time-Worn Journal sold by Mistweaver Ai for 500 Timeless Coins. The full journal text is alternatively available to read on the Wowhead page for that item.)

Off the Coast:


Location: Circles around the Isle very quicky
(tip: don't stand in front of him)

Notable Loot: Mist-Filled Spirit Lantern: used to summon Dread Ship Vazuvius (see below)

Dread Ship Vazuvius

Location: In the harbor north of the Horde camp
(Summon using the Mist-Filled Spirit Lantern at the Cursed Gravestone on the shore just south of the ship spawn point.)

Notable Loot: Rime of the Time-Lost Mariner


Location: Off the dock just south of Olf Pi'Jiu.
(You can summon this rare by talking to Fin Longpaw.)

Notable Loot: Giant Purse of Timeless Coins


Location: Hovering over the water just south of the Fishgorged Cranes.

Notable Loot: Rain Stone

Technique: Glyph of Condensation


Location: Underwater in the southeastern part of the zone. Shows up as "Battle of the Barnacle" on your mini map.

(Rattleskew will spawn after several waves of ghost pirates have been defeated.)

Notable Loot: Captain Zvezdan's Lost LegTechnique: Glyph of Skeleton


Location: On the bow of the pirate ship between the two small islands in the southeastern part of the zone.

Notable Loot: Savory Deviate Delight...lol

Right on the Coast:

Great Turtle-Furyshell (Tamable)

This tamable turtle has a unique, never before used look before now. (Read more about this sweet new pet in this post.)

Location: Can be found in multiple locations on the western coast between the Horde and Alliance camps.

Noatable Loot: Hardened Shell


Location: Just north of Horde base camp.
(He spawns in as a "suspiciously empty shell". To spawn him simply interact with the shell.)

Notable Loot: Hardened Shell

Monstrous Spineclaw

Location: Anywhere along the shore and underwater that other elite crabs can spawn.

Notable Loot: Spineclaw Crab (pictured on the right)


Location: Multiple locations in the Croaking Hollow on the southeastern part of the Isle.

Notable Loot: Gulp Froglet (pictured on the right)

Inland (Lower western area):

Gu'chi the Swarmbringer

Location: Patrols around Old Pi'jiu with with a bunch of little Spotted Swarmers.

Notable Loot: Swarmling of Gu'chi (pictured on the right)

Zhu-Gon the Sour

Location: Spawns in the middle of Old Pi'jiu.
(Kill all ten skunky Alementals for Zhu-Gon to spawn.)

Notable Loot: Skunky Alemental (pictured on the right)

Ironfur Steelhorn

Location: All around the lower forest, in the same locations as the non-rare bulls.

Notable Loot: Tuft of Yak Fur

Location: Southwest of the Celestial Court.
(In order to get this kitty to spawn, you will need to kite a Fishgorged Crane over the corpse of the Fishgorged Crane already on the ground. Once the crane is killed in that location, Cranegnasher will appear.)

Notable Loot: Pristine Stalker Hide

Imperial Python

Location: All around the lower forest, can appear in the same location as any other Death Adders.

Notable Loot: Death Adder Hatchling

Partially-Digested Meal

Emerald Gander (Tamable)

Location: Spawns all around the lower forest, can appear in the same location as any of the pink cranes.

Notable Loot: Windfeather Plume

Red Stone Run:


Location: Red Stone Run (eastern side of Isle).
Note: Golganarr's spawn timer is significantly longer than the rest of the rares in this zone.

Notable Loot: Odd Polished Stone

Glinting Pile of Stone

Tsavo'ka <Ghost in the Darkness> (Tamable, but too high level to take currently)

Location: Tsavo'ka's Den (northwestern cave in Red Stone Run).

Notable Loot: Pristine Stalker Hide


Location: The Mysterious Den (southeastern cave in Red Stone Run).

Read the "Tattered Note" just outside the cave for clues as to how to get in.

Notable Loot: Cursed Talisman

Cavern of Lost Spirits:

Spirit of Jadefire

Location: Various spawn points in the Cavern of Lost Spirits.

Notable Loot: Jadefire Spirit

Glowing Green Ash

Rock Moss

Location: Bottom of the Cavern of
Lost Spirits.

Notable Loot: Golden Moss

Firewalker Ruins:

Jakur of Ordon

Location: Southeastern part of Firewalker Ruins.

Noatable Loot: Warning Sign

Technique: Glyph of the Weaponmaster

Watcher Osu

Location: Eastern side of Firewalker

Notable Loot: Ashen Stone

Ordon Ceremonial Robes

The Blazing Way:

Champion of the Black Flame

Location: (These are actually 3 mobs.) Patrolling along the path on The Blazing Way.

Notable Loot: Blackflame Daggers


Location: Spawns near several other sprites around a tree about halfway up the path in The Blazing Way.

Notable Loot: Ashleaf Spriteling


Location: Patrols in the sky above The Blazing Way.

