Saturday, September 14, 2013

Timeless Isle Treasure

Anyone who has spent a bit of time on my blog should know that I love a good treasure hunt. From hunting down treasure chests across Azeroth on my Ironman toons, to looking for Troves of the Thunder King on the Isle of Thunder. I LOVE treasure! Well, I have to say I am in treasure heaven on the Timeless Isle!

Timeless Isle is loaded with so much treasure that there are actually multiple achievements associated with finding different kinds of treasure. Extreme Treasure Hunter, Where There's Pirates, There's Booty and Treasure, Treasure Everywhere are what I'll be covering in this post.

I have marked treasure spawn locations for all three achievements on the map below. Extreme Treasure Hunter chest locations are marked with bright green stars. Where There's Pirates, There's Booty spawns are marked with light blue stars. Treasure, Treasure Everywhere chests are marked with circles - with different colors indicating different types of chests. Skip below the map for more specific information on each achievement.

Timeless Isle Treasure Map (Click to Enlarge)

Treasure, Treasure Everywhere:

Yeah, it really is everywhere on this Island. I think I even stubbed my toe on a few of those Moss-Covered Chests. Seriously, those things are just all over the place.

Actually, there are 34 of them. However you only need to find 17 for the achievement. You will also need to find 4 sturdy chests, 2 Smoldering Chests, 1 Skull-Covered Chest, and the greatest chest of them all: the Blazing Chest.

I marked each of these chests on the map above, coded by color.

Moss-Covered Chests are light pink, and can be found all over the place. they are usually near another object such as the base of a tree/stump, in a hut or under water.

There are Four Sturdy Chests. I marked these in bright pink, and they are a little more difficult to get to. The two on the western side of the Isle are on top of plateaus, and will require a Highwind Albatross to get to. The southeastern one is in the gulp frog area - those guys hurt. The northeastern one is located in The Mysterious Den, where Spelurk spawns.

There are two Smouldering Chests, these I marked in yellow on the above map. Each one of these chest are guarded by two elite yaungol. One is in the Firewalker Ruins, the other is in the far north of The Blazing Way.

The Skull-Covered Chest can be found in the Cavern of Lost Spirits. I marked it in orange on the map above. Just head in and follow the ramp. It will be on your left.

The Blazing Chest is THE chest you want to be looting. I marked this baby in red on the map above. I chose red to stress just how important this chest is! This chest is guaranteed to contain a Burden of Eternity. This item will change any armor piece you receive on the Timeless isle into an item level 535 piece of armor! If you don't have the legendary cloak, you'll need to take a Highwind Albatross to get to this part of the Isle. The chest is located on the western part of the Sanctuary, and if you are careful you can walk up to and loot it without aggroing anything.

Blazing Chest. Just waiting to be looted...
Where There's Pirates, There's Booty:

This is true. Pirates = booty. No no, not that kind of booty, the treasure kind! This achievement will require you to loot the Sunken Treasure, Blackguard's Jetsam, and Gleaming Treasure Satchel on the Timeless Isle.

The Gleaming Treasure Satchel is probably the trickiest of these treasures to get to, but not as bad as you'd think. You can find the satchel on the same boat that Stinkbraid spawns on, all the way in the southeastern part of the zone. You'll notice the satchel hanging off the lower mast on the port side of the vessel. I've seen people trying all sorts of crazy things to get up there with no luck. The way I did it was to head to the stern (back of the ship) and then run up the rope on the starboard (right) side. When I couldn't run any further I jumped down onto the mast. Once you land on the mast your pretty much golden. Just head over to the satchel and try not to trip!

The Sunken Treasure can be found underwater in the lower compartment of the sunken ship at 40, 92. In order to open the chest you will need to kill the underwater hozen until you get a Barnacle Encrusted Key. With this key you can open the chest and get yourself a nice Cursed Swabby Helm.

Blackguard's Jetsam can be found in the underwater cave off of the western shore. The chest itself is guarded by spectral pirates. Other than that, this chest is pretty straight-forward.

I've made a short fraps video detailing exactly where and how to get to each of these items. Also, a high-five to anyone who can tell me where the music is from. :)

Extreme Treasure Hunter:

To earn this achievement you will need to find and loot the Gleaming Treasure Chest, Rope-Bound Treasure Chest, and a Mist-Covered Treasure Chest on the Timeless Isle. These aren't just chests just lying around all willy-nilly on the ground, these chests are in some crazy obscure places that your going to have to work at to loot.

The Gleaming Treasure Chest sits atop a pillar just north of Firewalker Ruins. To get to this chest, you'll need to mount up, run and jump from pillar to pillar until you reach the final pillar with the chest.

