Thursday, September 22, 2016

How to get the Fathom Dweller Mount & Hungering Claw Pet

If you've been following this blog for a while you'll know that I LOVE mounts. Mounts and pets are the thing I care about most in game. Hands down. Gear comes and goes, but mounts and pets are forever. <3

Well, when I first laid eyes on the Fathom Dweller mount, I knew I just had to have to have it. I mean, just LOOK at this thing! It's one of the few underwater mounts we can obtain, it'll give you a 108% increase in swim speed, it also looks totally gorgeous and unique.

Fathom Dweller Mount
Thankfully the amazing community over at Wowhead came together and figured out how to obtain it recently, and it's quite different from anything we've done in the past.

How to get the Mount:
Hungering Claw Pet
The mount itself is a reward from the world quest: DANGER: Kosumoth the Hungering. (The same world quest also rewards the very cool looking Hungering Claw battle pet - the reward alternates periodically between the two.) In order to see this world quest and pick it up you'll need to go through an attunement process.

The attunement will require you to set aside a few hours to run all over the Broken Isles finding small pinkish-looking orbs and clicking them in the correct order. There are ten orbs altogether, but before you can start clicking orbs you'll need to talk to an orc named Drak'thul and pick up an item on The Broken Shore (more detail in next section).

On the map below you can see exactly where each orb is located and they are numbered so you know which order to click them in. The starting point, relic you'll need and location of the final world quest are all on there as well.

Orb Locations (Click Map to Enlarge)
Where to Begin:
To start the attunement process, head to 37, 71 on the Broken Shore map. Here you'll find an orc named Drak'thul who you need to speak with. Run through his dialogue until he asks you to go away.

Head northwest to the cave at 57,52 with the green fiery torch outside. (If there are rocks in front of the entrance try relogging.) Head all the way to the back right hand corner of the cave where you'll find a pile of dirt. It really blends into the ground well, but slowly hovering your cursor over the floor should help you find it. (See picture on map below to see what it looks like.) Clicking on the dirt will give you a Weathered Relic.

Once you have the relic, head back to Drak'thul and speak with him again until he asks you to go away yet again. Before you leave to start looking for orbs, take a peek at the orb on the table behind him - this is the final orb, and is what you will be looking for throughout the Broken Isles.

Where to find Drak'thul & Weathered Relic (Click to Enlarge)
Orbs you'll be looking for

You can now start looking for orbs, and they have to be clicked in the correct order to complete the attunement process. Each orb is a unique challenge to find, as most are in caves that are VERY well hidden. When I say caves, I don't mean the kind with big, obvious openings - the cave entrances are all quite difficult to find. Many of the orbs reside in caves with entrances at the base of trees, carefully hidden under roots and brush/bushes. Several of the caves are also underwater and will require some impressive breath holding to reach (I recommend bringing a couple of Elixir of Water Breathing with you before you start.)

Tomtom Waypoints:
I highly recommend using the Tomtom addon to navigate around while looking for orbs. It will put the locations right on your world map and zone maps.

Here is a list of coordinates (copy & paste them into a macro):

Beginning Attunement:

/way Broken Shore 37,71
/way Broken Shore 57,52
/way Broken Shore 37,7

Orbs (1 - 10):

/way Azsuna 38, 37 - Orb 1
/way Stormheim 32.9, 75.8 - Orb 2
/way Val'sharah 41.52, 81.25 - Orb 3
/way Broken Shore 30.3, 76.5 - Orb 4
/way Azsuna 59.3, 12.9 - Orb 5
/way Broken Isles 67, 15 - Orb 6
/way Highmountain 55.8, 38.6 - Orb 7
/way Azsuna 54.1, 26.3 - Orb 8
/way The Eye of Azshara 79, 90 - Orb 9
/way Broken Shore 37,71 - Orb 10

Orb Location Maps by Zone:
For those who like a better visual, I have detailed maps of where to find each orb below, along with screenshots of where they are located and the entrances to caves where they can be found. Entrance locations and orbs are circled in RED. You can also click on any of the maps/pictures below to enlarge them and see more detail.

