Saturday, December 15, 2012

Where to Find the Riches of Pandaria

Looting Lost Adventurer's Belongings
In addition to the fun new content and rares added in 5.1, there were also several new achievements snuck into our logs  - very similar to the Lost and Found/Is Another Man's Treasure Achievements. These achievements are granted for finding grey items (that generally sell for around 100g) and gold from chests hidden throughout Pandaria. These items have existed since the release of MoP - they just haven't counted toward anything until now. (Any treasures that you found before the achievements were implemented should still be accounted for in your achievement log.)

The achievements are: Treasure of Pandaria, Fortune of Pandaria, Bounty of Pandaria and Riches of Pandaria. Although achievements are great, there's more to be had by finding these items than just the achievements themselves. Finding all of these items should land you about 1,800 gold. There are 18 items that count toward the achievements and each one is worth around 100 gold - whether it be actual gold from a chest or what the vendor will pay for the grey item.

Looting these items also grants a huge amount of experience to leveling characters. In the screenshot on the right you can see my level 88 hunter received 283,800xp (mostly non-rested) when she looted Lost Adventurer's Belongings. At level 89 while rested, she received 539,000xp from looting Ship's Locker. That's worth more than two quest turn-ins!

I have marked on the map below where you can find each item needed for the Riches of Pandaria Achievement in red, along with a brief description further detailing the area in which each object can be found. I have also added in the locations of other various items that do not count toward any of the achievements, but do give some gold/xp. These additional items are marked in yellow.

Map is fairly detailed - Please Click to Enlarge

(To see an even larger image of this map you can also right click the image and view it in another tab. From there you should be able to zoom even further.)

Just like the Lost and Found items, each of these objects can only be picked up one time per toon. Once a toon has picked up an item there is a hidden "FLAG quest" which tracks completion for each item. You can check whether or not you've already found items by using a simple macro:

/run print(IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(XXXXX))

XXXXX = the flag quest number. (Flag quest numbers listed below next to each object.) If you have already found an item you will get the number "1" as a result. If you haven't yet picked it up you will get "nil." For example, if you wanted to know whether or not you've already found the Lucky Pandaren Coin you would use /run print(IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(31401)). When I did this on my hunter the number 1 popped into my chat log. This means I've already looted that item on that character.

Here is the entire list of items listed below. I have grouped them by zone, and the letters on the left correspond to the map above. The links on the left are of the container to be found, and the right links are what you will get from each. The # on the far right of each item is the Flag quest # that can be used in the macro shown above.

The Jade Forest
A Pandaren Ritual Stone --> Pandaren Ritual Stone #31404
B Ancient Pandaren Tea Pot --> Ancient Pandaren Tea Pot # 31400
C Lucky Pandaren Coin --> Lucky Pandaren Coin #31401
D Ship's Locker --> about 100 gold #31396
Do not count toward achievement:
Chest of Supplies --> about 10 gold #31864
F Offering of Rememberance --> about 10 gold and a debuff #31865
G Stash of Gems --> about 5 or 6 gold and a few gems #31866

Valley of the Four Winds
A Virmen Treasure Cache --> about 100 gold #31405
B Saurok Stone Tablet --> Saurok Stone Tablet #31408
Does not count toward achievement:
C Boat-Building Instructions --> Boat-Building Instructions #31869

Krasarang Wilds
Does not count toward achievement:
A Stack of Papers --> Stack of Papers #31863

Kun-Lai Summit
A Lost Adventurer's Belongings --> about 100 gold #31418
B Terracotta Head --> Terracotta Head #31422
C Hozen Treasure Cache --> about 100 gold #31414
D Rikktik's Tiny Chest --> Rikktik's Tick Remover #31419
E Stolen Sprite Treasure --> about 100 gold #31415
F Ancient Mogu Tablet --> Ancient Mogu Tablet #31420
G Statue of Xuen --> Statue of Xuen #31416
Does not count toward achievement:
H Mo-Mo's Treasure Chest --> about 10 gold #31868

Townlong Steppes
A Fragment of Dread --> Fragment of Dread #31423
B Abandoned Crate of Goods --> about 100 gold #31427
C Hardened Sap of Kri'vess --> Hardened Sap of Kri'vess #31424
D Amber Encased Moth --> Amber Encased Moth 31426

The Veiled Stair
A The Hammer of Folly --> The Hammer of Folly #31428
Does not count toward achievement:
B Forgotten Lockbox --> about 10 gold #31467

For those of you who use tomtom for waypoints, here is a list of waypoints for the objects below. (Thanks to wowhead user Lilikoi for this wonderful list.) All you need to do is copy and paste them into a macro in game. (To paste the copied macro in game simply create a new macro, name it anything you want and then hit ctrl-v.)

Waypoints for items that count toward the achievement:

/way The Jade Forest 26.22 32.35 Ancient Pandaren Tea Pot
/way The Jade Forest 31.96 27.75 Lucky Pandaren Coin
/way The Jade Forest 23.49 35.05 Pandaren Ritual Stone
/way The Jade Forest 51.22 100.00 +22 yards South in Uncharted Sea = Ship's Locker

/way Valley of the Four Winds 23.71 28.33 Virmen Treasure Cache
/way Valley of the Four Winds 75.1 55.1 Saurok Stone Tablet
/way The Veiled Stair 74.93 76.48 The Hammer of Folly
/way Kun-Lai Summit 63.94 49.84 Ancient Mogu Tablet

/way Kun-Lai Summit 50.36 61.77 Hozen Treasure Cache
/way Kun-Lai Summit 36.7 79.7 Lost Adventurer's Belongings
/way Kun-Lai Summit 52.57 51.54 Rikktik's Tiny Chest
/way Kun-Lai Summit 72.01 33.96 Statue of Xuen

/way Kun-Lai Summit 41.67 44.12 Stolen Sprite Treasure
/way Kun-Lai Summit 59.24 73.03 Terracotta Head
/way Townlong Steppes 62.82 34.05 Abandoned Crate of Goods
/way Townlong Steppes 65.83 86.08 Amber Encased Moth

/way Townlong Steppes 48.49 89.46 Fragment of Dread
/way Townlong Steppes 52.84 56.17 Hardened Sap of Kri'vess

Waypoints for extra items that do NOT count toward the achievement:

/way The Jade Forest 24.63 53.27 Chest of Supplies
/way The Jade Forest 46.3 80.7 Offering of Rememberance
/way The Jade Forest 62.45 27.52 Stash of Gems
/way Valley of the Four Winds 92.1 39.1 Boat-Building Instructions

/way The Veiled Stair 54.5 71.9 Forgotten Lockbox
/way Krasarang Wilds 52.16 73.42 Stack of Papers
/way Kun-Lai Summit 47.9 73.3 Mo-Mo's Treasure Chest

Looting The Hammer of  Folly
Thankfully these items aren't "rare," so should you decide to knock this achievement out on a toon that has flight you can finish it very quickly. -Have fun!