Friday, January 4, 2013

Felwood - Tamable Rares added in 5.1

When patch 5.1 hit, Felwood got littered with new rares. There were ten rares added to the zone, bringing the total number of rares in Felwood to a crowded eighteen! You can see the original rares in this post: Felwood Rare Spawns. Each of these new rares is a beast and is tamable by hunters. Two of the rares added even have totally unique looks.

Thicket, the level 46 purple/blue and green moth, has a totally unique (and quite appealing) coloration. You'll find him in the very north of the zone on the mountainside just north of Felpaw Village.

Duskcoat, the level 47 black and white striped hunched cat, is the other unique pet we have in the zone. He really is quite gorgeous with his red eyes and coloration. Like several of the other "hunched" cats, he even has sort of a shiny look to him. You'll find Duskcoat just next to the road directly west of Whisperwind Grove.

The rest of the new rares in this zone are not unique, but will surely make eye-catching pets. Grovepaw, the level 45 brown warg, shares the same model and coloration as only one other mob in the game (who also happens to be a rare) - that rare is Deathmaw in Burning Steppes. The same can also be said for Fidonis the level 47 white demon dog. Fidonis sports a brand new look that he shares with Bleakheart, another new rare  in Eastern Plaguelands. 

Cida, the level 45 green and pink wasp, could only be tamed in this color prior to patch 5.1 if one ventured into AQ40 and tamed Princess Huhuran. Blackbog the Fang, the level 46 red nether ray, is now the lowest level tamable nether ray in this color. Dilennaa, the level 48 green worm, is the only tamable worm in this color outside of an instance. Dilennaa is also an exotic pet, making her tamable only by hunters level 69+ who have taken the beast mastery specialization. 

Spawn timers on all of these rares are rather long, and tend to range several hours from what I've seen so far.

Click map to Enlarge

Here are some screenies of each of these pretty pets in order by level. (Simply click on any of the pictures for a larger view.) ~

Grovepaw, Cida & Thicket
Blackbog the Fang, Duskcoat & Needle
Fidonis, Dilennaa, Spinecrawl & Gezan
All of these rares can be added to NPCScan. You can simply cut and paste these macros in game to add all of them automatically:

/npcscan add 50362 Blackbog the Fang
/npcscan add 50905 Cida
/npcscan add 51025 Dilennaa
/npcscan add 50833 Duskcoat
/npcscan add 51046 Fidonis

/npcscan add 51017 Gezan
/npcscan add 50925 Grovepaw
/npcscan add 50777 Needle
/npcscan add 50724 Spinecrawl
/npcscan add 50864 Thicket


  1. Oh my goodness, Thicket is gorgeous! I lovelove moths, this is just so cute and unique!
    Dare I say your blog is way better than Petopia or any other rare hunter sites I've visited. You actually provide pictures and experience the tames yourself. Just a big thanks for this!

  2. I agree, much better then Petopia.

    1. Petopia isn't that bad for cords, it can also link you to wowhead for more info

    2. Not trying to compete with Petopia at all, and I don't really like being compared to them to tell you the truth. I LOVE petopia. I've been using that site for years. I wish my silly blog was half as useful as their site.

  3. Duskcoat - EXTREMEOUS!

  4. next to where Fidonis spawns, there is an easy-to-see green tiger beast named "Winna's kitten" with exclamation mark, look gay haaha and we can tame it.

    1. Looks gay? It looks like Kringer from He-Man. Your gay for having troll in your name.

  5. anyone know the respawn time for Gezan is????

  6. where is spinecrawl? is he in a cave? i cant find a cave anywhere!

    1. Yes, he is at the very back of the cave (entrance is northwest of his location on map).

  7. I don't meant to be a pest but there's another rare, he's in Jadefire Glen. I don't remember the name but I just killed him! (About 5 minutes ago.)

    1. My bad, he's not a beast. I got confused lol