Azsuna (Orb 1, 5 & 8):
All three orbs in Azsuna are in caves very well-hidden at the base of trees. Simply dismount and move around in the bushes below the trees until you fall into the underground caverns. Cave entrances are circled on the screenshots below.

All three orbs in Azsuna are fairly straight forward to find once you get inside of each cave. Orb 8 can blend in a little to the environment though - you'll find it under a large leaf on your right. (See screenshots below.)

Stormheim (Orb 2 & 6):
Orb 2 can be reached by heading north up the hillside east of the road heading toward Stormheim in Suramar. The cave itself is in the mountainside behind some bushes and trees, and is just at the edge of Stormheim. There is an elite in the cave, but if you stick to the walls it can be completely avoided.

Orb 6 is not technically in Stormheim (and the location is too far north to show up on the map, but not by a lot). It is just a hair north of Shield's Rest - you can see exactly where it is on the worldmap above. The entrance to the underwater cave is just below a neutral shark (who looks like he's having a pretty bad day). You have to swim around a bit to find the opening once your down there, but you shouldn't be down there long enough to need a water breathing elixir. BE CAREFUL OF THE GEYSERS in the cave, don't step over them - they can kill you.

Val'sharah (Orb 3):
The orb in Val'sharah is a pain in the mother #&@*ing !%$ - well hopefully not for you guys if your reading this. Learn from my mistakes - WOOT!

So anyway, the entrance is hidden at the base of a tree similar to the first orb. Just dismount and move around over the green bush until you fall down inside the cave. When you get down there you'll see a small room with a table and stone behind it. Take a left into another small room where you'll find a nasty elite called the Arcane Servitor (the orb is on the table on the left behind him). The moment he sees you he'll simply spam you with Arcane Missiles until your dead (which is only 2-3 hits). They hit HARD and interrupt you from picking up the orb. (I died like 20 times before I finally figured out how to get the orb - not even kidding.)

After a LOT of trial and error, I finally figured out the best way FOR ALL CLASSES TO CLICK THE ORB: Simply run in and die near the orb. After running back, place yourself right on top of it before rezzing. After you rez IMMEDIATELY click the orb. You should have just enough time to click it without being interrupted before he decimates your face again. Rez and be on your merry way.

Broken Shore (Orbs 4 & 10)
Orb 4 is located very deep underwater in the beginning of the fatigue zone just west of the Broken Shore. You won't need an elixir of water breathing to get down there, but you won't want to dilly dally either. I barely made it to the inside of the cave before I ran out of air. Once in the cave, the orb is very visible underneath a small stick structure. 

Orb 10 (The final orb) is located on the Broken Shore, right on the table where you initially talk to Drak'thul. 

Highmountain (Orb 7):
Orb 7 is located in a cave on the side of a cliff, and needs to be reached by jumping down from the cliffs above. The orb is NOT in the big obvious cave you'll see immediately upon jumping down, it is in the hidden one to the right of that cave. The entrance is hidden by bushes. The orb itself is under the skull on the floor.

Eye of Azshara (Orb 9):
Orb 9 is located in an underwater cave southwest of Eye of Azshara. The underwater cave can be accessed by navigating through a shipwreck. For this particular orb, I do recommend bringing an Elixir of Water Breathing. The inside of the ship is somewhat of a maze, and can get a little disorienting. (I barely made it into the cave myself before running out of breath, and saw several others die looking for the entrance on my way in.) Basically try to head toward the back of the ship - the entrance to the cave is behind some brown seaweed and not incredibly obvious (see screenshot below). When you get in the cave, the orb will be sitting in shallow water on the left hand side.

Once you have the first 9 orbs, head back to Drak'thul and click the final orb on the table near him. After that speak with him and run through his whole dialogue until he says "I thank you ceasing the whispers, the endless hungering cries of the void are now yours to bear."