The Rope-Bound Treasure Chest can be looted once you do a little bit of tight-rope walking. When you reach the end of the path heading north on the Blazing Way, before the bridge take a right onto the pillar and then onto the rope. Just follow the rope until another one intersects underneath and jump down. Then continue until you reach the chest!

The Mist-Covered Chest (or I should say a Mist-Covered Chest, as there are many of them) can only be reached after you have found the previous two. Once you've looted both the Gleaming Treasure Chest and the Rope-Bound Treasure Chest you will be able to interact with the Gleaming Crane Statue. The statue will shoot you into the air where you will be able to loot several Mist-Covered Chests giving you your Extreme Treasure Hunter Achievement.

If you would prefer to watch exactly how to get to each of these locations, I made a quick fraps video detailing how to do so. Enjoy.

Happy treasure hunting! ^-^


  1. This is very handy, thanks!! I'm a just a few off of the achieve so this will certainly help. Getting the Gleaming Treasure Satchel was a pain, as was the Rope-Bound! I worked out the Extreme Treasure Hunter achieve on Friday night, managed to land on three platforms before my wings faded :(

    1. Oh I agree. The gleaming one was probably the worst for me. I probably fell 15 times before I finally got it right, and then dealing with respawns on the ship...aye aye aye.

  2. I'll have to give it another try. When I entered the Ordon Sanctuary it said something about not being under celestial protection and I got send back home, lol. I WILL get my Burden of Eternity!

    1. Ooooh you were trying to get into the main part, and were ported out for not having the legendary cloak.

      The Blazing Chest is in the western part of the sanctuary where Urdur the Cauterizer spawns. You can totally sneak there on your druid and loot the chest without agrroing a thing! (If you look super close in the screenshot above you can actually see my stealthy kitty.) :)

    2. I got it! I went back in and around the back as it was just as you say! Sneak in and no problem!

  3. A helpful note - getting the gleaming treasure satchel as a hunter can be done by disengaging onto the beam. Easier now that disengage can be used outside of combat. I haven't tried warrior's heroic leap yet, but that would probably work, too.

  4. Firstly, thanks for posting your awesome guides. It's a lot of work and we readers appreciate it. Especially the maps! It's made the Timeless Isle that much more fun!

    I had fun getting those chests and even solving Rolo's riddles myself -- I take it as a personal achievement along with the in-game achivement.

    Next, I had no idea the Blazing Chest could be reached. I'm not a legendary gamer and I though it would never be in reach.

    I'll try it out on my Rogue for sure. You mention you can approach if you're careful. Can it be done with any class, such as a DK who does not have stealth?

    Finally, I read on wowhead comments that the Burden of Eternity is not a 100% drop off the Blazing Chest as some people have found out. Thought I'd share that little update with you.

    1. I'm glad these guides have been getting some use! :)

      Yup, any class stealth or no stealth can get to the Blazing Chest without aggroing anything (in the courtyard itself I mean, no guarantees outside the courtyard though - lots of hostile elite mobs along the way outside the Sanctuary). When you do get into the courtyard, you just need to be very careful as there is a mob that patrols in the area in front of the chest.

      Also, be aware that all you really need to do is be able to run in and open it. Even if you open it and say...your bags are chock full (like mine always seem to be) and then you get attacked by something like the pat I just mentioned and the chest de-spawns - the items will be sent back to you by the Postmaster.

      As for the wowhead comment stating that they did not get a Burden of Eternity out of the chest...I'll believe it's not a 100% drop chance when I see the "Contained in" tab on that page anything less than 100% next to "Blazing Chest". Right now its at 1999 of 1999. Perhaps that person was mistaken or just really REALLY unlucky.

    2. I tried it out today with my DK and had no problems. Even brought a guildie back there again to show him the way. While far from elegant, it was tons of fun.

      I never enjoyed the rest of Pandaria because it all felt like a chore. Isle of Thunder didn't suit my liking either. Timeless Isle on the other hand is just amazing. Loving the game again!

      Thanks once again for your guides. Your maps of the rares is the absolute best!

  5. Thanks for the map. At 17.3 57.0 is the entrance to an underwater cave. It leads to another chest ...

    1. confirmed. it is a blackguard`s jetsam.

    2. Also it is easy to get just some non elite 90s to kill

    3. If you walk the rope to the first junction, you can step off and use the kite to glide to the chest :)

  6. I have to tell you, your site rocks. It has helped me so many times, I've lost count. Thanks for the map. It was a serious asset for this place!

  7. Monkey Island game. JJ

    1. They should totally add some Monkey Island references in game. :)