Notable Loot: Quivering Firestorm Egg &
Reins of the Thundering Onyx Cloud Serpent


Location: On the broken bridge leading to Ordon Sanctuary.

Notable Loot: Falling Flame

Ordon Sanctuary:

Flintlord Gairan

Location: Multiple spawn points outside of the Ordon Sanctuary walls.

Notable Loot: Ash-Covered Horn

Ordon Death Chime

Archiereus of Flame

Location: Spawns inside of Ordon Santuary, around any one of the corner cauldrons of flame.

He can also be summoned at the Three-Breeze Terrace using a Scroll of Challenge. You can purchase one from Mistweaver Ku for 500 Timeless Coins.

Notable Loot: dropped Elixir of Ancient Knowledge for someone in the comments on Wowhead. I have a feeling this was just a random drop though, and not specific to him.

Urdur the Cauterizer

Location: Western part of Ordon Sanctuary.

Notable Loot: Sunset Stone

Ordon Ceremonial Robes

Location: Ruby Lake on the mountain top east of Ordon Sanctuary.
(To get to Garnia simple attack a Highwind Albatross. When it picks you up stop attacking until it patrols over Ruby Lake.)

Notable Loot: Ruby Droplet

Timeless Champion Rares Videos:

Over the past few weeks I've had several opportunities to run around this awesome Isle with wowmartien. We kicked ass, got ours handed to us, and had a lot of fun killing rares while exploring this wondrous isle. Joe has taken hours and hours of footage and smushed them into these phenomenal guides. If you have the time, please take a look!

What!? A Friendly Rare:

Yeah, this guy is obviously not part of the Timeless Champion achievement. I mean, how could he be? You couldn't kill him if you wanted to. I'm including him in this post because he's a silver dragon and because PUGS ARE AWESOME.


Location: Multiple spawn points around The Celestial Court.

This rare vendor sells some adorable little hats for your Perky Pug.

He also sells:

If cuteness could kill...we'd all be dead
(All information contained in this post was retrieved from the ptr. If anyone notices anything different on live, please let me know!)

For additional info, and for some beautiful screenshots of these rares be sure to check out Cymre's Timeless Isle Rares post! Also, be sure to check out Wowhead's Patch 5.4 Guide: Timeless Isle.

Happy Patch 5.4 everyone!

(If you enjoyed this post, be sure to check out my Timeless Isle Treasure post too!)


  1. As always a great post Euphy, I didn't get around to clearing my bags before the servers went down. :

    1. Oh noes! That'll have to be priority #1 when those servers come back online!! ;)

  2. Cant crack the code on the Mysterious Den. Any Leads?

    1. This was bugged the whole time I was on the ptr. You needed either a mage or druid to get inside and grab the hammer. It looks like this is being hotfixed though.

      "A Rock-breaking Hammer will now always be available to players inside of the Mysterious Den.
      Snowdrift Tiger Talons, Riverspeaker's Trident, and Flameheart Shawl will now properly destroy rocks in the Mysterious Den." - Source

    2. Hammer needed to break in is INSIDE of the cave... Have a mage blink in or a hunter put his pet in there.

    3. There are Legendary items that spawn occasionally throughout the isle. When you pick them up you'll get an extra action button that does something like a 200k cone cleave. This will allow you to break into the cave, and defeat Spelurk.

      It's polite to announce when you're about to open the cave so that people can get there and tap Spelurk as well.

  3. Just wanted to say thank you, I'd have been lost without this. I still get lost but Cat just stealths and waits while I consult your map!

    1. You crazy druids and your stealthing around! When I tab out on my shammy I seem to always come back dead. :p

  4. So many rares I had no idea!
    I haven't seen half of these guys yet!

    1. Heh, on live I have yet to see many of them as well. They all die SO quickly. Especially Huolon. There's usually about 100 people or so camping his spawn point. Poor guy last like 10 seconds. o.O

  5. Great post, too bad I miss getting to about half of the mobs once I see them.

    1. Unfortunately without their health scaling I think this is the case for just about everyone across the board right now.

      If your just looking to get the Timeless Champion Achievement though, I would recommend staying in one area farming mobs or pet battling until all of the rares close by can be checked off the list, and then move on to a new area. Then of course, if your interested in the mount from Huolon your going to want to wait by the bridge where he spawns. On my server there are usually 100 people or so waiting for him during prime time - that being said he does NOT last long.

  6. As always.... amazing. I actually set your map as my desktop, have all but the 2 rares (the catapiller & frog believe it or not) done, am exalted for the mount, every single chest achieves, the "find my body" achieve, riddle, etc. Am one short from the legends, as I keep getting multi same spawns =/ and 1 from the shrine, although Ive gotten it several times, so I think bugged... This week, pets!!
    Thank you again for all your hard and amazing work!!
    ~Tantricks main - lock - fav alt, hunter. =D