And that's it - your now attuned to the world quest: DANGER: Kosumoth the Hungering. Open up your world map and then zoom in on the Eye of Azshara map, and it should look like the one below. The boss is in the non-dungeon version of Eye of Azshara.

This is what you'll see on your Eye of Azshara map after finishing the attunement
Like any of the tougher world bosses, you can simply search for a group in the custom group finder. Kill this big ugly, and get your new mount/pet! Don't forget, the quest reward changes periodically, and you won't have to re-attune yourself to see the quest when it changes.

Have fun out there! (I know I sure am.) ;)


  1. Awesome guide! Thank you for investing time into writing it.

    As a sidenote, I can't set the way in TomTom for the Eye of Azshara location, I had to correct it to this (I added "The" to the name: /way The Eye of Azshara 79, 90 - Orb 9
    Also, maybe it's worth mentioning the macro that shows which orb you're on:

    /run local t,s={43730,43731,43732,43733,43734,43735,43736,43737,43760,43761}for i=1,#t do if not IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(t[i])then s=i break end end print(s and"You are on Orb #"..s or"You are attuned!")

    And the last TomTom path to the boss:
    /way The Eye of Azshara 46, 52)

    1. That is so strange, it was definitely working for me before without "the", but sure enough I tried it again and it didn't show up. I dunno what changed, but I fixed it, thank you!

    2. I had to take "the" out and add :Broken Isles so it was /way Eye of Azshara:Broken Isles. Love the guide, thank you!

  2. Just to note, for Orb 9, male taurens are not able to complete it due to their big size. They are unable to fit through the small opening in the drowned ship.

    1. Hopefully they fix that issue soon. Until then, I read on wowhead that using one of the lounge cushions like Fuzzy Green Lounge Cushion (or anything that you can sit on and then get out of) can work to get you through the wall. It may take a few tries getting the placement right though.

      Apparently the Leap ability on the Day of the Dead toys will get you through as well.

    2. eat a savory deviate delight or drink a noggerfogger if your a tauren

  3. I'm finally doing this today. Thanks for the great guide :)

    1. Woo, have fun Cym, It's quite the adventure! ^-^

  4. Noggenfogger elixir (bought in gadgetzan) might also work, it shrinks you

  5. - this helped a lot I spent a ton of time trying to get into the wrong hole on orb 9 lol

  6. Omg thank you so much, I got attunded today (in less than 2 hrs), this guide is amazing, as for the water areas my artifact fishing pole helped....your guides are amazing!!

    1. Thanks for the tip about the fishing pole, that's great to know!

  7. Amazing and so in-depth! Thank you so much yet again!!

  8. ive done the attunement and hes said thank you for ceasing the whispers but it still isnt showing as a WQ any ideas why not?

    1. The world quest isn't always up, just keep checking. ;)

  9. and cheers for the amazing guide it really helped :)

  10. hi i need help when i click on drak thul he only says go away

    1. Have you picked up the Weathered Relic from the cave yet? He won't talk to you until you have it in your inventory.

  11. is there a spawn timer on the orbs? i have been to 1st orb twice now and unable to click. i can see orb but cannot interact with it. have tried reloading and nothing changes.

    1. Nm apparently you have to talk to him 3-4 times. and all 3-4 times he tells u to go away. once u get to the screen that just says Go away u r good to go.

  12. This was not fun even with flying still need to wait a week for my mount

  13. Hi guys, looks like this thread is still active so I'll ask my question here. Is the WQ reward the same for ALL of my characters each week? I have 10 x 110 characters and am prepared to spend the time attuning myself for the WQ if I know that there is a chance the reward might differ for each character each week.

    Just to improve the chance of the mount reward.

  14. Thanks thanks thanks!! I cannot stress enough how easy you made it for me!! I can't imagine how the hell you could have done it without a guide. Some of the caves were impossible to find, I had dificulties even with your screenshots. Thanks a lot!! Great work!!

  15. So, right now it's the pet, if I do it now can I do it again for the mount?

  16. I've been checking every 2 weeks for the past 3 months and its only the pet. Did they take out this mount?